BFL Challenge 7/16/13-10/9/13

  • Hello all, 

    Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I started my BFL Challenge today. Most folks seem to start it on a Monday, but my fiance and I went to the State Fair yesterday and decided to start today so we could eat what we wanted yesterday. 

    I've told everyone at work what I'm doing, put up a copy of a 84-day calender outside my cubicle wall so I can cross of the days one by one as I come into work, and have also told all my friends. This is so that I will be less likely to bail. I also have an email buddy who I am emailing every night with my progress. I plan to check this forum every night if I can to see what all the other Summer Challengers are up to. It also helps that my fiance and I are doing this TOGETHER; we're entering the Couples category.  

    My "Before" pictures were hard for me to swallow. The woman that I saw in those pictures wasn't...well, it's just not how I see myself, you know? You walk by a mirror, fully clothed, and you think: "Hey, I'm not so bad. A lot of people are doing a worse. At least my triceps don't flap like bat wings every time I open a cupboard. And no one's asked me recently how far along I am, or if I'm expecting twins. Not too shabby." But stripping down to take those "Before" photos -  well, I know the camera is supposed to add 10 pounds, but not 40!

    I'm looking forward to meeting others on this same journey and hearing all about how your progress is going.


  • Laura- Congrats on your decision to do this I really like the idea of idea of an 84 day calendar.  You have such enthusiam going into this, I'm sure you'll do great. I started just 3 days ago so my personal 84 day calendar now has 81 days left!  I'm feeling good and hope that you and your fiancĂ© are motivated to kick some butt!