Cytovol and Phosphagen

  • When I did this program a dozen years ago I used two supplements, one was called Phosphogen and another that I really liked called Cytovol. Are these still available? I had excellent results using both. Maybe they have a different name now? When i look for them, it appears that both products are discontinued.

  • You can check with EAS but I think the first one is now called Muscle Armor or Betagen (one of them has the component phosogen in its formulae.  See product Info site for that one here on the forum. Hope this helps. Not sure about the second one, not familiar with that one.

  • Colossus,

    Cytovol was discontinued a long time ago and we don't have anything to replace it. Phosphagen also was discontinued but Phos HP may be a good alternative. It's a little different than Phosphagen, so feel free to check out the details here:

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team