Who started on 17 June too?

  • Well, here we go. I'm looking forward to doing the 12 weeks. Hope to have some buddies with me on the journey. 

    I'm 46, male, from South Africa. Relatively healthy, but want to lose a few pounds and tone up. 

  • I started the BFL program  yesterday also. I'm 30, female and from the United States. I, too, am pretty healthy but wanting to slim down and tone up. :) I started with the leg workout yesterday and holy moly I'm sore today. What about you? It's cardio for me today. It's raining here so looks like I'll be running on the treadmill at the gym.

  • I started yesterday too!  I'm a 35 year old woman from the USA.  I have a lot of weight to lose, at least 55 pounds, maybe more.  I started my first challenge in March of this year and did really well for the first month.  Then my birthday came around and I took a break, and shortly after I restarted I injured my back.  I never really got back on track after that and kind-of faded out around week 9.  But I have a lot more free time this summer, so I can really focus on the program.  I started with cardio yesterday - 20 minutes of aerobic dance and then a 10 minute walk.  I did ok on the meal front yesterday, although I am starving right now!  I was eating a lot last week, so I think my body is confused.  The first few days of a new diet are the hardest for me, so I just have to power through.  I just want to finish the program this time!  I will!