Day 1 in the books.

  • I am 5 5 at175 at 30% body fat with a goal of losing 12 pounds over next 12 weeks.

    8:15 amHoney nut Cheerios/eggs scrambled 

    10:40 am English muffin/veggie bacon/tomato slices (2)

    6;10pm cup of watermelon/veg burger

    7:00pm small bag Doritos/cheese puffs 300 cals 

    7:20 banana 

    45 min cardio /jogging/stair stepper/eliptical/25 min push-ups/dips/sit-ups/ppull-ups

    Right? I took action preparing meal/exercising

    Differently?got to eat more frequently instead of going more than 3 hrs. Bring fruit and nuts to 

    snack on just incase this happens again.

    Synopsis: Focus on the end result and not the hiccup with the chips

  • Congrats on getting day 1 in the books.

    I understand eating more than every 3 hours. During the day I eat about every 2 - 2.5 hrs.  I would be nauseated if I waited 3 hours. I think it depends on what you are doing each day.  So, just do what works for you.

    Definitely focus on end results

    Note: Nutrition: remember to eat your fruit with a lean protein. And, if possible find more clean complex sources of carbohydrates.

    And, you really can do great on this program with just 20 minutes of cardio at those sessions.  From past experience, when I have attempted to do more I usually ended up quitting the program.

    With BFL and training - less is more.

    Good job on day 1

  • PeachSonia,

    Thank you for the kind words. I've got to make it more of a priority to eat protein with my meals. I

    Understand doing more than is set forth in bfl could be harmful yet I must  make exercising a daily habit to get the short

    And long term results I want. I must keep going whether its 45 minutes a day or 2 hours.

  • Congratulations on starting!  You can do this, but you definitely need to ditch the Doritos/Cheese puffs.  I would also suggest replacing the English muffin (or at least go whole wheat) and the Honey Nut Cheerios.  Cheerios aren't terrible, but you'll be better served with something like Oatmeal.  Best of luck, you can do this!

  • Guys I fell off 6/20/13 and 6/21. Here is a summary of what I ate both days.


    Honey nut cheerios 4 2/3 cups 600 calls

    Soy milk 3 cups 270 cals

    Large fries Wendy's 530 cals

    4 piece spicy nuggets 240 cals

    Jr cheeseburger deluxe 370 cals

    McDonald's choc chip 480 cals

    Sprite large 300 cals

    Tortilla triangles 140

    Starbursts 250

    Watermelon 2.5 cups

    Can't elope 1 cup

    Grapes 1/3 cup

    Tortilla triangles 140


    5cups soy milk 450 cals

    Honey nut Cheerios 4 2/3 cup 725 cals

    Mcchicken biscuit 420 cals

    Snickers 250 cals

    Large sweet tea 280 csls

    Doritos 140 cals

    Pizza self rising 8 slices 2660 cals

    Cheetos crunchy x 2 280 csls

    All purpose pot 120 cals

    Kit kat x2 420 cals

    Mountain Dew 4 cups 250 cals

    What did I do right?

    I was accountable to the forum although this is embarrassing. This could help

    Me achieve my goal or help someone else in the process.

    What can I do differently?

    I noticed when I felt I needed to post daily progress whether good or bad

    I felt driven to adhere to my plan. Over the past 3 days I told myself "I'm good

    I don't need to do that." We'll I have results that I don't want so this is great feedback.

    What is great about this process? I've yoyod with

    My weight all my life so when I get this area of my life handled I will have accomplished something

    In almost 40 years of living that has eluded me. That will be magnificent.

    I must create good habits and let them become my masters.

  • I commend you for your honesty.  Now chin up and let's move forward!  

    Have you read the actual book or just gotten information online?  Because none of what you have done so far is within the program of Body for Life...neither your food or workouts.  I suggest if you want to get real results, then read the book front to back!!!  You can have chips on your free day, but never as a regular meal.  Cheerios either.  Read the book, print the food list, stick to it.  The workouts are very specific.  You wont burn out, or cause adrenal fatigue, or the dreaded metabolic damage that doing too much working out can cause.   The yo-yoing can be caused by doing too many extremes (not eating enough, working out too much, etc).  There are no shortcuts...the plan works!  Best of luck moving forward~