• Also started (again) June 10th..

    Love BFL !! Did it years ago.. it works !!!   I made AMAZING changes in my body. Its healthy and easy to follow, I teach it to my co workers. Also, I am leading a "BIGGEST LOSER" contest at work using BFL principles, that's how much I believe in it...just can't stick to it myself ;-(

    I need to lose 20 lbs after a surgery that kept my out of work almost a year, changed jobs from an emergency room nurse of 30 plus years ("adrenaline junkie") to a Mon- Fri job I hate...tore all three rotator cuffs and biceps tendon.

    I'm ready to do this !! It would be great to have "buddies" to help motivate and get support from.


      spunkygal 2012   

  • Hi spunkygal.  There were several people that started the challenge on 6/10.  Here's a link to their thread.  bodyforlife.com/.../7022.aspx