Getting started with supplements

  • I am lean (6'5, 200 lbs) and am trying to gain muscle mass.  I started the challenge on Monday and am currently taking two Myoplex shakes a day and AMP Creatine 189. I take two creatine pills about 1/2 hour before working out.   I also take the GNC MegaMen Sport Multivitamin.  Should I be taking Muscle Armor or any other supplements and am I using the current supplements correctly?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I talked with GNC and they tell me Muscle Armor should eliminate some of the post workout burning, which would be a real welcome change, so I think I'm going to give it a shot.

  • Lanky I think you are one lucky man.  Be sure to take your chest, arm and waist measurements weekly.  You will want chest and arms to be increasing and waist to be decreasing or staying the same for now.  If you find your chest and arms are not increasing and your waist is decreasing you'll want to eat more.  

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  • Arginine is the active ingredient for reducing muscle burn discomfort. You can by it in capsule form as well. A lot of the protein shake supplements have it already, too.

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