• I have to be accountable.  I like to keep food secrets, so I have to tell y'all EVERYTHING I eat/drink.

    Today 05/20/13:

    Breakfast:  apx 2 eggs Egg Whites, 1 apple, coffee, one 8 oz glass of water

    8 oz. glass of Water

    Mid-meal:  apx 1/2 C cottage cheese, apx 15 blueberries

    Lunch:  BFL "legal" stir fry (lean beef, wheat pasta, veggies)

    Diet Coke fountain drink

    Mid-meal:  EAS AdvantEDGE protein shake

    8 oz glass of Water

    On my way home for BFL dinner, cardio, and last meal of the day.  I'll post when I'm done with the whole day.

  • Okay...last post for the night:

    Dinner:  grilled chicken breast, grilled veggies, 1 portion roasted potatoes, water

    Confession:  4 of my kids' chicken nuggets and 4 pita bread crackers.  :-(

    45-minute P90X Kenpo DVD for Cardio  (51 oz of water during workout)

    Night-time mini meal:  Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Eating for Life Book (p. 314)