Challenge 2

  • Finished my 12 weeks last week.  My starting weight was 95kg but now down to 88kg.  Having two weeks off and starting again on 5/20/13.  Anyone want to start on there with me?

  • Toffee -

    I'm mid way through a program right now, but I'll be an accountability buddy with you.  And hell to the yeah, 7 kilo's is no joke especially if you were doing the lifting properly, I bet you lost more than that in fat and gained some muscle, good for you!!  How do you feel from the program?  Empowered, healthier, something else?


  • Hi Brez

    Thanks for the reply and ill be posting more once I start again.   I can't recommend this program enough and that's why I'm sticking with it.  I do feel a lot more fitter after the 12 weeks and seen some gains and drop in body fat.  

    I first done it to see if it does work as I was sceptical over it. Next time ill be posting before and after pics when I do the next challenge.  Can't enter a challenge as I'm in the UK but its a proven program.  Can't wait to start again now and I've got all supps and diet sorted.