your day off

  • I just wondered what others do for their 'day off' I have had mine today, and I have to say that I didn't even want it, after thinking about it all week! I didn't eat until 1pm as I was still full from yesterday!  I knew that I would end up thinking 'I wish I had had that day off' so I have today and cant actually wait to get back on plan tomorrow!!


    I was just reading in the book that some people don't have the 'day off' but just do something they may fancy twice a week, which I think is more for me, my stomach must be shrinking aswell as I felt full after such a small amount! :D

  • Years ago I used to use the Day off as a full blown free for all.  Needless to say, I never got anywhere.  Now, I agree with you, my stomach is shrinking so much I cannot eat those large amounts anyhow so I just make it a meal or a section of the day where I can have whatever I want but just eat small amounts with space in between the food.


  • Hello all,  I do observe the no workout rule on that day, because I do believe you need the re-coup time to grow and lose. I try to limit my crazyy Free day  to one meal or smaller choices . Still I do try to make the more healthy choices even then over other things like fried food and pure junk for example. Hope this helps you out some.

  • OMG i think im doing it allll wrong on my free day I like you all didnt want to eat anything so ended up eating 2 peanuts but drinking an awful lot of champagne i passed out on the bed at 8pm and woke up at 7am fully dressed! And had such a bad hangover - not to be repeated next week,  I might just have a bar of chocolate next week and forget the drink!x