First week!

  • Well I have done my first week! Not 100% on food as was waiting on bars/bfl book. But have been 100% on exercise!


    I have lost 2lb and a inch from my waist & hips half inch from my neck to! Exercise bike has gone from 5 mins (hard pushed to do that!!) to 20mins :-) Also doing weights for toning which are still hard but I push through!!! :-D Trying to get that up to ahour cardio plus weights, will take a few more weeks though! Trying not to go from zero to a million too soon.


    I do find nights the hardest after I have eaten, any tips on this? all day Im fine then once it gets to about 7-8pm All I want to do is eat, not because Im hungry but maybe just habit, yesterday I just went to bed earlier lol!

  • Congrats on your 1st week!

  • First week is always a tough one, Glad you hung in there and gave it your best. Keep your goals in mind and how you want to be at the end of week 12 in sight. Keep Moving Forward diamonkitty!!