Aussie Equivalent to food requirements

  • Is there an Australian equivalent to some of the foods listed in the book.  e.g. Corn Chex Cereal and turkey bacon.  Can the myoplex bar and shake be exchanged for another alternative: perhaps Aitkens or another brand.  I've not seen myoplex in any Australian stores and can the oatmeal be made with low-fat milk?

  • I find the same thing here in the uk - loads of specific brands are not available.

    In fact, I've not seen myoplex here in the uk for a long time.

    But - their equivalents are out there.

    Protein shakes and bars are in abundance when you start looking for them.

    They are availabe in health food shops, gyms, weight training stores and in the uk, even in large supermarkets now ( although not a wide range yet)

    There are so many different brands and types of shake - its bewildering, so when I look at the different products, for me it all boils down to two factors, protein and carbs.

    There are "protein shakes" that give a protein only boost, or "meal replacement shakes" which are more balanced.

    Diet shakes are typically lower carb, and there are some slow release carb shakes that can be useful to replace breakfast for instance - I use one called "ultimate breakfast" which is sort of like a nice thin vanilla porridge - easy to take and good if I've had a Pre- breakfast workout.

    You can have them with water, or I most often use fully skimmed milk - which provides a further protein boost with very few carbs.

    Or you can mix and match...

    I take a pint of fully skimmed milk, add in a banana, and a handful of frozen fruit ( raspberries tonight) and a scoop or two of a suitable protein only shake ( strawberry this time) , put in the blender, quick blend and I end up with something that tastes like a decadent milkshake, but is utterly guilt free. Just a banana with some banana flavour shake works really well too.

    Using a blender to do your shakes really makes them creamy and satisfying.

    I use a smaller blender designed for smoothies for convenience.

    Go along to a weightlifting store and ask - they will always help.

    Do try a small tub first - in case you are not happy with the flavour - some shake powders used to be really quite badly flavoured, but I've noticed a huge improvement in them in th least few years.

    Regarding the meal bars - you will find these alongside the shakes, try a few different ones - to see which you like - but do watch out, lately, ive noticed that some bars can be very heavily carb laden, for BFL, we are looking for a balance. Again, the shop will help you out.

    Can't help with he cereal or the turkey bacon.

    All I can say is to avoid overly processed meats wherever possible.

    Stick to fresh chicken, steak etc every time.