Starting on May 6th. Anyone interested???

  • You'll get the support Blake.  Have you read the book?  Have you started planning?

  • I just got on the website today.  It was recommended by my doctor.  Are all of you in US? I would like to start next week as well.  Just not sure if I will be ready...mentally!  I have looked at the meal plans and food list.  I'm just worried about breakfast foods because I do not eat eggs.  I will do a lot of soul searching and talking to  myself and try to get motivated to go ahead and jump in and start!  Good luck to all of you!!!

  • Hi Vincent91,

    I will print out the workout schedule first. I will also store lots of food such as vegetables and chicken. The planning is the key point for the progress and success. Mentally, I will get myself ready for committing to this program. That means cutting off the sugar and fats even some of them are not harmful. Hope you have a great start.


  • Hey guys, I'm in as well!  I half-way did the program when I was 18 and lost 20 lb in 12 weeks! 10 years later and almost 50 pounds heavier I HAVE to do something! I just had a fat caliper test this morning to see where I am starting and it's bad!!  39.4% body fat!!! YIKES! I can't wait to get this weight off & find the energy that I once had!  It's tough chasing around a toddler when out of breath!

  • Vincent91 - sorry for the delay in replying to your Monday post. Yep, I'm still in. Was focused more on finishing up C2, then with this being Orthodox Holy Week I've been concentrating on our church services.

    Despite treating C2 as more of a warm-up for C3 than a true challenge, I dropped 7 lbs of fat, kept lean mass steady, and appear to have gotten through the tendinitis and other physical issues, so I'll be starting C3 in much better shape than I was in for starting C1 or C2. Definitely ready to get rolling Monday!

  • Hey count me in too! I'm starting my plan on May 5th. I've tried BFL and failed several times. This time will be different. My husband passed away very suddenly in March and I've been lost ever since. This plan will give me the structure I need to survive this period of limbo. My old life is over. I can't start a new one with out Bill just yet. My one and only goal right now is to complete these 12 weeks.

  • I'm game. I tried the program in January - and was successful for the first 4 weeks - then work, life, etc. I'm going to be giving it another go - and with a few more ideas for myself on how to make the program work a bit better for myself. e.g. workout was consistent, food was healthy, but I didn't drink water, and my portions were much much too big. You can see my progress here - - I urge all of you to make a blog - it helped me keep track of my own progress and share my results - It's free and easy. I'll be starting May 6th with you guys so this weekend I'll have my binder with all my workout forms ready for the gym and I'm going shopping and will have my menu ready for the week and most things cooked and ready to warm up in my fridge - sunday and wednesday will be my cooking days. I of course have some favorites for food that i don't mind repeating like the turkey meatloaf - easy to make and delicious, easy for portions too. I called the body for life 800 number to get tips this time on metabolism rate- 1800-297-9776 - it's free and they were sooo nice - I got some simple tips for eating slower and smaller portions, but I def. will be calling once in a while- awesome emotional support. I look forward to talking to everyone as things progress!

  • @Kery1972: I never noticed it but most of the breakfast recipes are egg-based - but don't worry so many choices - one being oatmeal -

    I also found this post of someone complaining about the same thing (not liking eggs) -

    for me I love oatmeal and eggs I even plan to try to make the body for life pancakes and add protein powder to it. Typically I'll get up have a big glass of water, or some tea and many times just have a EAS AdvantEDGE shake - I order the packs from Amazon and they come every two weeks. I'll have one in the morning and then a work out and then another after my work out. 17G of protein and 110 calories and most important (at least for me 0G of Sugar) - I'm trying to lose about 20pounds this challenge I'm 205 pounds and I felt great when I was 20pounds lighter.

    another motivator for me mentally was to make a pinterest ( board and put photos on there every time I saw a motivational photo, either something someone said or a way someone looked.

    Pre-Planning is the key - I don't want to be walking around and eating random thinks out of boredom@ - I want to know what i'll be eating that day and have it ready for me to grab out of the fridge without much work.

  • Hi,

    I would like to join your group starting Mon, May 6th.  I'm 43, from the US, and I will be tracking my progress with the phone ap and journal.  I look forward to learning and sharing with each of you.  


    "Fortitudine Vincimus - By Endurance We Conquer"

  • Im In!!! Just getting off of rehab for my knee surgery. Bad eating and depression has led me to weight gain.  Slowly been eating better and able to move more.  Ready to get strict and get results. Very excited for some positive changes! Researched and followed plan loosely last week. Researched recipes and going grocery shopping on sunday to get loaded up on healthy food. List is ready! Here we gooooooo!!!!

  • I am in, I need to gain weight though and more energy I hope this helps.  I just downloaded the app and I hope that will keep the motivation going. With 3 kids this should be a challenge.......

  • Good Luck Rick

  • Good Luck hdobber

  • Hi everyone, its a godsend that you are starting right when I am. Excited to have the support of a team and accountability to myself as well as others.  Excited!  

  • Im in the UK!

    I have already started the program, I cook every morning my entire days food, plan my workouts and diary of food to :-) everything is written down lol :-D