Starting 04/15/2013

  • Hello and welcome to the group, Janet :)  

    I've been living in a hotel (and still will be for 2 more days) so this week really hasn't been the best.  It's been mostly fine, but I can't wait to start cooking for myself again instead of relying on mystery food in restaurants. Back on the extra-strict bandwagon Monday. Otherwise all is well.  Still feeling a lot better about nutrition and can't believe it's been nearly 3 weeks already!  

    That's all for now - I'll contribute a bit more actively next week when life returns to normal.  Happy weekend and free days to all!

  • Thanks Jess,

    I'll have to do the hotel thing for 7 out of 10 weeks this summer so I hope that by then I am firmly entrenched in the BFL lifestyle.  The only saving grace is that it will be an apartment hotel so there is a kitchen and i can at least prepare some of my own meals for the day.

    I was getting bummed about not feeling any thinner, but read a few other forum streams and was reassured that by week 8 we are all going to look and feel fabulous.  I can't wait.  I know I am building muscle and feel stronger in my legs and arms which is all good.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my free day on Saturday, had an amazing dinner out and topped it off with a fantastic chocolate ice cream cone, yum.  That should hold me over until next week.

    Hope everyone has a great workout in the morning!

  • Janet- that's really helpful that you'll have a kitchen when traveling. It's definitely easier now to choose wisely from restaurant menus, but it's still a challenge at this stage.

    The things that greatly helped me during travel week were almonds + apples and protein bars (instead of shakes)... the only problem is that it's hard to find protein bars without a lot of sugar in them.  I've found 3 so far that don't make me cringe when reading the nutrition facts: thinkthin (lots of flavors, i rather like the ones that i've tried so far),  pure protein (blueberry crumb cake tastes good, strawberry shortcake does NOT!) , and Quest (haven't tried these yet, so i can't judge on taste)

    How is everyone else out there?  We've had a quiet board lately! I did cardio yesterday because I was stranded without transportation :D  So today is going to be a leg and abdominals day at the gym. I'm rather excited to get back into a familiar gym :)  Eating is going well.

    On the food front: Yesterday I tried chocolate oat - protein pancakes with almond butter on top. It was interesting. Good for providing a break from eggs all the time, but I'm on the hunt for new recipes. In fact I'm gathering a bunch of recipes I want to try here ... if anyone else finds good recipes, please do share!

  • How is everyone doing? I have been busy and not able to update. I have missed two work outs but trying not to beat myself up about it. My eating has been good so that is a positive!

    My mom had norovirus and was sick for a week. The only time I was able to work out was when my husband came home and by then I was exhausted!

    Down to 182! Keep itup everyone. We are almost 1/3 of the way through the challenge!

  • I fear we've lost our group!    

    Nice work, Alli. Only missing 2 workouts during all of that stress is quite nice. Kudos.

    My update: This week's free day was Saturday and was not great. I was totally lethargic all day yesterday as a result. I'm considering going to "one free meal and one dessert" day. Or something... it's just not worth the exhaustion and last week when I had a free meal and free dessert, this problem didn't happen.

    Things are going well overall. No complaints when I'm doing what I should be doing :)  Clothes fit better. I'm happy and I'm continuing, full speed ahead!

  • Hey everyone… I’m just starting today, May 13th, 2013. I just had my last little guys a little less than 4 month ago. I’m married with 3 boys all under 6 years old. This is the 2nd time I’ve done the body for life program and was really happy with the results the 1st time. Of course the 1st time I did the program I was a lot smaller and had no kids, so the biggest challenge for me will be making time for my workouts.  I would love to have a friend with similar goals to take this journey with :)

    So far I’ve been on track with my eating plan today, but I’m still not 100% sure what my workout will be???

    My weight-in this morning was @ 196.5, my goal weight is 165 ;)


  • Good luck Jenny.  I can't imagine trying to do this with three little boys under six.  I had two boys and I know they kept me busy and tired when they were little.

    I  know what you mean Jess.  My free day was Saturday and we celebrated Mother's day early with KFC, fries gravy followed with ice cream!!  I haven't had any in two years so I don't feel guilty, but like you I felt pretty crappy the next day.  I think I need to pare down my free day as well.  I had a great week leading up to my free day.  I am so proud of myself for not cheating at all - I save it up for my day off.  I'm down 5.8 pounds and 3.75 inches off my waist, bust, hips and thigh combined.  Getting there!!

    Hope everyone has a great week, I travel this week so it is going to be a bit of a challenge, I am determined to stay 100% on track, I love how I am feeling.


  • Welcome, Jenny!

    Glad you're feeling great, Janet :) It's so nice to hear... not to mention the most important part of all this.

    Heading for another week of vacation, this time with a graduation celebration. I've packed a bunch of portable health foods and I'm mentally ready to make some good decisions in the midst of temptation :D

    Worked out upper and lower body back to back Monday and Tuesday and added cardio Tues, too... today I'll be spending 50+% of my day on airplanes and in airports, so I'll consider it a rest day.

    Week 5, right? I've honestly lost track.

  • By the way... i tried on a dress from high school this morning (don't ask why I still have the dress.. I guess it was just one of my favorites of all time) and it fits me... and less tight than it was in college. Progress :)

  • Wow, not much activity Ladies, I hope everyone is still doing great and if not so great, don't sweat it just keep trying.

    I didn't have the best week, I only did my cardio 1 out of the 3 days but managed to stay on track for my UBW x 2 and my LBW.  I think I have a slight injury in my right shoulder so am going to have to figure out something else to do while that mends for a week.  Maybe just an extra cardio day.

    I'm a little frustrated, here we are starting our 7th week and I have been stuck at about the same weight and inch loss since about week 3.  It is driving me crazy as much as I try to tell myself to be patient.  I'm trying to focus on how I feel, more energy, better sleep, stronger, etc. but I really want to see the results as well.  My clothes do feel looser but I'm waiting to get into some that were too tight at the beginning of this journey, and I'm not quite there yet.

    Just did my cardio for the day, and am pooped.  Now to fix some eggs for breakfast.  

    Have a fabulous day everyone, and don't beat yourself up if it isn't perfect!!


  • Hey - still around :)

    I had an off week in the middle of this thing but now i'm back on track.  It's hard to explain...In photographs I really don't see much change, but I sort of see myself very differently now in the mirror.   I guess it's because I feel much better, but I can't say that I've lost any fat.  Who knows.

    I'm finishing my second week of a new more intense weights program, just because I enjoy the gym.  I've had WAY too much energy this week - it concerns me :D  

    That's all.  Hope everyone else is fine!


  • Way to stay motivated Jess.  I feel the same way, don't see too much difference in pictures but feel way better.  I know that the transformation will happen, I just have to continue to work at it and BELIEVE!!!

    Have a great week.