Getting Started!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Drop note to say hello from you all as I just join the community today.

    I am starting my challenge on Monday and I really need the support to keep me going. I found this community would be really helpful.

    I am okay going to the gym and doing exercise but I found hard about the food. I am really picky with the food and found some protein and carb that suggested that I am not really like it.

    I would like to ask everyone to give some best suggestion regarding the food.

    All the best,



  • Welcome Ita.  Great decision you have made.  Here is a link to a thread to help your transition.  Any questions, do not be afraid to ask.

  • Hi I am starting on Monday as well...So you will not be alone  :-) Good luck to you

  • Great that i have friend, thanks :)

    Thank you armster, what link that you want to refer to?

  • I'm starting Monday too-- Going to do my shopping in a few!.

    We can do it..

    I am doing the 1st week menu-- when it says coffee-- I assume that is  black cofeee-- Yuck..

  • Hi Ladies

    I'm starting on Monday as well so we can keep each other going.  

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • wow great, i have so many friends to start same day :))) yes we should keep each other going :)

  • 1/2 way thru day 1--

    I am not hungry-- have not strayed...

    I did my workout today too...

  • Hey guys,

    I started today as well and I REALLY need the support.  I`ve tried on my own a few times and by day three I fall off the wagon.  I need people to keep me on board. It`s hard when my husband has no intrest. I have three young kids and can only do my workouts at night, by then I`m exhausted. I`m really hoping that this will help.

  • Yeah I figured out how to communicate on the thread :-)  Today is not a good start for me...I feel exhausted already b/c my day started hectic. Now I can't find the energy to get workout in...

  • keep going can do it :)

    This is a 3rd day, I am still good and keep up for doing exercise. But no good with food still :(

  • I am so glad I found this board!!  I started on Monday as well!  I have "tried" everything out there, but in a few days inevitably I quit.  Not this time.  I am committed to keeping this one promise to myself.  LadyJem you can do it!  Don't give up yet.  Those kids are going to need you strong and capable this challenge can do that for you!  I'm sure of it.  Ocean274 find a few foods that you really enjoy and try to mix them up a little.  We can do this ladies.  

  • Love this...I am also starting my 1st challenge on Monday!!!  I'd love to be motivational buddies throughout this so feel free to "friend" me and we can help each other out.  Have a great day y'all and get ready accomplish GREAT THINGS!!!  I can't wait!

    "No More Excuses...No More Wasted Time!"

  • I have not figured out how to friend but I will be starting my challenge on Mondau and would love to have a buddy.


  • ocean, i struggle with food a lot too, and I have found that if I make a big 'ol batch of something that I can eat every day, that helps a lot.

    I have a DELICIOUS and super-easy recipe for a spicy ground turkey and bean "chili" that is great by itself, or put into a wrap, and all BFL authorized food. Let me know if you are interested and I will post it for you!