Staying on plan despite social workouts

  • This is my second BFL attempt.  I had to pull out last time because of a marathon injury.  I started the plan while training for a full marathon.  In fact, marathons and other workouts like Zumba and swimming are big parts of my social life.  How do I balance these?  

    Please note, when I first started marathoning it was with a speed walking group. I've since moved on to running as speed walking did not raise my heart rate. I am still very close with many of those ladies who train regularly and invite me along.  I want to continue to meet with them. Is this going to be an issue?  They also meet for a core workout weekly.  I usually cycle about ten miles before I meet with them (before program kick-off).  It is very mild.  I haven't seen any class  quite that mild at any gym I've attended.  Is it going to affect recovery?

    i also have two other close friends who do body pump.  I love the class and enjoy accompanying my pals.  Is that something I can continue?

    What about spinning?



  • Great question.  I would love to know what people have to tell you .  I have a triathlon and a 10 mile race coming up in the next month which have me doing a lot more than 20 min of HIIT 3 times a week.  I figure I'll just have to "wing it" for my 1st few weeks.

    Good luck,