• Had a great UBWO today.. hope everyone else is doing ok.. Sorry i wasnt on here for the last few days but been a little sick.. had a few not so good days but i am back on track today and doing good.. I am eating clean better now that i have done some research on what exactly is eating clean.. I never really knew the difference from eating clean to eating Raw but i was educated over the weekend.. lol.. I am feeling the burn and i did another measurement and weigh in.. i have lost 2 more lbs and another 1/2 inch so i am not doing to bad i think.. I hope everyone is doing well with there journey with BFL and in personal/job.. Have a great Monday and eat Clean...

  • Good job to stacyprine on the 2 pound and 1/2 inch loss!  I think that's great for just the second week in.  I've been weighing myself but not measuring.  I'm going to try to remember to do that tomorrow.

    Haven't been on here over the weekend as I have my guest here who arrived last Thursday night.  It's been hard over the weekend since she's such a food-lover.  I've been to In N Out, Souplantation, Mexican, Italian and a street fair.  I'm pretty proud of myself so far.  I ate nothing at In N Out, salad at Souplantation, Greek salad from a neighboring restaurant while everyone else had Mexican and salmon w/ veggies at Italian.  At the street fair I had a BBQ chicken stick and some fried onions off my husbands hot dog with some fresh strawberries.  I did treat myself to a single bite of guacamole and one of avocado ice cream (it was an Avocado Festival, I had to!) at the street fair but that was it.  Thankfully the week has started back up and, while my house guest is still here, I'm back at work so better able to manage my eating and foods.  

    I actually did an extra cardio on Sunday even though BFL says to take a rest.  I seriously missed my old TurboFire workouts and squeezed in a 30 minute one Sunday morning and felt great after.  This morning's UBWO went well but I always wimp out when it comes to biceps.  I know I can do better and tend to talk myself out of a heavier weight.  I need to remember to push harder next time and envision the results I can get if I hit my 10s!

    Good jog everyone for continuing on.  We're already on Week 3.  Hard to believe it.  Has anyone done Week 2 pictures or measurements besides stacyprine yet?  I'm going to do mine tomorrow probably.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!

  • I was also wondering if anyone had any good protein shake ideas using whey protein powder and PB2.  I've been wanting to drink a protein shake to replace my EAS bar as one of my snacks (I feel like that bar has too much sugar) but haven't been able to find a good recipe that doesn't include bananas.  Ideas anyone?  

  • Happy Tuesday everyone, hope things are going good.

    S96766.... I have taken a scope of whey protein and added it to a fruit smoothie for a meal before.

  • Tuesday cardio complete, along with an ab workout.  Everything going well on this front.  Eating is going great.  Have chicken fajitas on the menu for dinner tonight!

    Throw in greek yogurt (vanilla or plain), along with some fruit (if it's not frozen, may want to add some ice cubes too) and some vanilla protein powder, and blend it well, and you'll have a nice smoothie which will cover a meal.  If you don't want fruit, throw in a little cinnamon for a cinnamon smoothie.  

    Hope everyone is having a terrific day!

  • GM everybody, I am not on the internet for last few days, my kids are sick, now they are feeling better. I am still doing my execises, but my eating is not perfect, but not bad either. I will be back on track starting today. I think my body got adjusted to 3hr meal plan, so thats a good sign for me. I used to crave for sweets before but now now. I need to check my weight with empty stomach in the morning and see how much I lost. But I feel good. I need take my measurments too.

    I will do my LWBO today after work today, Looking forward for it.

  • Good Morning/afternoon everyone.. hope everyone is having a great tuesday.. Did my cardio with an ab workout.. Oh my goodness i felt the burn and energy today.. I am loving it.. i feel so much better now with so much more energy.. my exercise is on track but still have a little issue with the food with so many picky eaters in my house.. But not as bad as it use to be.. I was a soda junky for ever and was getting bad headaches the first week for not drinking it but now i have gone from like 3 2liters a day to maybe a glass or so on my sunday.. Woot Woot.. just need to get the breakfast thing down, so hard to eat in the morning without feeling yucky..lol..

    Continue on your journey everyone and can't wait to see everyone at the finish line.. Shine On..

  • Happy Wednesday everyone!  Squats followed by lunges do not make your legs feel good!  :)  However, it was a great LBWO, and the workouts for the week are half over!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Want some inspiration, check out the thread of the guy who posted pics of his progress over the past year.  Amazing transformation!  That's what we have to look forward to!  Hope everyone has a great day! - Mike

  • Hi everyone! Stacy, thats great how you dropped from intake from 2 litres a day to a glass a week. I still drink my diet coke. I drink 1 can a day. I am even drinking coffee with little creamer in it whenever I get super hungry. I dont drink more than 4 times a week. I always think as caffeine increases your metabolism, it would burn off the creamer. I maybe wrong, but thats what I tell myself.

    As I start my week on sunday, today is 4th day for me. So just two more days to go. I have a potluck at my house on saturday, looking forward for it.

    Mike, I will check the thread that you are talking about. I think I am going to start another cycle of BFL after taking two weeks off once I finish this. I hope you all will join me in it.

    Have a nice day.

  • Good Morning everybody!!! how is it going??, I did my UBWO today, and it feels good. I missed my cardio yesterday, I am planning to do it this evening. I think because of abs that I did on Tuesday, I am having cramps yesterday, and I was afraid of doing Cardio. Today i feel better.

    Yesterday even my eating is not good, I am eating healthy food but bigger portion sizes. Hope I will do good for rest of the week.

    Let me know how its going on with you.

  • 2nd cardio for the week is in the books.  Definitely feeling the leg workout from yesterday.  Butt is not liking the lunges I did yesterday!  Things are going good on this front.  Eating is going as planned and workouts are great.  I find myself continually thinking about the challenge, and getting excited about having a fit body!!  Kind of looking forward to swimsuit season this year.  LOL  I'm sure my daughter will appreciate that, as she loves going to the pool, and Dad never wants to go because he doesn't like how he looks in a swimsuit.  Yeah, yeah...my wife always says, "You sound like a girl!" :)  Hope everyone has a great day!!!

  • Greetings Everyone,  Mjelly > THanks for the update and hang in there with the lunges , not my favorite exercise, they are somewhat challenging and slightly aerobic in nature, but I do like the added twist I added to them for the abs. My eating is going as planned but need to cut back a little on the Free day to just one or two wild items.  Just think how you all will look in your swimsuits in July if you hang in there with this Challenge everyone.  Stacypine,  Thanks for filling us in on your progress.  I often do some additional ab work on cardio day to help out, just one or two exercises of a normal nature. Sireesha,  Sounds like your are doing well on your challenge.  Watch out for the extras,  like the sodium level in the diet coke and the full creamer in the coffee (try 2% milk instead to cut back a little if you can), or perhaps stevia instead of sugar if you use it in your coffee.   I found a better breakfast cereal this week,  Kashi whole shredded wheat(organic) with a touch of cinnamon in it, YUM and the protein level is high  too.  (it was on sale at Target this week). Found it while checking on an EAS Advantage price there this week.   Well got to g get ready for todays HIT cardio day,  my UBWO went well yesterday AM early and I finished in exactly 46 minutes this week,  on time!!!   Keep Moving FOrward everyone!!!

  • GM everyone, tomorrow is my free day, yahoooooo! for some reason this week I am more hungrier than last week. And my lower body workout from tuesday is still hurting, but I feel good. Yesterday evening I did my cardio that I missed on Wednesday. So today I have to hit elliptical machine again. Speaking the truth, I really dont want to do cardio, its getting harder everyday, but I will do it, to make myself look better.

    WPBill, thanks for your suggestions. I am using splenda in coffee, and I am tyring to cut down the creamer (its powder) too. Yesterday after my lunch which is whole wheat tortilla, veggies, chicken breast, I gave into bowl of whole grain cereal. I feel bad, but at the same time, I am like, its whole grain so it cant be bad. I have to get my food under control. I hope I will do better next week.  I never tried kashi cereal, I will try one day. Let us know if there is any protein on sale.

    Have a nice day everyone, I wont be posting anything until Monday again. Looking forward for my free day.

  • Happy Friday everyone!  Congrats on almost making it to your free day Sireesha!  I have to wait until Sunday, but that's okay.  Told my wife last Sunday evening, after enjoying my free day, that they're overrated, because I really don't feel that great in the evening (physically).  Have to see if that thought comes into play this Sunday. :)  Kashi cereal is pretty good, and it does have that extra protein.

    Had a great UBWO this morning.  Did standing military press with a bar and weights (was doing seated with dumbbells).  Had never tried this way, and wow, great workout for my shoulders!  Finished and said to myself, "Wow, where have those been in my program?"  Great burn and I can still feel the soreness.  Also feel a lot of soreness in my triceps right now, so I must have hit them good as well.  Tried a couple of new things in my workout this morning, so we'll see how my body reacts to those exercises.  Have to surprise the muscles every so often so they don't catch on to your game!!!

    Feeling like I've had a really good week this week, so I'm kind of excited to get to Sunday morning so I can see how things are looking.  Hope you're all doing well.  Get in those workouts and eat clean!  Think about your goals for yourself, when you want to eat some unauthorized.  If you eat the unauthorized food, it may satisfy your current feeling, but it won't help you reach your end results that you want!  

  • Hope everyone has had a great saturday.. Unfortunately mine was not great.. Had another death in the family so another funneral tomorrow.. uggg.. they say it happens in 3s i hope this is it for awhile.. But on the good note i am doing good with the exercise and my eating is getting alot better.. Just working on that breakfast part..ugg.. anything in the morning is not so good for me.. I am barely stomaching the shakes but atleast its something.. Hope everyone has a great free day tomorrow and be blessed.. Just think we have made it thru another week.. Woot Woot.. xox