• OK everyone hope everyone is having a great day.. I am starting my new challenge on Monday April 8 2013.. I tried to start this challenge back in 2010 but due to a series of strokes and a heart attack at the early age of 38 it had taken a complete toll on me. But now i have the go ahead and start this challenge.. Look so foward to it, had some set backs in the last couple of years with a destroyed knee and had donated bone plates and screws put in it, had to learn how to walk again.. I have gained so much weight and am so miserable in my own skin.. I have done all my research and read the Body for lifes champions book twice already also to make sure i am in the right direction.. Instead of looking at this challenge as 84 days of dieting, I am looking at it as a day by day stepping stone to a more wonderful life... Have a great day my friends...

  • I am planning on starting on 4/8/13. Have started and stopped more times than I can count. The time I finished a challenge I did very well. My problem is I read too many fitness mags. This works and I know it. I just have to stick with it.

  • Way to go stacyprine,  I am also starting my C4 BFL Challenge on this date with HIT and a photo to boot.  Do be careful with that knee and proceed with gradual increases and adjustments as necessary.  Knee wraps may or neoprene supports may help with that as well. I wish you and Chuck413 the best on this upcoming Challenge and feel free to ask for help and support from all of us on the forum. (I also started a thread for this date under a different heading). WPBILL

  • I am starting April 8th as well..

  • Me too x you are inspiring , to complete this after all you've been through. Good luck

  • Hey everyone, I  am starting today too. Would love to join this group. Already got my UBWO in at 4:30a.m. Yea thats early but its the only time I have to do it. Good luck everyone!!

  • Hello folks!  Hope you don't mind if I join your group.  Believe it or not . . . I was the 2011 female BFL champ (46+).  After getting back in to business again, I did not work out at ALL last summer . . . now I am at square one again.  So I would like to start with all of you today.

    This program WORKS.  We can do it if we stick together (12 weeks minus 12 free days . . . that's only 72 days of structure (eating well and working out - can't be too bad for us all!!)

    We can do this.  I am heading home for the treadmill.  Will check in later.


    (Brenda Marks)

  • I am joining today too. This is going to be my second one too, but I did last one in 2008 and it worked. Hope I will stick this time. And loose some pounds this year.



  • Hi every one,  I started today too!  Looking forward to a better lifestyle and am excited to have s group of people that have the same goals.  Accountability is key for me so I hope we all check in often!   Good job starting this day off right everyone :)

  • hahah Chuck, i use to read the fitness mags to and thought oh this sounds great or this sounds better, but then i keep turning to my BFL BOOK.. so this is my destination i believe...

  • Hi WPBill.. i too have  a photo but scared to death to put it up, i believe its because i am so afraid to see what i look like right now that it might make it harder fo me to start because of how bad things have gotton for my body and my mind.. But i am pushing one step forward everyday and I just might through it up here to keep myself accountable and prove myself wrong..lol i do have to make some adjustments because of my leg so i have to to alternates for them but i will adjust and won't give up as long as i have all of you wonderful people supporting me I Truelly believe i can get thru this strong, healthy and ALIVE...

  • well hope to see you on here ckbraswell6501 maybe we can be each others support and advice each other of our ups and downs.. good luck and see you at the end my friend..

  • Thank you Clare38.. never seen myself as aspiring, actually i see everyone else as Aspiring to go thru what they have gone thru but this community seems to be great and i am learning to start a whole new life for myself.. One that I deserve.. Hope to see you at the end of our challenge Clare.. Best of luck on you journey...

  • hey chad.. Great start starting so early in the morning i planned for 5am but i had a little bit of a rough start but i am on my way now to the gym to start my UBWO and i am scared to death but i will give it my all and post everyone later on how i did.... would love to have you join in.. i think it would be great..