Any size recommendations??

  • I like to cook enough food for at least a week sometimes two.  I put my veggies in mason jars, freeze them and grab a few of them on my way out to work.  I've put chili, spaghetti and stews in mason jars as well.  My question is, I'd like to put my protein in a crock pot until tender.  Not really season it just cook it.  Then put spaghetti sauce or chili sauce in the bottom of jar and add the meat on top.  How would I measure the amount of meat I put in the jars?  1/2 cup? 1 cup?  The pieces of meat are probably 1x1 inch. 

  • Congratulations on starting the Challenge! I am a vegetarian but here are some guidelines:

    1 oz. meat – size of a matchbook

    3 oz. meat – size of deck of cards

    8 oz. meat – size of thin paperback book

    3 oz. fish – size of a checkbook

    Have you tried Myoplex shakes? I drink them almost every day.  I use the Myoplex Lite vanilla and usually add fruit. 1 packet gives you 20 g of protein and they are delicious. Good luck with the Challenge! I really like your idea about the veggies in mason jars - great idea!

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+

  • Thanks Carolyn. The jars really help me. I'll cook all kinds of veggies and can them. I'd really like more ideas on proteins I can freeze in the mason jars. I get tired of the same foods. Gonna try a deer roast this weekend.