Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Jnel- make it a point to check in on the forum on a daily basis, and the 12 weeks will fly by!  Once you get to week 8, you're home free.  You'll really be seeing the changes, and the last 4 weeks are great.

    Cool that we've got a set of siblings!  Welcome PatriciaK and tcalwilson.

    LBWO today: FW Squats, Deadlift, Leg Ext, Leg Curls, Standing Calf Raise, Abs routine


    1- lean ham, wheat sandwich thin, 1c. OJ

    2- lean ham, 1c. grated potatoes cooked in olive oil

    3- (Pre-workout) Whey, 1c. OJ, ON Amino Energy

    4- (Post-workout) EAS Whey Shake, Apple, EAS Muscle Armor

    5- Shrimp, Whole-Wheat Couscous, Bell Peppers, cooked in olive oil

    6- Grilled pork tenderloin, Green salad, Balsamic Vinegarette

    7- Casein Protein shake w/ skim milk

  • Hey guys, just discovered this program today and I'm excited to start!! I'm about to go buy the book and see what it's all about to get started. Can I join in on this group?!

  • Started on the 25th, then unexpected business took me out of town. This was bad because I had not planned out much of or even my whole BfL challenge, so that screwed me up and I only had 1/2 of the first week under my belt. I've restarted but with scheduling a weeks worth of Challenge ahead of time so if travel happens again, it won't matter. Also joined the Anytime gym so that I can have a workout place nearby even when not in hometown. Count me in.

  • tcal - great way to overcome and get outside and do it!  It never fails does it!?

    I got my "before" pictures picked up from the photographer.  Definitely stopped me from getting into the ice cream last night.  And yes, I have ice cream in the house.  I take care of my elderly mother and it wouldn't seem fair to take away her favorite treat - so the "before" shot of my rear end put a screeching halt to any craving I may have had.

    I'm hitting my trial today - just plain tired, lower body workout is this afternoon and I will do it.  I'm here, I said it - so now I'll do it!

  • Sorry I didn't answer sooner, but you can check with BFL HQ on this but I do believe that any 12 consecutive weeks are ok as long as the photos are Before and After  and one product from EAS is used during the 12 weeks. Still I like to stick with the published times given at the begining of the site as a guideline and it helps me to be a little more organized during the challenge. I have done this for all of my past three Challenges and this will be C4 for me. Hope that helps you on this. Keep MOving FOrward.   Will start mine on 8th APril as planned next week.

  • Find Your Motivation

    Day 3, the day when the dedicated decide it's time to do something and keep going!  I commend everyone and everyone becomes my motivation.  When you go to the gym or do your cardio at home, you often wonder if anyone else is doing it.  Yes there are people around the world and this group right here is in it together.

    Find your Motivation to keep going.  81 days, it's not that much, give it your all!!!

    Marqui D.

  • Hi everyone,

    This seems like a great group, and I'd like to join up.  I'm currently in week 3.  Things are going great, and I'm actually sticking with the diet.  I am an airline pilot, and my job makes eating well a challenge.  There is a lot of planning I have to do with my meals.  I carry lots of tuna packets(which I'm getting sick of) oatmeal, nuts, ect.  There is also the added pressure of going out for food and drinks on overnights with the crews-I still go, but am very careful what I eat and drink.  I love to workout, so that has never been a problem for me, but eating right is a challenge.  So far, so good.  

  • I am taking today as a rest day. But I will be back at it tomorrow.

  • Hi, My name is Mary and I started on April 1st as well. This has been fabulous so far! How is everyone else doing?

  • Hi everyone, thank you for the warm welcome jrmcnaircpt.

    This is not my first challenge so I'm doing the program in some new ways to give me options. I actually did my cardio outside yesterday, I alternated walking and running for the twenty minutes, it actually took longer because I went somewhere. It was cold out but my heart rate got high enough for it not to bother me.

    And then I did my lower body exercise at home instead of the gym. I've done both over the years but I usually go to the gym when I'm doing the BFL workouts regularly. I just wanted to remind myself that I can do a good workout with free weights or body weights.

    @ surfslacker, Do you ever use the bar that are basically a small meal replacement? You can get either the ones Bill Phillips recommends or others that seem readily available. I use balance bars on occasion since the protein/carb/fat ratio is fine. They're a little low on protein but in a pinch they're a help. They're more economical than some bars.

    @Mary, I'm glad to see you've joined the group. Is this your first time doing this?

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  • Morning everyone.  Welcome Mary.

    Going strong on C2, day 4:

    Workout:  Had a great UBWO push muscles (chest, delts, triceps) 6:30am


    1- Whey, 1c. OJ, ON Amino Energy (pre-workout)

    2- EAS Advantage, Apple, EAS Muscle Armor (post-workout)

    3- Wheat toast, peanut butter, coffee

    4- 8oz grilled chicken breast, 1/2c. black beans, salad (may throw some oatmeal in here)- if I'm not completely stuffed.

    5- 8oz grilled pork tenderloin, 1/2c. black beans, 1oz raw almonds, banana

    6- 8oz grilled chicken, wheat sandwich thin (if you haven't found these at your grocer, they're awesome!)

    7- Casein Protein Shake, 1c. skim milk

  • Got the lower body workout done and actually felt good and a little more energetic afterwards.....

    The people who travel for work most certainly have the biggest challenges - in my book anyway.  I believe planning is key - and having a plan for those unexpected trips is the way to go, great job Capn!  And thanks for the reminder for me - I remember unexpected trips to the hospital with my dad before he passed away, so I never know what might come next with my mom.  Part of doing this program is to help get me out of the rut and keep me strong for her - your stories have reminded me I need to be prepared with at least some good food options I can grab and go quickly should I find myself calling an ambulance.  I'm not too sure how the workouts would go, but grabbing some running shoes/workout wear to at least keep moving.  I truly appreciate these message boards for coming up with ideas, reminders and encouragement.  You guys rock!

    So for some food options in additions to tuna packet - was thinking about grilling some chicken and freezing them for later.  A quick heat and eat, do they have microwaves on an airplane?  Well, surely something to heat meals.  Some little new potatoes might travel well, I also found some great heat and eat rice that works with the program - delicious garlic flavor (if you like garlic!) and only 90 seconds in the microwave - so if anyone is interested I'll make it a point to bring a package with the brand name next time I come to my computer.

    Gotta run and you all have a fabulous day!!!

  • Thanks for the ideas, Macie and Patricia!  I have been bringing along a shaker and myoplex packets, but bars would probably be much more convenient and less messy.  They do have convection ovens on our planes, and bringing along chicken is a great idea.  I have found that if you look hard in airports (and don't mind paying a premium), you can find healthy foods.  Plain oatmeal (with water heated by the in room coffee maker) is my breakfast staple.     It is definitely possible to travel and eat healthy, just a little monotonous.  But hey, it beats being out of shape and overweight anyday!

  • Holy sore legs Batman!!!

    After my LBWO yesterday, even walking is a struggle today. My upper body was also sore this morning, but it's going down this afternoon, so should be good by tomorrow for my next UBWO.  Did my 20min bike and x-trainer this morning, but because I was so sore all over I didn't do the HIIT workout, just cranked along at high revs so I could get a good sweat up. The first couple of weeks are always a killer for the muscles, but you get through them.

    It's funny you know. Before starting this second challenge I was doing the odd weight session and aerobic exercise. But add the BFL plan and really amp it up with 10's on each set, and it makes my other workouts in the past seem pretty rubbish. Certainly am feeling good about this challenge. With the pain I'm in, I know it's working!!

  • Did some intense conditioning today, time to fuel up.