Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Day 1 is now in full swing!!!

    Welcome to all the new people. It's great reading your stories of how you have all come to being here. Some of you have had some major challenges getting to this point, and it is inspiring to know you have joined our team.

    I did an intensive Upper Body Workout (UBW) this morning at 7am. You know you have done a hard session when you struggle to lift your arms over your head getting changed at the end. Even now, 10 hours later my arms and shoulders still feel tired. I'll feel it tomorrow!!

    My UBW will stay the same throughout the 12 weeks, with just weight increases as I go along. For anybody interested this is how it goes, with the reps and intensity exactly as set-out in the BFL book.

    Chest:  Dumbbell Chest Press, Incline Dumbbell Chest Press, Cable Crossover

    Back:  Wide-Grip Pulldown, Reverse-Grip Pulldown, Bodyweight Pull-up (assisted)

    Shoulders:  Seated Dumbbell Press, Side Raises, Shoulder Shrug

    Biceps:  Seated Dumbbell Curls, Standing Hammer Curls, Cable Biceps Curl

    Triceps:  Dips (assisted), Cable Triceps Extensions

    Meals are also going well. Up to meal 4, and just had an apple and some cheese. Pretty simple that one. :)  In regards to serving sizes, I think a single serving is about the size of clenched fist, so not very big. I previously bought the BFL Recipe Book which has been good at helping with meal planning and serving sizes. And yes, I did OD on chocolate eggs yesterday, so I'm safe today. :)

    How's everybody else going?

  • @ Bikini-bound,

    Your portion sizes probably should not be the same. The guideline given by Bill Phillips is to use the palm of your hand as a gauge. Make your protein roughly the size of your palm or fist. Potatoes and vegetables are similar, I think he compares the amount to the size of your fist. It's not an exact science but you get the idea.

  • Hey everyone.  This seems like a very good group and I'd love to join you guys  I started yesterday and would like to tag along for the next 12 weeks!

  • I went to the gym and did my first UBW. I warmed up with ten minutes on the treadmill then moved right along with the exercises. I use a different method that Bill Phillips talks about more on his other site, Transformation. With that method you do all of your first sets, then all the second sets, etc. till the end, no rest in between so your heart rate stays elevated. I didn't hit "10's" on many of the exercises but I did make the last set of each challenging. I'll increase the weights a bit the next time I do those particular exercises.

    The hardest part of the eating plan is to eat all six small meals. It takes a lot of planning to have things on hand. I find that mixing up three servings of whey protein in the morning enables me to just guzzle down a portion of protein. Having cottage cheese on hand is a help also.

  • So excited...Thanks for all the motivation!

  • Can I join this group?? I'm from Canada. and just finished my first upper workout.. wowzer  chest and arms have never felt more alive

  • Welcome to the group Chris from Canada and anyone new. Ok I am dead from the workout:


    A Carla Rumazza Birthday Request – Deadlifts

    Deadlift – 3 sets of 2 challenging reps

    Working sets must be touch-and-go reps


    5 Rounds for time

    12 Thrusters (115/75)

    12 Pullups

    My time was 16:03

    And I left some skin on the chin-up bar that's always fun. Now off to Jiu Jitsu  @6:00.

    P.s the (115/75) means men use 155lbs woman use 75lbs.

    For all the people on 2nd or 3rd... Challenges CossFit is a great change of pace. If you find a real certified CrossFit that will scale the workouts you can't beat it. And trust me I'm not a fanboy.. I just find it to be a challenge.

  • Hey Marinesniper79 are you still training MMA or grappling? I take a PAGG stack with BCAA'S  and whey protein. I only take in 30 carbs a day.

  • Welcome to Day 2!!

    Terrible night sleep last night, mainly because I was pretty sore. Plus a new diet. Same thing happened on Challenge 1 and I know it takes a few days to get into the sleep, workout, daily life rhythm. So after only 4 hours sleep I still made sure I made it to the gym by 6.45am. Ten minutes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout on the treadmill, with an immediate transition to the X-trainer for the final 10min HIIT workout. Followed this with an intensive ab workout. Nice!!!

    @cleet68:  I've heard about CrossFit. Looks great!! Unfortunately they don't offer it yet at my gym. I'll keep my eyes out.

    @ChrisDWMcGill: Welcome to the group. Everybody's welcome, including Canadians!! ;)

    @PatriciaK: I look forward to hearing how you go on the Transformation workout. I noticed Bill Phillips had a different company now.

  • Going to do a run today then some sparring after.

    TassieTim  your gym may not offer it because CrossFit are their own gyms. They aren't like regular gyms you won't find any benches there or a lot of what you find in regular gyms. It is a specialized gym. You could google CrossFit in your city.

  • It's so inspiring to get on here and read how everyone is doing!  

    I, too, have heard of CrossFit - but only because I met someone who was opening up a Cross-Fit place.  He and his wife were in extremely great shape - it sounded very intense.

    I am loving the Body For Life program, having everything all planned out and organized truly works for me!  Going into my workouts I know what I'm doing and I can simply do it and get it done - just like the book says!  Fitting in the 6 meals a day - but it was very tempting to think about skipping the last meal and save some calories.  Had to remind myself, this is about nourishing my body not starving it.  I am interested to know some suggestions for the last snack of the day??  I've always liked oatmeal or cereal before bed, but struggling with what kind of protein to have with it.  Any ideas?  I am trying to do my meals with supplements only 2 times a day -  a.m. snack and afternoon snack - so would like to figure out some food choices.  Cottage cheese was a great suggestion...

    I hope you can get some good sleep Tim!  A few days and you'll be into the swing of it!

  • Hi

    I'll be joining you all.  Started yesterday, just didn't find time to post.  My sister is PatriciaK.  After planning my workouts, I did go to the gym last night and did the upper body and a litte cardio on the bike.  This morning, after gettting up early excited to walk on the treadmill, I found that it wouldnt' turn on (lack of use probably :).  So, I went outside and walked/jogged for my 20 minutes instead.  Hopefully we'll all keep going, one day at a time!

  • Ok I just got back from 3 hours of no gi grappling. Great workout.

  • Hello everyone...count me in!

    I've tried the challenge three or four times in the past but i never stuck with it past week four...I started April 1st and thus time I WILL COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE and ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS!

  • Hi Jnel. Welcome to the group. We'll help you get there. What used to happen at Week 4 that stopped you each time, and what have you done to address it so that you can push through to week 12?

    Lower Body Workout (LBW) completed this morning, and my legs were shaking a bit after it. But gee, my upper body is soooo sore!! Just lifting my arms hurt. My legs will start to feel that way as well tomorrow. That's a good sign that I am really working the muscles hard.