Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Good afternoon.

    Missed a couple of sessions last week as I was being a bit of a stress head with life. Basically I'm over living in the UK and miss the sunshine and beaches of Australia, especially now that I'm fitter. I want to wear my shorts and t-shirt, and I'm not embarrassed anymore to wear my bathers in public!! The UK weather I find really saps my motivation. We've only had 2 sunny days this year wear I could wear shorts!

    My new training plan is going well though and I'm really enjoying mixing it up. Did a really good Upper Body session this morning. So with Body for Life, I've almost got the body I want, now I just need the life. LOL!!! :)

  • Bueller....???

  • I'm still hanging on!  Home stretch now.  Great results so far-just gonna have to accept the fact that my 6pack goal is not going to be met by week 12.  Oh well, I look and feel a heck of a lot better than I did 9 weeks ago!

  • Great job surfslacker!  Same here, doing great, feeling great.  Definitely going to keep going before week 12 (....err 24)

  • How's it going everybody?  Is anybody still going (except jrmcnaircpt-I'm sure he is still going....). I officially started a couple weeks before apr1, so my 12 weeks are done.  I'm very happy with the results-no huge transformation like so many on here have had, but I lost 10lbs, am a LOT stronger than I was when I started, and feel great!  My pants are more loose, and my shirts more tight.  Now that my 12 weeks are over, I am super paranoid that I'm going to lose these results, so I'm going to keep on trucking.  Hope everybody's challenge has been a success!

  • Hi surfslacker, CONGRATULATION's!!!!!  I need the inspiration once I am cleared to work out, I hope you will share your before and after photo's!  So inspiring!

  • Congrats to everyone who finished (and kept up the posts!)!!!

    Better late than never right?  Well, between BFL exercise and eating right and remodeling a house and working I just didn't have the energy to keep up with the blog.  But just so everybody knows, I did finish my 2nd challenge.  I feel great, I look great and I am starting C3 today!  Off to do my 1st workout now!  I am actually comfortable and happy in my bathing suit again! My stats are (after 24 weeks):

    Total weight lost so far is 15.3 lbs

    Inches Lost:

    Hips 4″

    Waist 5.5″

    Bust 3.5″

    Over Bust 7″ (yeah. I carried it all under my arms and on my chest and back)

    Under Bust 2.5″

    Thighs 3.25″

    Calves 1.5″

    Beginning C1 I started in size 14 (or VERY tight 12) and large or extra-large shirts. Now comfortably in a size 10 and medium shirts. Even though the weight lost hasn’t met my goal (yet) my body has changed so dramatically that I am WELL PLEASED. When I look in the mirror I am finally seeing what really could be!  I think there was more doubt there than I am willing to admit.  I will post before and after pics on my profile page if I can figure it out!

    Here’s to the next 12 weeks and as always NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT.