Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Hi. My name is Tim and this is actually my second challenge. I completed my first one in about 14 weeks last August with really good results, but after a slight break and trying some different exercises I found it difficult to stay motivated without a real target. So before I revert back to being an unhealthy sloth as I was before Challenge 1 I have decided to get back into it again.

    On my last challenge we had a really good group on here that supported each other and I hope we can develop the same thing here on this thread. So welcome, and please introduce yourself. I am an Australian, now living in the UK so am ineligible for the Challenge, but that still didn't stop me posting my previous before and after pics in my last week of C1, as I will this time. Bit daunting, but is something to really aim working out hard for.

    So welcome to the post-Easter Challenge!!!

  • Tim- there are a group of us looking to start April 1.  Be on the lookout for a new post thread coming soon.  If you see the January 7 post, it's that group.

  • JRM how about we move the jan 7 to here?

  • I am in for April 1 and I just finishing up First round this Sunday.


  • I would join in but I do want to start on the BFL Challenge official date a week later of 8 APril and wil be starting my CHallenge on that date with a photo the same day as well. Best of  wishes to you and your group in this challenge.

    Keep MOving Forward!!!

  • Bill where are these official dates?  Do you have to start on an official date to qualify?

  • Hi all.. I'm in for april 1. I just had my second baby and really looking forwrd to be back to pre-pregnant weight. really motivated,because this bfl had helped me to lose 38 pounds before the pregnancy.. Hope we can support each other here!

  • I'm new to this challenge and very excited to get started. I read that the next challenge date starts on April we need to wait until then to get started? I'm ready to change my life and love the idea of this support group.

  • Hey Tim,  I'm starting the program April 1st too.  Looking forward to some motivation from a group that will start the same time.  I work as a Radiation therapist in a cancer center.  I'm also a busy mother of a daughter Ava 7, Lex 5, and my twins Jake and Wade 2.  I'm really busy but really motivated to start.  Sick of people asking if I'm due when it's the post twin tummy sticking around.   Here I come post-Easter Challenge....  

  • I'm starting tomorrow, I need something to keep me focused.  I'm ready to give it my all.

  • I'm starting on the 31st - tomorrow.  Would love to be a part of the group if the one day earlier start date is okay with you.  I'm 52 years old - been in a fitness slump for the past 3 years.  I'm in the worst shape of my life!  Simply knowing I am starting the program has lifted my mood and given me something to look forward to, so I am very excited to begin.  

    A little about me - I've always been in fairly good shape, an on again/off again exerciser - but always mostly on.  Not a lot of intense workouts like this program, but enough to stay fit and feeling well.  3 years ago I was laid off work while at the same time finding out my mom was diagnosed with Dementia.  My dad had suffered a massive stroke leaving him paralyzed and unable to speak.  I've been caring for them in my home - my dad passed away in December.  It's been a long haul, my mom is still here and I am noticing how terribly out of shape I am.  I eat all the wrong foods and my joints ache when I am helping her up and down.  It's getting harder and harder to help her.  I've been in a terrible rut, not feeling motivated to do anything beyond the daily stuff and I plop on the couch at night and eat junk.  

    My mood has been so great since this program came to my attention.  I feel happier and more optimistic than I have in so long.  I hope to get into a group where we can support one another - so would be glad if you let me join.  


  • Hello Tim and gang!  i would LOVE to join this group. I am realatively new to BFL. I tried to start a few years past, but I had no support and failed to continue after a week. I am 50 years old and I need to do something or I am going to spend my remaining years in poor health. I am hoping that I can give and receive support so that all of us will succeed. I am about 50-60 pounds overweight and I realize that it may take multiple 12 week sessions to reach my goal.

  • Looks like a great start everyone.  My meals are mapped out for the next 3 days.  Went to the nutrition store last night for supplements.  Tomorrow is an upper body workout at 6:00am.  Can't wait to get going.  This week off has me feeling terrible!

  • Welcome everybody!! Looks like a really good group to start. Hopefully we will add even more as we go along. This weekend I stocked my fridge with the ingredients for my meals this week and planned out each day. Tonight I am putting together my gym plan. Upper Body first thing tomorrow morning. Sub-zero temperature to wake up to before heading to the gym, and it is a public holiday over here in the UK tomorrow, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into it. Just need to rug up warm!!

    For those of you who are new to this I have some tips to help you:

    1)  Use a diary and pre-plan your meals and exercise schedule in advance. This really makes a difference and is probably the most important tip of all!!

    2)  Your muscles will really hurt after your first 2-3 sessions and the pain will hang around for 3-4 days. However, the BFL program works different body parts on different days, giving your sore muscles a rest, whilst working the other areas. The soreness will subside after about Week 2 as your muscles get used to the extra work.

    3)  Ditch all the sweet stuff in your house if you have cravings like me. I'm a chocoholic and love Ben & Jerry's icecream, however the house is empty of it all. I'll get the luxury stuff next Sunday on my Free Day. If it's in the house I will sneak some, so that's why it's gone.

    4)  I set this forum on my browser start page, so as soon as I start the internet this forum is displayed. Keeps me focused.

    I have some other tips and tricks for later, and I'm sure the many of you have also done this before will also be able to provide advice. The next 12 weeks will have many up and downs for each of us, but that's why we are all here to help and support each other. We will have distractions from friends, family, and work, but when these next 12 weeks are over it will be Summer. And being an Australian, Summer is the best time of the year!!! Plus we'll all look and feel much better in ourselves!! :)

    Okay team. Let's begin!!!