June 30, 2010 Challenge

  • I would love to have some virtual partners who plan to start the challenge in June.  Is there anyone out there who would like to join me? I am going to use this time to plan, plan, and plan.

  • Hi AngelElite!  I will have finished my first 12 weeks by then and be ready for my second 12 week challenge.  I would be pleased to be a partner to you.  I'm at week 6 right now.

    With 2 months between now and then, why wouldn't you start sooner?  The challenge rules allow you to start now for the third round.  Starting now would allow you to be so much closer to rocking that fit body by June 30th.  :)

  • I thought you could only start on the four dates indicated on the website.  If I can start sooner, I will start the first week of June.  I am moving this month, but I can still use this time to plan my meals.

  • Yes, you can start anytime. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!