Being accountable

  • So, I started the 12 week program as of March 17, 2013. I'm writing this so I can hold myself accountable (And you can help me do that with your support as well) to complete this challenge. I started the challenge last year and had to stop about 8 weeks into it because I had surgery and after that surgery was not able to work out for 3 weeks. I'm still in the same size clothes, still look OK but not like I did when I was on the BFL. I finally became brave and weighed myself for the first time since a few months ago and it was about 10 lbs off what I thought it would be. What a good wake up call that I need to be back on the BFL program. Not only is the diet something that is a complete lifestyle change (and for the better), but even after only 8 weeks last time on BFL my body started transforming. It was amazing.

    I need to feel good about myself again and need this forum to read all of your positive thoughts and encouragement through your various threads. You guys are all awesome. Keep me accountable!!

  • 12 weeks is just 84 days away!  well... 82 for you!  Keep it up!

  • You know what this program can do for you.  This time you're gonna kill it!!

  • Love that for motivation- that sounds like nothing broken down like that!