Slight alteration ok?

  • Is there any draw back to the following weekly schedule: Cardio-Upper Body-Cardio-Lower Body-Cardio-Uper Body-Cardio.  I know there's no free day there I work 12hrs/day-7/wk and really nothing to do for free time (no I'm not in prison, I'm deployed) I just want to use what free time I have constructively, besides sleeping and eating but I don't want it to be one step forward two steps back toward the twelve week end game.  ??

  • Hey Klint12, Do yourself a favor and just take a break in the week.  You can still do some light cardio or sports on your free day.

    You might not think it now, but your body and mind will appreciate that day off.

  • Oh and by the way as a former active duty soldier....thank you.