Where to get EAS products in Anaheim?

  • I am from Canada where they no longer sell EAS products!  I am going to Disneyland next week and hoping to pick up a couple of things while in the US.  Anyone know of a good place to get EAS products in Anaheim California?

  • I go to good ol' WalMart. But you can get them at other retail stores, such as GNC (you can find a gnc near about any shopping mall). You can buy them online, too. I think I saw discount offers in my email from becoming a member on the forum. I am pretty sure I've seen offers on this site. Retail cost is going to seem high, I would go that route in a worst case scenario. But the nutrition supplements and meal replacements should serve you well on your vacation. Having one of those bars on hand is a good way to avoid temptation and they are quite tasty. I lived in Orlando FL for the first 23 yrs of my life, and spent a fair amount of time at the different parks as a guest and employee....if you haven't been to disney in a while, let me warn you that they put a LOT of effort into selling outrageos over-the-top candy/snacks. It will smell like a donut shop in heaven before you see it coming. Heed this warning: be prepared! My dad always always brought a light backpack with some healthy food. I should finally thank him for that!