Hi im Steve and im from Bristol in the UK Im 38 in a few weeks and for the last 5 years i have become the king of Yo Yo dieters..

I am currently weighing in at 16s 5lb and my BMI is 32.5% and the lowest weight  i have got to was 14s 4lb in these up and down years.

Back in Jan 2004 i did this challenge and went down to 12s 5lb and i was around 15s at the time when i started..

From this i joined a  running club and did many Half Marathons and the London full Marathon in 2005 and 2007 i was well fit and top of the world..

My excuse for the downfall  well i had two kids one in Sept 2007 & Aug  2009 (not me personaly as im male ) and from there on i kinda lost it, my weight went up to 16s 12lb in Jan 2010 and from there on i have got i back down 3 times to 14s 4lb but then go back up again hence the tilte King of the Yo Yo dieters.

I have done  every diet going from Dukan diet. 5-2 diet, Slimming world, Weight Watchers  you name it i have done it and they work but i never keep it off.

So im back to basics,  9 years on and this plan was the only one that really worked as i kept the weight down for 3 1/2 years!!!

Not sure if i  can enter this challenge as i live in the UK but will  go for it in any case!!!

I have spent £80.00 on protein shakes so im in now theres no going back..

All my office staff are saying you wont last you will give up  but im not going to, i look at it week by week only 6 days til i can relax and eat what i want and last time i found by week 6 i didnt want the bad food..

Looking for someone  to share this journey with me for the next 12 weeks.

Back in  2004  i was in constant touch with a woman for the 12 weeks  and she went on to win it, so maybe im a lucky charm!!

Email me on Jenkiste@aol.com if you want to share any ideas, tips or just someone to chat with through those tough times.

Day 1 and im craving a KFC already :)

Thanks for reading and good luck!!!