Anyone successful at stopping counting calories

  • I have been a calorie counter for a long time, with an eating disorder in my younger years, and i did a challenge last year and then followed a general bfl lifestyle since, but all with calorie counting.  I have started another challenge but want to do this one without counting.  I need help with this though.  Anyone been successful with this?

  • I don't count calories, fat grams or protein.  Although...I have in the past dieting in my younger years.  I just use the nutrition guide to get my quanitities right.  As much as you want to add up what calories you are eating...don't (besides calories aren't the best indicator of what you body needs...try listening to your body tells you what it needs not a calculator).  Find something to distract you while you have the urge to start adding up numbers until you forget about it.  I have done 3 challenges and been very successful each time without needing to track calories.  Good luck!    

  • For my first challenge, I didn't count calories at all, just watched portion sizes and did well. I do count now, but like to see how my macros look overall for the day, and then am able to change things up when needed.

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  • Thankyou.   I have been doing well the past couple of days and so hope I can keep it up.  Cheers.