Cottage Cheese Club

  • followed it up.... not "fooled" it up

  • Hi Everyone,

    Been busy babysittiing 2 twin grandkids for all week. They didn't have school this whole week and Mom and Dad are gone all week. Did manage to get two workouts in at the pool.

    Justin hope all is well with your wife now that her surgery is over. Sending many prayers for her and you and your family.

    Those deer I saw on the trip were whitetail as well as one mamma bear and 2 baby's, 4 skunks, and 2 eagles. Oh and herds of Antalope.

    My doctor put me on pool therapy back in 2006. Can't do any out of the pool weight lifting.

  • At the pool they have foam dumbbells that you work out in the pool with also ankle weights which I use on my arms and legs. That's about it as far as what I can use. I can't swim, not because I don't know how.  I just get really worn out under water and my neck can't move side to side to take a breath.  I walk in the pool also and in the deep side with a jacket on I do leg exercises. That's about it.  So trying to see, if they can change up my plan to help me loose better. Hang in there on those days that you can't, Cammy needs you and she does appriceats you more than you know.  

    where is my spell check...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Penny hope the job is going well, and your workouts are right on, keep up the good work. Sounds like your diet plan is right on too.

    ShaylaS Hope your having a fun time with your sister. I don't know what the Kanga is but it sounds interesting. You and Justin are really moving. I can get about a mile in and that's about it, so keep going strong.

    Patricia welcome to the CCC's. Were all here for you, so come on in and join the fun. Glad to have you here.

    /where is everyone else??

  • I am back again...going in for a special surgery shot. Get 2 a year to help with the pain. It is called Transfurninal Epidural. It will be at L4-L5. Helps with hip and leg pain. Been waiting 4 months, and can't wait any longer.  They give me an IV loaded with pain stuff to get me through this shot. Not a fun thing.

    So this will be on the 9th and probably put me down for a week or 2. That means no walking just easy soaking. :o(   but that's okay, could be worse. please say some prayers for me. and thanks for being here for me you guys


  • Hope you all have a great weekend!


  • Well hello again everyone. I am in Jackpot Na. at the Casino. We got done watching the twins and needed a break, so we're out to make some money this weekend, I hope. Hope your all having a great weekend and doing good on all your workouts. I haven't been able to do any thing yet, but come Monday, I will be hard at it. See you all later...


  • Hey everyone! Yes...I should be sleeping but having too much in with my sisters so I'm up way past my bed time! I have not been able to go to the gym in a few days ๐Ÿ˜ž but I have been really watching my food intake.  Normally when my sisters and I get together we eat crap the entire time but this time is different. My whole family is trying to do better so we are all trying to eat healthier. They tried to get me to eat crap when we first got together but i let them know what my plans were. I have made sure i had healthy foods everywhere we have gone. We even went to an amusement park in Utah and didn't eat any of the crap there because I brought meat, triscuits, protein bars, jerky, and fruit. I feel I am getting full quicker but am hungry about every hour or so.  I guess that means my metabolism is kicking in. I'm having my free day tomorrow and am going to try and keep it simple since I haven't been working out.  How are you all doing????  I draw inspiration and drive from all of you so I hope you are all still here!!

    Laurie: good luck at the casino!! Have a blast and get at it good on Monday!

  • I am one who doesn't go to bed early too, I thought that our trip to Jackpot would be overnight, at least that's what was planned, but the lady who took our online room got it all messed up. We thought we were booked, but they were all full. So we ended up mad and driving back home, 150 miles. I was starting to win and we had to leave. Drove at night and got in at 2:30 AM.  So I stayed in bed late today and in my PJ's all day.

    Will be in the pool tomorrow or tuesday and then surgery shot Wed. Keeping the food intake good.

    ShaylaS, sounds like your having a blast with your sister and family, and keeping on the right track. Good job.

    Where is everyone?? We need you...


  • Gotta keep it short and sweet today.  I've got a ton of work to do and might have to go home.  Cammy's still trying to recover, and my son has been really sick.  I took him to urgent care on Saturday and will probably have to leave here to take him to his normal doctor today.  I spent all weekend taking care of people and didn't eat very well.  Mostly junk because I didn't have time to cook anything.  My son cried all night last night so I didn't get much sleep and didn't go to the gym this morning, and probably won't get to go tonight either.  It really feels like this challenge is falling apart at the end!  I feel like a zombie!

  • My challenge has completely fallen apart.  Boy that labrum excuse sure did come in handy!  I should have at least been doing cardio, and even legs.  But some small victory is that I haven't been eating every bit of junk food in sight.

    I get to start back lifting this Wednesday.  I'm definitely looking forward to that.

    Good luck everyone.  keep it up.

  • Hi CCC's

    It gonna be okay you guys.  

    Justin:  just keep taken care of your family they are the most important thing in your life right now. Even if you gain some, the way you work out, you'll loose it pretty fast.

    Jr, good to here from you. Your health comes first, so take care of you.

    And ladies, keep up the good work.

    All of you have come so far, don't let the little things or big things that come along in life, get you down. That's the way life is sometimes. You will get through it and come out doing great. Believe in yourself, your all worth it. Now go and try to have a great day and week.


  •  I really fell off the last 4 days, I don't know what hit me, I skipped workouts and ate poorly.  I have no excuses.  I now have 6 weeks to get it together and finish the right way.

    You all are a great inspiration.   I don't want to let myself or you guys down.

    I hope you are all doing well.  

  • Penny just pick yourself up and keep going, You've got 6 weeks, and that's still enough time to make some good weight loss and build lean muscle. Put that last 4 days behind you and keep going strong. ;o)

    Shayla, JR, Justin no matter where your at, keep trying, down time is okay no matter how short you are. You'll still get it done. You all have been doing a great job.!!! ;o)


  • This has been one crazy week.  I still have yet to get my butt to the gym and it's depressing me!  I've still got a sick baby and I had to take him to the Dr yesterday.  He finally got some medicine and the Dr says that it will take about a week before he's better.  My wife is still recovering and I've been trying to keep her off of her feet.  She goes back to her Dr on Friday, so hopefully she will be cleared to begin her therapy and go back to work.  All of this running around to Dr appointments and taking care of kids/house all by myself has put me way behind at my job and I'm probably going to have to spend some late nights here and all weekend.  SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!  I really can't wait to get back to my workouts.  I miss them so bad, and don't want to get used to not going.    

  •  Laurie - Iโ€™m going to do just that, put it behind me and remember why I started this in the first place.  I appreciate your sincere words.

    I had a good lower body work out this morning and plan a 20 minute cardio on the bike tonight after work.

    I had egg whites and light wheat toast at breakfast with some coffee. I have a nice piece of chicken breast and pain baked potato for lunch and a Lean 15 bar for late afternoon here at work.

    Shayla โ€“ sounds like you are doing great as usual, keep it going girl.

    Jr and Justin- these illnesses are a bummer.  Donโ€™t get too down.  Things will be back to normal before you know it.  

    Jr โ€“ you mentioned that you would be back to upper body w/o on Wednesday, were you able to lift?

    David I hope all is well with you.

    Have a great day CCC