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  • *kneads = ah yeah, mean knee. Bah ha ha!

  • OMG *meant *knees...clearly I'm having issues today. I should just take the day off...

  • SHORTY!!!!!!!  :)  Glad you're back!!  I thought I was going to have to do a missing person report!!  I'm glad you've been off having a blast.  It won't be long and it's going to be COLD up there, so better soak it in while you can!  Loads of hiking you say!?!?  See any wildlife on your adventure?  Anyway, I'm so glad to see you back and we definetly have to get Gina back as well!

    JR- Sucks that you have to get in the tube, but it's the only way they can find out exactly what the issue is and take care of it.

    As for my wife....  The Dr says that she's definetly got some major authoritis going on from the previous surgeries and that she's going to have to have an MRI to see exactly what's going on now.  He also said that it's pretty common to have to have the ACL replaced about once a decade, so she's probably overdue.  However, he did say that the joint still felt pretty tight to him so it might not need replacement.  They offered her a cortizone shot, but said that it can screw with the MRI test results so she opted to hold off on it and wait until the MRI is done.  Then it will either be shots or surgery....  She's been cleared to do "whatever exercise she can currently tolerate".  So...  We're hoping it's just authoritis and no surgery will be needed, but we'll just see how things shake out.


    Jr, mabey you can find a facility near you that has one of these stand up MRI machines.  I had a tube MRI once and it freaked me out too.  These stand ups are becoming more popular.

    Shorty glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation.  I had to laugh when I read about your sore muscles moving your clothes in the closet....been there!

    Sorry to hear about your wife's knee Justin, especially now that she is so motivated to run.   Shayla happy to hear that your son is doing a little better.

    Tingles you are my hero.  You have to work hard to work out hard. It's sweet that you fake your martini to make your mom happy, that's awesome.

    Everybody is working so hard. I did my upper body w/o at about a 7 intensity level, not great I know.  Feeling a bit deflated because upper management keeps talking about down sizing by the end of  this month, that's why I'm interviewing.  It really stinks.  I was recruited to this job and left another one to come here only a few months ago.  I don't know what going on but it's an unsettling feeling.  I moved my parents in with  me 3 yrs ago, I can't afford to be unemployed.  

    Oh well, I need to turn this nervous energy into a good cardio burning session this evening.  Hope you

     By the way that's not me in the MRI pics LOL, I just googled it 







    Glad you had a great vacation!  Was going to have Justin put yo pic on a milk carton and weeez cud be missin tugetha,   Yeah, Minnesota looks nice.  Freakin 96 degrees down here in Texas. Summer ain't ova here.  comp appreciated el mucho.  Seems like I'm moving in wrong direction weight wise, but still feel pretty good about things. Saw a friend I hadn't seen in over two years at the grocery store last week and said I look younger.....howzaboutdat!!!  Char is doing good on her diet.  Still trying to get her into the gym, but she is hardheaded about doing her own thang.  Yeah, that stadium is Allen High School (about 6000 students). There are a few other state-of-the-art hs stadiums but not quite like that one.  We have a nice stadium (35 years old) which is built into a hill......only holds about 9500 and the wide screen on scoreboard is not that wide, but we love it.  So now I will be a nerd and shamlessly post pics of our stadium.

    Couldn't leave the LOBO Rockin L out.


    Good leg routine this morning.  Justin and JR, I finished up my squats at 8x315 (getting into the big boy weights) and then killed it on the inverted leg press.  It's a good pain.

    JR - been there on MRIs....hate em!  Hope you're not in there very long.

    Justin - sorry to hear about your wife's knee injury.  Man, possibly a 3rd surgery.  Hope it's a good visit tomorrow.  She needs to consider the eliptical and stairmaster like you, bro.  Swimming is great - even less impact.

    Pennyready - they still have Fresca?  Hope your job interview went well.  Downsizing is becoming too commonplace.  Scary to think how different the job market was when I got out of school - yes, many years ago.   Good discipline on skipping the choc cake....... I'd devoured it.   The only thing I have in common with Michael Phelps is ......well........nothing.   I do enjoy swimming and try to get at least 2 days of about 45 mins to an hour in. 

    Laurie - inspiring how you keep going through the pain and the hour long journey to the gym.  I have no excuses.

    Oh Shayla - (ok, there was a song from the 80's called "Oh Shelia" by Ready For The World) so I couldn't help myself.  You never stop.  Back to back zumba classes - 1500 calories?!  You're in Justin territory. Run hills then soccer practice, HIIT, then do the books.......  I'm tired now.  A are.

    Ok gang, I've gotten away from work enough and have to finish up and get on my commute to mi casa.  I will not stop at Sonic. I will not stop at Sonic. I will not stop at Sonic. I will not stop at Sonic.I will not stop at Sonic.I will not stop at Sonic.I will not stop at Sonic.I will not stop at Sonic.I will not stop at Sonic.I will not stop at Sonic.



  • Hey guys, seems like everyone 's almost back. EShorty glad your back with us, sounds like you had a great time and stayed close to your plan.

    JR I get MRI's every year, so what I do to try not to think about that big tub is get ear muffs on that play music. Crank the music up and try to relax.  Hope it all goes well for you and it will not take so long.

    Justin sorry to hear about your wife's knee. If she gets into a pool and works out there, she won't have any pressure on her bad knee.  Hope she will be okay and it won't be as bad as it sounds.

    Shayla I don't know how you do it, but keep going and don't stop. Hope your son is doing much better by tomorrow.

    Penny I sure hope you get that job that you interviewed for. I've never seen a MRI machine like that, and it looks a lot better than what I have to go in.  You'll be okay, you have the determination to go get things done. Keep up the good work.

    David don't stop at Sonic. Just keep thinking about what that person you saw at  the store said how you looked.  It's true, you look really great.

    Okay now all of you thanks for all the kind words, please remember, i can't make it here with out you all too. Your all pushing me to get my self to the pool and walk and ride my bike.

    I worked my LBW today about 45 minutes and It was nice because there were only 2 people in the pool. Burned around 200 calories, but not enough. Just have to get up and walk tomorrow.


  • just another note, I too am going on a short vacation. Driving to Texas from Boise Idaho. It's not really a vacation, but I am going to see my daughter. She lives in Greenville Tx. and it will take some time to get there, but we are driving and leaving Friday and come back the end of the month. Taking my Mom a long so she can see her Grand daughter, Great Grand daughter and Great Great Grand daughter who is 8 weeks old. Will be a 5 generation photo to be taken. Probably the last time my Mom gets to go to see them all together.  I plan on getting on the computer to keep in touch if I find one while were on the road.

    Don't know how I will keep up with work-outs yet, probably just walk and will have to try to be careful with the food.

    I know you all will keep working hard while I'm gone so don't stop, keep going and be back soon.


  • Guess what day it is!  Guess what day it is!  It's HUMP DAY!!  Yeeeeeeaaaah booooyyyyyeee!

    Back and biceps workout complete followed by a 20 minute stair climb.  Had some nice bicep veins showing during todays workout.  I haven't seen them in a long time, so I was glad they came out to say hello!  (I must be allergic to iron because I'm getting swole up everytime I touch it.)  Hahaha...  My legs are starting to feel the daily cardio, so I might scale it back for a few days and walk for my cardio to recover a little bit.  But....  Then again I might just keep on doing what I'm doing.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

    David- You're moving some heavy iron my man?  Congrats!  That's a very nice stadium.  It holds 9500!?  That's only about 3 times the total population of my town..  :/  This friday we have a jome game.  I'll be sure to take a picture or two so you can see what the rest of the world's stadiums look like.  Were you able to avoid Sonic on your way home?  

    Laurie- I hope you have a great time in TX!  I'm sure you'll find a way to get your walking in.  

  • Hey guys! Man oh man...fall is in the air for sure! It was chilly this morning in VA!  Thanks for pumping me up guys and gals, your all so encouraging! My mother in law came by to walk yesterday so I walked 3 miles of hills with her but I needed/wanted more so I ran 2 miles after that of the same hills (these hills suck!) I was going to walk a bit after Mile 1 but my mind wouldn't let me...I'm too head strong I guess.  Haha.  Overall I ended up burning 583 calories. Felt great! Today I had my UPWO. I take my journal with me everywhere and wrote OUCH next to each muscle group because it was a great workout! I felt like my arms were floating afterwards.  I took my 6 week pics last night and my kids couldn't stop complimenting me on my changes. I'm down a total of 7.2 lbs so far but still would like to lose another 10-15 if possible. My eating is going great. I get so busy at work I have to remind myself to eat. Planning ahead had really helped me there.

    Shorty: you sound like the life of the party!  Love your spunk!! Glad you had a good time on vacation. I'm heade to my hometown Idaho falls Idaho in a few weeks to see my sisters an will have to "behave" with my eating.  I told my sister I have to take a free day to enjoy some obour favorite foods from childhood though! Can't wait.

    Injuries, injuries everywhere! Can't we all just be made of steel! Justin so sorry to hear about your wife's knee. Especially since she was just getting back into it. I used to in a lot and had a few knee injuries (nothing major like hers) and running is really hard on the joints. I've cut back quite a bit on that to prevent further damage. Hope she recovers quickly!

    Jr, I've never been in one of those tubes but have tried to imagine if I coul do it or not. I am really claustrophobic. I would just close my eyes and pretend I was on the beach somewhere.  That'll get ya to relax! Good luck with it.

    Tingles: your close to my hometown! Boise Idaho is not too far away. You a big Broncos fan? Go orange and blue! That's great that you have the opportunity to get a 5 generation picture. What a treasure!  Try to behave and plan ahead so you dont let go of all you are working towards.  

    David: sonic=fat so you don't want it!! You are looking too good to mess that up. Maybe on your free day 😉

  • Shayla- Nice work on those workouts, and the drive to push yourself even further than you planned!!  You've got progress pictures!?!?!?  We wanna see um!!   Congrats on your progress so far.  It's going to get better and better.  Have you heard of the BFL 8 week miracle for women?  That's when most women say the majority of their results show.......


    Not a great BFL day yesterday,

    Some co workers and I decided to go out after work and blow off some steam about the potential layoffs.  Big mistake.  All of the will power I had on Sunday was not with me last night, particularly after a couple of beers.  I had wings with blue cheese!!  Skipped my work out to boot.  

    You all do such a good job; I need to get more disciplined.  I am going to get home tonight and hit the weights hard and throw in some extra cardio.  Tomorrow is the first day of my week 4 and I want to have something to show for it. 

    BTW job I interviewed for was not a good fit, still applying

  • penny- Sorry to hear about your bad day yesterday.  I know what it's like to get really stressed out and turn to food.  Just try to put it behind you and move forward.  Also, sorry to hear about the interview.  Are you certain that you'll be getting laid off?  You might be getting worried about nothing.  You could always flat out ask your manager to see.  They might confirm your fear or be able to put you at ease and tell you that your job is safe.  Either way you'd know for sure and would be able to plan accordingly.....

  • Thanks for your concern Justin,

    Yeah I asked the GM and he said he would let us know by the end of the month.  This feeling of being in limbo stinks.

    You are right, I will put that bad BFL day behind me.  I only have 9 weeks left. I wanna see real results to motivate me for the next challenge.    

    Never heard of that 8 week miracle but I will certainly look forward to it

  • ShaylaS Yes I am a Big Bronco fan, we have a party right here at my Mom's house every week.  Lots of food and lots of noise. She likes the Boise Bronco's so much, she is asking us to paint her dining room blue and orange. She even has most of the photos of all the players up on her walls. So we plan on doing that when we come back from Texas. I have never been to Idaho Falls, but I heard it's a nice place to live.

    It was pretty cold when we got up this morning, had to wait till 11 to go walking, but did get 1mile in. How is your son doing? Hope his head is feeling better.

    Penny sorry about the interview, but there will be more to come. You are at week 4 and you still have plenty on time to keep loosing, so don't let one day out get you down, forget it and go on. You will see more result and at 8 weeks it's going to really show.

  • Well got to go for now, Justin, Jr, David and girls keep up the good workouts. Talk to you all soon.