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  • One more thought... he does not address a comparison with the effects of resistance training.  If I burn 400 calories with 35 minutes of cardio and that "activates my fat afterburners" (read increases my metabolic rate) to burn an additional 360 calories that day, is there a similar effect after 35 minutes of resistance training?  I would hypothesize that it would be even greater, given in the increased damage to the muscles from resistance training.  

    I'm betting either will work great, with proper discipline and nutrition.  

  • JR- I agree.  In that little article he only addresses cardio without mentioning an "afterburner effect" for lifting weights.  I would assume that after an intense weight workout that you would have fat burning.  It seems that if you get your heart rate up for a length of time it wouldn't matter what the activity was.  However....  I think his calorie calculator on the other link I posted takes both into account.

    I Googled it and found tons of articles to support the afterburner effect after weight training.

    So far....  I lost anther 3lbs in the past week.  Every thing seems to be fine and my energy levels are great!  

  • Morning CCers!! Gina, welcome back sistah!!

    So I must have done something right yesterday...this girl is sore and a little shaky from my UBWO - woop woop! I've come to realize that I HAVE to track/change up my exercises every 4 weeks. It gives this 'ol body a jolt. I'm also trying to really focus on eating clean this time around - I think it's just what I need. If not, I'm going to be at a (big swear) loss! And yeah It kinda HAS to work because I just bought a pair of designer jeans online (going out of business sale so I can't return the jeans) - and not having tried them on = very risky. I think deep down I did it because if they don't fit, THEY WILL FIT within the next few months. Okay, rambling here...must.stop.

    Justin, another 3 pounds?!?! NICE JOB!!!!

    I can't stay long...hopefully I can hop back on later today - work schmerk. Keep being awesome you kick don-kee CCers!!!!

  • Morning cardio is complete!  Ran 4.2 miles and burned 456 calories.  My chest is sore from yesterday too!  So far my diet has been 100% on plan during this challenge with the exception of 3 french fries that I ate last Sunday.  My daughter's 7th birthday is Saturday, so I'll be having my 1st real cheat meal of the challenge on that day.  I'm planning on only having 1 cheat meal that day and then getting back on plan right away, but have failed at doing that in the past.  I'm going to have to use all of my will power to do it!

    How's everyone else doing on this fine Tuesday morning?

  • Legs this morning.  That is all.

  • Shorty, you're awesome.  You're going to rock those jeans in no time!

    HIIT cardio on the treadmill this morning.  I was feeling great and pushed it a little too hard and was hurting at the end, but I survived.  Did some calf work afterwards and a few minutes in the dry sauna for some stretching.  Feeling good this morning, but it's time for a little coffee!!!!!!!!!  

    Also, went to my favorite restaurant last night.  And did pretty well sticking to the plan.  My portion of grilled pork chop was a bit large, but I didn't have much of a 4th meal and I kept my calories around 2000 for the day.  And that meal was to die for!  I bet not many people have ever said a pork chop was one of their favorite meals, but I bet you haven't had this pork chop!

  • Happy Hump Day CCCers!!!  Had an awesome back and bicep workout this morning.  I did a drop set at the end of the heaviest set of each exercise today and really felt the burn!  I followed it up with a 20 minute stair climb and burned off 350 calories.  Now I just have to stick to the plan the rest of the day.  Smooth sailing.........  

    JR- That's a nice looking pork chop you had there bud!  What else did you have there?  Looks like squash.

    Shorty- You'll get in those jeans!  Questions though...  Are they apple bottom jeans? Do you have boots with the fur? Are you gonna get low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low?  Ha!  Oh, and...  Congrats on that hard UBWO!  It's great to work so hard that you get shaky!  Mixing it up is a good idea too!

    David- How'd the leg workout go?  Did your son ever get a new ride?

    Gina/Sharon/Laurie- Don't be shy!  

  • What's up folks?  Almost forgot to check in this morning!

    I think my leg workout left me not thinking clearly.  Had a great workout this morning in about 40 minutes.  Feeling great, and definitely getting my mo-jo back.

    Justin- that picture was actually from their urban spoon review, but I had the same thing with julienne squash/zucchini and a plain baked potato.  The sauce is a blackberry bbq sauce, probably loaded with sugar, but unbelievably good.

    Sho'ty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low...

  • Damn, this work thing is killing me this week!  HAPPY HUMP DAY.  Ugh, TG it's half over.  :)  

    So...I see not much has changed with our boys......squaty dips, 9 million cals burned, STATS, etc.  You lose me everytime :-)  But I always understand the food thing.  And OMG, gimme that pork chop NOW.

    Tuesday's STATs:

    LBWO (Feeling it today, thanks!)

    Around 1,300 Calories.


    Workout planned: 6am HIIT on Spin Bike.  DONE!  And I pushed it, pushed it REAL GOOD.

    Foods planned: 1) Jimmy Dean Delight

    2) MISSED IT :-(  

    3) Chicken Stir Fry from last night.....4oz chicken, 1/2c brown rice, veggies, teriyaki sauce, yogurt (from my missed snack.)

    4) SC/Apple

    5) Turkey Burgers and Veggies.

    6) protein pudding (which, ok, I totally screwed math up on, and it was more like fudge then pudding.....WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Also, Shorty, OF COURSE you'll get in those designer jeans.  NO DOUBT.  None.  You'll look like Gwen Stefani in dem jeans.  MmmmHmmmm.....

  • Hi everyone, can't stay long, Last Sat, I woke up and got on the scale and lost my 1st lb. I was so excited, I was jumping up and down. then got on yesterday and had gained it back. DARN. Well...........I know what it is. It's going out to eat, because all the food is packed away along with the pots and pans. Sooo, doesn't matter, I'm still working out at the pool.

    I would like to put my photo's on here so you all know who I am but forgot how. Did get the last C2 photo's on. Can you guys see those?? I guess I will have to figure it out when I have more time. Got to keep packing. The movers came today and they are gone, but now the the rest of the work has to be done and cleaned up by 5pm tomorrow. If I don't get back, know that I'm here for you all. Blessings to you.....:o}


  • Did you post C2 photos in a post or on your profile?

    If you want to add them to a post, click "Use rich formatting" then there is a little icon if you hover over it says something like "upload image" click that then browse to where you have photo saved, then click insert once it uploads.

    If you want to add to your profile, click on your name (at the top of your last post), then click "files" or "my files" or something like that, then you can upload your photos the there!

    I'm doing this off memory (since I can't look at the same time I have a post open), but that will get you close.

  • Morning cardio and abs complete!  Ran 4.2 miles and burned 456 calories.  That's the exact distance and amount of calories that I got on Tuesday.  I guess I'm consistant!  

    Gina- Congrats on pushin it real good!  Haha..  Are you doing the BFL program as written this time around or doing a modified version with the exercises?

    Laurie- I looked and didn't see any pics posted, so I'm guessing they didn't upload.  Good luck getting everything done for your move!

  • Abs + Stairmaster HIIT... done (fasted)... now starving.

    Let's eat!

  • Leg and shoulder workout complete followed up with 20 minute stair climb that burned 351 calories.  Am I nuts!?!?  I can't even feel my legs right now.  My quads are totally numb!  I believe I'm going to have a nice case of DOMS this weekend.  

    Speaking of the weekend....  Ava's birthday party is tomorrow, so I'll be busy with that.  I'm hoping I can take it easy on the cheat foods!  They've been in the house all week, and I feel like they've been staring me down and saying, "I know you want me don't you?'  

    JR- Are you doing the 20 minute BFL HIIT or something different?