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  • Good morning CCers!!

    Had a tough LBWO this morning.  I am doing a modified routine.  It is 4 days on and 3 days off.  It is called the Muscle Pharm Get Swole Workout and is 16 weeks long.  My oldest son has been doing it for about a month and has seen good results.  While I officially started challenge yesterday, I am into the 2nd week and it is tough.  Phase 1 consists mainly of supersets and high volume.  There is very little cardio, but since there is no rest in the supersets and very little b/w supersets, it is just like cardio.  I do still swim on the weekends, but I will prob add a HIIT here and there.  Justin, I think that I will not be going very long on cardio and just doing the 20-30 min HIIT sessions.  I seem to get more out of them.  As for the last program, I did gain some good strength but did not reach 300.  Maxed at 285lbs, but that’s more than I’ve done in about 8 years.  Congrats on the belts you have cut off.  Very impressive.

    Sharon – Hey girl!!  So good to see you on this thread.  I’ve missed you to!!  Looking forward to hearing from you and your super determination and encouragement.  Truck girl, eh?  Toyota Tacoma seems to be the perfect truck for the desert.  Glad your wrist is doing well and sounds like you had a strong start to C3.  Hopefully your husband will discover how good it feels from working out hard and stay with it.  Char is not doing the challenge with me, but is doing her own thing.  She is doing so well and I’m very proud of her.  She has lost 16lbs in about 2 months.  She walks 2-3 miles a day in our neighborhood.  The loop is very hilly.  She does her resistance training with The Firm.  She likes it.  My partner is about 15 years my junior and is 6’2” and 225lbs.  We are close in strength so it works out very well.  He did say he hated me today after the leg routine.

    Shorty!!!!  How you doin??!!!!!   Glad you are starting over with us.   You keep us going!  Everyone needs a little Shorty in their lives!   Be careful with the low calories.  I would think 1200 is a bit low.  Curious to see what JR says..   And what’s up  ending with smaller fonts.  Us old guys have a hard time reading as it is.   Jeesh!

    Oh, had a little procedure yesterday evening.  My right elbow had fluid build up – bursitis.  Was hurting a little and I was tired of having the ball at the end of my elbow.  Looked ridiculous.  So I went to QuickCare (anything but) and the doc put a needle to the elbow and drew out some icky fluid.  They put me on antibiotics and a steroid for the next week to be safe.  Anyways, I thought I would post a pic of it prior for your enjoyment.


    Laurie - glad to see you with us!

    Gina - what's up with you.  On your vacation yet?


    For now

  • JUSTIN-  That picture of the belt is FREAKING AWESOME!  Nice job bro.

    I'm modifying the plan a bit.  Going to do BFL by the book for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks of heavy lifting, heavy calories, no cardio, then back to BFL... I know it sounds a little crazy, but I think it'll be fun and I'll probably see good results.

    Didn't get enough calories yesterday, missed my 5th and 6th meals due to softball game and lack of grocery shopping.  Ate like crap today on the road to meet a client (Five Guys Burger and FRIES!).  

    Tomorrow is HIIT cardio in the morning.  and 6 solid meals + water.

    Shorty-  so glad to have your energy back!  Can't wait to help where I can.  Perhaps I should start with my own self-discipline (see Five Guys above).  And this thread is awesome, like us, so we should stay here!

    Welcome Sharon and Laurie.

  • Oops, forgot a post.  David, that thing looks nasty.  Make sure you get a couple heavy lifting days in while the Doc has you on the juice!!!  BIG GAINS!

    Shorty-  1200 may be a little light, but it won't hurt you try it for a few days.  You probably don't want to spend the entire 12 weeks that low, as your metabolic rate will change to compensate.  1500 may be a better long-term target.  I ate about 1500 yesterday, which may be roughly equivalent to you eating 1200.  

    Then I ate 1200 at lunch today ;)

  • Guess what day it is?!

  • My son took a very late nap yesterday, so he was up about 6 times last night crying.  When my alarm went off this morning I just couldn't bring myself to get out of my bed.  I'm going to have to do my LBWO after work today, and I'm guessing that's going to make cardio suck pretty bad tomorrow morning.  But......  I guess that's just the way it's going to be.

    Also...  I just realized that I never turned in my packet for C2, and I think it's too late to do it now.  I never got my after pictures taken, and have yet to have my before pics taken for C3.  I need to try to get that done tonight.

    JR- Thanks for the props on the belt!  I'm hoping to cut off about 6 more inches total.  If I can do that I'll be pretty lean....

    David- OMG  you had two elbows on one arm!  LOL  Hope everything is feeling better now.  Are those steroids making it hard to sleep at night?  The cortisone shots they give me when I get poison ivy always make me hyper. And....  It's HUMPDAY!!  Is that what you meant?

  • Happy D3!

    Justin - props on the belt!  What a terrific visual as you shrink in size.  Nicely done my friend.  Bummer about not getting the pics that you need for you C2 challenge packet.  Sounds like it it photo op time :-)

    David - that elbow is just plain ole nasty looking.  Yikes!  The whole needle in the elbow to withdraw fluid...ewwww.  On the bright side, your 16 week program sounds like a great fit for where you are in your journey.  So happy to hear that your wife is enjoying her program and getting great result.  Yours sounds intense!!!  So... Is it your birthday???  Anniversary???  Something else special??? or is just another day to enjoy being on the right side of the dirt???  Carpe diem

    JR - ok so I LOVE 5 Guys.  My husband is an In and Out Burger fan.  Both are banned but I totally get your temptation.  Chalk it up as your free meal and move on.  I'm interested to see how you training routine works for you.  I am following the program for this time around.  I still have quite a ways to go so not ready to add variety just quite yet.

    Days 1 and 2 were by the book.  Today started off with a 4:45am meeting and I am solid until about 8:30 tonight.  We have huge deadlines this week for a computer system's deployment on Monday not to mention the 2x a day status calls.  We have been working towards since January.  How we end up with so many last minute panics is beyond me.  We do though and that adds to the workload that was already maxed out.  However, I planned for this chaos that is my work life.  I have meals prepped and snacks ready and on hand.  I will get my LBWO in late this evening if that is what it takes.  So, like you Justin, I will be sucking wind tomorrow morning on my HIIT.  I think I might try to do a swim workout to give my legs a bit of a break.  

    Laurie - how's this week going for you?

    Have a great BFL Day!



  • Hey sounds like everyone is doing a great job right off the bat. I am on track too. Did my workout at the pool today. One thing I like to do with LBWO is ankle weights in the pool. I have to ware a life jacket, or I will sink, lol, but it helps me work out better. I follow a program that my therapy person put together for me , so I just do it like BFL. 12,10,8 and so on.

    I still have to get my before and after pix in from C2. Same as you Justin, I think you can still send yours in. Didn't do very well mainly because of my broken foot and pin in the foot thing, but all is good now. I gained some weight during C2, but I don't feel bad about it, things happen and you just have to make the best of it.

    I am glad you all don't mind if I'm here with you. I need all the help I can get too.

    Is there just Justin, Sharon, JR, David, jrmcnaircpt,DavidF41, Shorty here? I want to say thank you for welcoming me here to post with all of you. If I forgot someone just let me know. Anyway, I am really thrilled to be here and have some help and encouragement from all of you. We all need to help each other and that's cool.

    I will try to be here more often and help you all if I can. Thanks again and have a great day.


  • Good morning everyone!  I went to the gym last night for my LBWO since I didn't get up to do it yesterday morning.  I thought I'd try something that I hadn't done since high school to mix my workout up a little bit and do some box squats.  I ended up going a lot heavier than what I intended to and was sore before I ever even left the gym.  I got up this morning and struggled through the soreness to complete my HIIT session and now I'm really feeling it!


  • Laurie-  You've got everyone except for Gina.  I don't know where she is right now.  Possibly vacation, but I bet she'll be here to post pretty soon!  Nice job on working around your injury!

    Sharon- Is your husband starting to like the workouts yet?  

    Shorty- Did you win the Powerball last night!?!?  I saw there was a winning ticket from MN!

    Also, I have decided to change things up a little bitstarting on Monday.  I've been doing almost the same workout for 24 weeks now, and made up a new workout yesterday.  If anyone wants to look at it and make any suggestions on it you're welcome to do so.


    Monday Body Part Exercise 12 Reps 10 Reps 8 Reps 6 Reps
      Chest Flat Bench Press        
      Chest Dumbbell Flys        
      Chest Incline Bench Press        
      Triceps Dips        
      Triceps Tricep Press        
      Cardio 20 Min Stair Climb        
    Tuesday Body Part Exercise 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps
      Abs Crunches        
      Abs Reverse Crunches        
      Cardio 20 Min Eliptical        
    Wednesday Body Part Exercise 12 Reps 10 Reps 8 Reps 6 Reps
      Lats Lat Pulldowns        
      Lats Dumbbell Rows        
      Lats Reverse Lat Pulldowns        
      Biceps Dumbbell Curls        
      Biceps Hammer Curls        
      Cardio 20 Min Stair Climb        
    Thursday Body Part Exercise 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps
      Abs Crunches        
      Abs Reverse Crunches        
      Cardio 20 Min Eliptical        
    Friday Body Part Exercise 12 Reps 10 Reps 8 Reps 6 Reps
      Legs Squat/Legpress        
      Legs Romanian Deadlift/Leg Curl         
      Legs Calf Raises        
      Shoulders Dumbbell Press        
      Shoulders Side Raise        
      Shoulders Reverse Flys        
      Cardio 20 Min Stair Climb        
    Saturday Body Part Exercise 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps
      Abs Crunches        
      Abs Reverse Crunches        
      Cardio 20 Min Bike        
    Sunday Body Part Exercise 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps 20 Reps
      Abs Crunches        
      Abs Reverse Crunches        
      Cardio 20 Min Bike        

  • Looks good Justin.  2 thoughts...

    What's a reverse Lat Pulldown?  (Please don't say behind the head)...

    You may consider more calves.  I'd change Sunday's ab routine to 2 exercises, 3-4 sets of 20-30 for calves.  

    Remember you abs are muscles just like you're biceps.  You'd never train biceps 4 days a week.  More situps isn't how you get great abs... better diet is.

    That's all I have for today, busy as poop (can we say "poop" here?)

  • wow the typos.  I promised I can read, and sometimes type.  "Your abs are muscles just like your biceps."  WOW

  • Hey guys - finished last lift for the week -shoulders.  Short, but tough.  And yes, Justin, that question was Humpday!  Guess I should have posted a camel pic.  Your new routine looks very full.  Cardio 7 days?!  Where is your rest, buddy?

    Had my weigh in and measurements done for beginning C3.  My weight is up about 7lbs but bf is about the same which is good. Gained a little in my arms. Unfortunately, I gained a little in the wast....result of not eating as clean. I am doing a lot less cardio than before, so I may need to bump it up.  

    My weight was 204 and BF% was 18.6. Considering the eating badly and less cardio, that's pretty good.  Had a good start to C3 so I should be more focused.

    Having record heat this week.  Definitely in the dog days down here in Texas.  But, hard not to smile when there is nothing blue skies.  Love me some ELO!


  • JR- Reverse Lat Pulldown is just a reverse grip with hands closer together.  I may actually put the narrow neutral grip on there some days and do that as well.  I agree on the abs/calves switch.

    David- None of the cardio is HIIT, so I think it'll be ok.  I used to ride a bike 13 miles per day pulling my daughter in a trailer on hilly trails and never had any recovery problems.  If I start having any problems I'll take a weekend off or something.  We're having the heat here too.  AND....  The humidity is very high lately!

  • Good morning all you fabulous CCers! Shorty's in da house! I love reading everyone's posts. Awesome motivation and support - so so SO GREAT!

    Sharon, first off, are/were you in the military? Might be a dumb q, but after reading "when I was getting ready to come back from Iraq…" I just assumed. If so, thank you over-and-over-and-over again for your service!! I have the utmost respect for our KICK DON-KEE soldiers! (we were scolded on using full out swears here so we get creative…I believe that is Jr's awesome replacement). And girl, keep on rockin' it!!

    (picture me at my desk standing & clapping) Justin, NICE JOB on the belt, my friend! As cousin Eddie would say "you serious Clark?" - that is frggin' awe-to-the-some!!!  TAKE YOUR PICTURES (now do I get to razz you for all the times you razzed me for not taking, well actually uploading, mine?!?) And sadly, I did not win the Powerball. Trust me, if I had, I'd be sending the CCers on an all-expenses-paid vacation somewhere sweet. It's the least I could do for the help in my C1 and beyond! 

    David……….w………t………heck is up with that elbow?! "Was hurting a little…" Ah yeah that looks down right painful. And holy new big 'rig - nice! That's one manly truck. I wish my company shelled out the dough for a new car every couple of years. Maybe if I was on the road and not sitting at a desk all day?? And my apologies on the small font…I don't know what I was doing - consider it a case of "my brain is fried and I'm not paying attention…" Is this better? ;)

    Jr, of all the people who can cheat, I'd say you are just fine. You have the dedication to kick your own don-kee and get right back in the saddle. However, if it starts to happen too much, this group is going to crack the whip (whooo chee! That's my attempt at a whip sound). Totally random: did you ever decide if you were going to sell your house or not? Regarding the typos…you did graduate college, yeah?? I kid, I kid (I can't judge as I've had a few too many)! 

    Laurie, that sucks about your foot injury - but it sounds like you are comin' in hot again (that is a phrase my friends and I used a boat load of times over this past weekend and obviously I still can't stop…ha) Get it girl!! And I sooooo agree, I'm thrilled that we are all here - what a fabulous group!

    Regarding my 1200 calories, I'm trying to stick with that because of my C1 results. I feel like at 1500, I maintain…and I want to lose, damn it! After a few weeks I'll look to see what's going on. It's like a friggin' puzzle, but with your help, I'll figure it out. Bring on the hot-fall-bod…sissy needs a new pair of designer jeans!

    Back to work. It's been crazy but I'm going to try my hardest to post as much as I can. Along with my full time gig, I'm taking online classes. What can I say? I'm addicted to learning and working so why not, right?! Sweet Jesus - maybe it's my outlet so I don't focus on my self-diagnosed food addiction....

    Have kick don-kee days, my friends!

  • Happy Friday Everyone!  I had a great UBWO this morning, and now I'm ready for the weekend.  Oh, wait...  I guess I have to finish the work day and then I'll be ready.  I can't wait to start the new routine on Monday.  I'm ready for a change!