Cottage Cheese Club

  • Good info JR - especially about the incurred stress and sacrifices on life in order to follow a program 100% of the time.  Thanks, I weighed 195 this morning but I havent checked bf% since end of C1. Had appt last Thurs for body comp, but had to reschedule.  Yes, sorry to disappoint..ha. There is definitely no demand for shirtless and dirty landscaper calendars that I've seen.  Speaking of progress, don't know if I will get to 300 bench.  We did negatives today and I didn't feel like I had much control on the 315 set - was able to do 4, but I've never done just negatives before.  

  • I am so new to this program. Went for a walk today, guess it was at least two miles. Tomorrow will strive to do more (after attending funeral for friend).

    If I have time to be on this website, then I will make time to do my workout. Good luck to you all on your BFL adventures!

  • Welcome Flygirl!  Keep up the hard work.  It really does work, you just have to give time and effort.  Hope I can help you along your way.

  • Good to hear from you Flygirl.  Looking forward to seeing your progress.  

    Well, not sure Jr, but it appears you and I have been the only posters on this thread since Gina started the FBBFL.  Hope it doesn't kill the CC thread.  Anyways, breakfast of champions:


    Notice I have the Ibuprofen along with coffee and large "Rockin L" water tumbler. Gotta support my Lobos!

  • I'm still going to post on here.  Just been sick and crazy busy at work, so no gym time to report about.  I sold two projects so I have spent the last two days getting them turned over to project management.  Now it's done, so I can finally relax a little bit........  

  • Hello Flygirl! Totally use this forum/group...It friggin' rocks! What day are you on of your challenge? HANG IN THERE! The first 12 weeks will fly by.....seriously, they will. Keep checking in!

    David, how many eggs did you eat that morning?! As for the coffee cup, I was hoping it would say "Initech" but TFB works ;)

    Today I'll be rocking my lower body @ 5. I must say, I'm starting to like the way I look in my cute workout clothes! Athletic, yet totally girlie. Wahoooooooo!

  • Hey Shorty!!!!  Nice to see you posting on here.  FBBFL nice change, but I still like this venue.  6 eggs (6 whites and 2 yolks).  Hardboiled is ok, but I do it because I have an hour commute and they're portable.  I usually boil them the night before.  Yeah, need to get the Initech cup.....hahaha!  My shameless plug for my company and our high school football team. Good descrption for you....athletic, yet totally girlie.  I like.  

    I missed my workout this morning.....up late watching Spurs blow game 5 in overtime....jeeez.  Not too encouraged about game 7 prospects.   Hate Miami and most NBA teams, but Spurs are old school...not flashy...don't act thuggish..what bball used to be.  Mainly, my back is still hurting and I am trying to listen to my body.....for once.  Also, have to travel some today.  Meeting with one of our company attorneys to hopefully resolve a tragic case so I will be out of pocket.  I know JR and Justin are posting here.  Was kind of worried that FBBFL...while fun...would cause the great CCer thread to die on the vine.

  • Morning folks!  Rocking a headache this morning, AGAIN.  I've had several the past couple weeks.  I don't think I've been getting as much water as normal, and they may be the culprit.  I'll be more intentional about my water consumption and see if that helps.  

    I've also been working out later, like 8pm.  After the "after work" crowd.  I'm not sure I like it as much as 6:30am, but definitely better than 6:30pm.  It's a little harder for me to go to sleep at a decent hour.  But the workouts have been pretty good this week.

    Still working on 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps.  5 days per week.  Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders, Legs.  Abs and Calves are added to 2 workouts.  It's a modification of a plan I found on  And it's good for a mix up.  I'm planning to change things up every 3-4 weeks.  I've noticed that I get into ruts during the long 12 week programs.  Especially now that I've been at it for 25 consecutive weeks!  WOAH... that's nice to say.  

    Keep rocking CC'ers.  

  • What a crappy week for me.....  I've been sick since Sunday, and have been going to bed every day right after I get home from work at 5:30pm.  My fever broke at about 1am this morning so I went to the gym for the first time of the week and got an UBWO in.  I KILLED IT!  I'm feeling a lot better now, and am ready to get totally back on track.

    Also....  There was a not on the gym door this morning saying that the gym will be closed on Saturdays from 7/6/13-8/17/13.  WTF!?!?  Guess I'll have to do my HIITs on my bike during that time.  

  • What's up CC'rs?  Yesterday was an off-day for me from the gym, but I did pretty well hitting my diet goals.  Today is chest day!  Looking forward to another high-rep burn out.

  • Yesterday turned into an impromptu free day.  I'll pay for it on Saturday (my normal free day).  Sometimes things come up, and that's one of the great things about this program.  Not going to beat myself up over it, but definitely going to have a great day today.

  • This sickness is finally 100% gone!  I had a great UBWO this morning and I'm ready to really focus and end C2 on fiiiiiiiiire!!

  • CC'ers in the house????  Crickets.... crickets...  I need some EShorty!  Where you at?

  • IN THA HIZOUSE!!  We need a special CC'er call, or perhaps a light that shines a giant tub of cottage cheese in the sky!

  • Hi all!  

    I did my first challenge with Justin and David (you still out there David?)..  I ended up with wrist surgery at the beginning of my planned C2 so it was on hold until now.  I was just cleared to start weight training again and I am stoked to get back on my BFL journey. I will be jumping back in for my C2 officially starting on Monday the 29th. A huge part of my ability to complete C1 was the awesome support and motivation from my team mates!  I was on the Gladiators - Back in the Arena thread but it is a little quiet.  Is this still an active thread or is all of the action now on FaceBook?