Cottage Cheese Club

  • Morning CCers! Oh good 'ole Monday… I had an awesome extended weekend. Proud to report that my Friday UB workout was a success - I was still sore yesterday! Never did I think I'd be actually lifting 20lb dumbbells - that is peanuts to you boys but barbie beast mode for this gal! Did my HIIT running yesterday and felt it in my calves all frickin' day; they were super tight. I'm excited to start up yoga as I think it will really help to loosen up my back and leg muscles. Plus, sitting at a desk alllllllll day really does not help!

    JG, wtf was up with your gym last Friday?! Sons a…. Glad to hear you are back and rarin' to hit the gym/diet full force. All the while singing your new lyrics to "Welcome to the Jungle" I'm guessing….nice! Where will your mini vay-cay take you? No matter what, hit this week hard and don't think "eh, I'm going on vacation, I'll start BFL again next week" - not saying you will, but like you, I am typically an all-or-nothing person… It is so easy to fall victim to that mentality! Stay strong this week, my friend!! Ooooh, loved the tidbit from Hussman - very good info. Thanks for sharing. Ahhhh, and I love the Si picture - he is hil-friggin-larious, Jack! And OMG, yes, that was top notch when Gina thought Jr was a girl - ha! I forgot about that. Now all I want to do is go back and read the greatness that makes up the CC thread. Hmmmm, how can I squeeze it into my work day…

    David, ummm 100lb bench dips = I would collapse at the start (actually once the weighted belt thing was put on). Holy crizzzap, NICE work!! And seriously,! Wayyyyy way WAY younger my friend. OMG, Nashville is such a great show! CB is gorgeous and always has the best hair. I visited the great city last year and friggin' loved it - almost to the point of where I would seriously consider living there. So of course when I watch the show, it brings me right back. Good sheeaaat! I hate having to wait for the next season especially how this last one ended...

    Gina, Jr, Sueeeeeeee (hope we haven't lost ya!) - hope you are all doing great! 

    Workout planned: LB @ 5
    Foods planned: 1) WW toast w/ egg + coffee 2) 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers 3) 1/2 c cottage cheese + 1 string cheese 4) chicken + salad (lettuce, frozen corn/peas, cottage cheese, grated parm cheese, low fat dressing) 5) Protein pudding 6) Licorice root tea 

  • Shorty- Yeah, I spoke with the lady at the gym this morning and she said she overslept.  She also said that she saw me leaving the gym and was honking at me trying to get me to turn back around.  I never noticed....  She apologized though.  I think about the GNR lyrics I made up all the time.  It cracks me up.  One of my favorite things to do is take a song and make funny lyrics.  Name a song and I've probably changed it.  My family and I will be headed to Branson, MO Friday morning.  We're going to hit the amusement park and do who knows what else....  I'll be giving BFL all I got this week.  I have 41 days remaining of C2 and I want to make the most of them.  My brother and his family live in Nashville.  They love it there.  He keeps asking me to move out there and he wants me to work at his company, but if I move again I want to go back up north!  I hate hot weather and love me some winter time.  Congrats on those 20 pounders!!  I've got some good ideas for you when those become too light for you.  What kind of setup are you working with at home?  Check this out...  you can do this with almost any exercise.  Here it is with a pressing motion. It's progressive overload and it will give you an awesome contraction.  It's a lot less money than buying more dumbbells too.  

  • Hey friends!  Sorry, just getting to the office now.  I had a meeting at one of our stores this morning.  I was busy bossing all these dudes around as they installed my signage.  ;-)  They liked it. 

    OMG, David.....that photo of you and the belt thingy holding the weight......UM........Porn.  Totally and Utter.  It could be the cover of an adult vid! HAHA.  Body for Lick or something.  (vio?) 

    Shorty, 20 pounds is serious business girlfriend!  Way to Barbie Beast it out!  :-)  You make your Gina so proud!  Do anything awesome on you 3-day weekend?  Any theme parties?????  I'm helping to host a baby shower for my friend this weekend; and just like mine, alcohol will be provided.  Soooo, classy, yeah?  haha.  We're doing a woodland theme.....Ooooohhhh, we can call it A Shot in the Woods!  God, I'm good.  ;-)

    Justin, thanks for bringing up the JR/lady confusion.  I'm STILL mortified!  I was so embarrassed.  OMG, it makes me want to crawl under my desk just thinking about it!  Oh, PS, I bet you hear this all the time, but you're in for it when your daughter gets older!  Those cheer pics?!?!?  WHOA! 

    JR!  Are you having a great vacation?  I've been trying to keep up on FB.  Ok, why are you going 9 million places again? 

    SUE?  Friend, where are you?

    And as for my MC2--well.  This weekend was a little funky....I was sicky on Friday--like in bed, asleep at 8:30pm.  I barely ate that day.  Same goes for most of Saturday.  I started feeling a little better towards the end of the night.  Still didn't eat much.  Yesterday  I was much better!  Had a few beers while I was cleaning, hung out with a few neighbors, had a DOUBLE turkey burger for dinner, heeeyyyyy gurl!  ;-)  Missed my workouts though.  Gotta get back in the saddle. 

    This might be my fav Friends moment EVER:

  • Mmmmaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnninnnnnnnn  folks!

    Shorty under forty!! - Glad your 3 day weekend was awesome!. Way to go on your UBWO - yooooz gonna tearz it up!!  And 20lb dumbbells?!  Get on with yo bad self!!!  May need to do some yoga, howev, the classes are at hours I can't make.  Like the dog yoga pose, but it if you are going to use a dog, needs to be "downward facing dog pose".  Yoga is pretty tough.  I understand about sitting at a desk all day.  I do get a break every now and then when I make inspections.   Thank you for the compliment, way too kind.  Man!  Nashville cliff hanger......come on!!!  Seriously?!!  Even dangerous having a drunk not driving.  We know CB won't be killed off.......she too fine!!!  I remember her Spin City days and definitely in Friday Night and show..both great!!  TEEEXXXXAAAASSSS FFFFOOOOOTTTTBBBBAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!  

    Oh and Nashville, have always wanted to live there.  Went there back in fall 2006 with Ryan to visit Vanderbilt. He was with a number of other potential recruits for football.  Got to meet the coaches and had great seats for the football game (Florida Gators - Teebow's freshman year) Vandy played them tough.  Beautiful campus! Stayed in nice hotel - CMA awards I think were that weekend. Ryan and I spend most of that Saturday evening going to the different clubs along Broadway and 2nd St.  That same weekend was the Tennessee/LSU game in Knoxville, never seen so many LSU fans at the airport - both Nashville and Memphis.  Now I'll have to get the pictures scanned and uploaded to FB.

    Justin - going to Branson - another place I like, but haven't been to in some time. Say hello to Glen Campbell for me.  

    Don't let the diet get to you too much.  With all the party food around, a man worth his weight ain't gonna let it go to waste.  I think getting less strict on the carbs and upping the moderate cardio (Hussman Fitness) is a good move.  Don't see how you could go any lower on carbs.  Carbs get too bad a wrap, I think.  I tell ya, I wish I had found this critical bench routine sooner - new high in incline bench today - 225lbs.  Never missed with anything above 185 prior to this b/c concern of shoulder, but it is holding up fine. 

    Gina -    How you doin???   Glad you are feelin better!  Double turkey burger........oh yeah!  Of course we guys like to be bossed around some or at least make you gals think so.....heh heh.   Thanks for the comments......I think? Porn? Yikes!   Funny thing, the video that I cannot upload for some reason has the grunting and some Rush music (Spirit of the Radio) in background. ..prob best I can't upload.  The wifey liked it.  By the way.. she's down 11.5 lbs.  This wheat belly diet definitely works.  She's pumped!  Says she's ready to be a 2-4 again.  More importantly, she's feeling better.




    Well, back to the salt mines.  Have a great day CCers!!!   



  • She's ALIVE!  I'm ALIVE!  Sorry I checked out for so long, I do miss you guys!  I have so much reading to catch up on, like 100 of the last posts.  I did skim the last few pages and sounds like everyone is going strong which is so awesome to see.  David, hitting personal bests?!  And that pic of you.  Yowzah!  You look 30 years old! JR, hope you rocked the vacation! Niagra Falls, right?  Any voyages on the Maiden of the Mist??  Gina kicking butt with C2 and I am totally down with cleaning house with a beer helmet on.  Love it, I want to be your neighbor!  Shorty up for some new weights.  You go girl!  Where are those pics you have been talking about?!  Have you been out golfing lately? Justin, I have to find those picks of Brock and the party.  And 1 is such an amazing fun age.  Every time you turn around he is doing something new and amazing.  So happy to find all of you up to your creative and fun posts.  I am shocked that the BLF admin hasn't put size restrictions on this forum yet!  he he!  

    Can't say I have been going strong with C2 but I am hanging in there.  It was a tough past couple of weeks Memorial Day weekend then Boston College 20 year reunion weekend and a business trip to Chicago this past week.  Lots of eating and drinking going on as you can imagine.  I have been working out 3-4 times a week but have abandon the 6 small meal thing.  Looking back, I know I felt better just eating the 6 small meals and really want to get back on track with that starting RIGHT NOW.

    Played in a golf tourney last Friday in the torrential pouring rain.  Like we got 4" of rain on that one day.  Can you get sick from being out in the rain all day or that an old wives tale?  I was sick all weekend and just getting over it today. blah!

    And how about them BRUINS!!!  WHOOOOH!!  And Red Sox in first place?!  It is a good time to be a Boston sports fan!!  

  • Sue! You're alive!  Glad you could check in.  Sounds like you've been very busy!  How was your BC reunion?  Way to keep consistent on the workouts.  I too have gotten away from the 6 small meals some.  You are right, feels better eating 6 small meals.   And golf in torrential rain, even golf in rain is better than my best day at work.  

    Thanks for comps.... Too nice, blush.. May not be 30 but my workout partner is 35.  That's about as close as I get to 30 these days...haha.

    Congrats on your Bruins making the Stanley Cup finals....oh, Vince Vaughn says hello.


     Glad to have you back!




  • SUE!!!!  I'm so glad you're alive!  We've missed you!  :)  Join in on the Friends love! 

    PS, David, I love Nashville, too!!!!!  I felt kind "eh" about the finale though.  I mean, come on, PRE.DIC.TA.BLE.  :)

    Also, this is how I look today.

  • I'm glad Gina and Sue showed back up.  We were about to file a couple of missing persons reports and get your pictures on milk cartons......

    Sue- Congrats on getting yourself back on track.  I know it's hard with all of the events to stay on the plan!  All of the pictures are on my facebook.  If you friend me you can see them.

    David- Daaaaaaang man!  You're driving these ladies wild!!!  I haven't been to Branson in a loooooooong time.  All I remember from my last visit was watching a guy blow glass at Silver Dollar City.  We're supposed to go to a place to eat that is a middle ages theme with jousting and you have to eat with your hands.  My wife wants to visit the Titanic replica if I see Glen I'll send him your regards.....

    Gina- You're totally welcome for me bringing up the JR woman thing.  I believe that was on page 10 or so....  Hahaha....  I know!  I told her that she's got a few more years of freedom and then sh'e going to have to stay home with dad where I can keep my eye on her!  Maybe I can homeschool her....  I do not look forward to boys being interested in her and dating and all of that stuff.  I guess I'll just have to live with it though, because it's going to happen.  I just hope that all of her BFs are scared enough of me to behave themselves!  I say baby G tricking the dog with a cracker.  Too funny!  Brock does the same thing to me.....

  • Sue's back! Sue's back! Sue's back!

    So great to hear from you sister!! Ummm, yeah I'd say it's a damn good time to be a Boston fan! Woop woop!! As for golfing, NO (insert sobs) I have not been out golfing yet - quite frankly, I'm appalled with myself (but I can totally blame in on this crap weather we've had). I have a golf tournament in July so I have to get my don-kee out there soon to get a few rounds in. (insert me looking around, avoiding the picture q) So yeah, how about those Bruins!!!

    JG, huge thanks for the videos…I have a resistance band and sadly have never thought to use it with my weights…sweet!! Dude, are you kidding me: you have family in Nashville?! Helloooooo, free place to stay while visiting one of the greatest cities! Get your don-kee there stat. I would go on a Jack White befriending mission. Branson…I've never been but now that I see you say it has a Titanic replica??? I think I'll add 'er to my list of places to visit. "I'll never let go, Jack…" We were obsessed with that movie in college. Oh, and this one, too (one of my personal faves):

    Ginaaaaaaaa! So having a bad hair day? Ha! OMG, the 7 zones bit was hilar!!!! "Yep, that'll work." Glad to hear that you are feeling better after a weekend of being down and out… and by welcoming back the health with a few beers/double turkey burger no less! Get it gurrrrl! No theme parties lately…looking forward to a girls weekend away at a cabin this weekend tho. It never disappoints in Wisconsin… Meat raffle or bust, baby! And since you said turkey:

    David, exactly…they won't kill of CB and I don't think they'll kill off Deacon after the whole bit with their daughter. Oooooooooh, it's going to be a good night once it's back with a new season!! Ahhhhh and huge props to Char - 11.5 lbs?!?! I need to get that book. What does she typically eat in a day? Sounds like you had a fantastic visit to Nashville! I'm a big music fan (and of men who play the guitar) so I loved how a majority of the bars on the main drag had randoms playing. My next visit I plan on checking out other music venues off the beaten path. Oh and OF COURSE I will be going back to the Opry…hokie but so great. This is one of my favorite pics - the lady walking into my pic is just pure a.w.e.s.o.m.e. 

  • Shorty- No problem on the vids.  Glad I could help!  Taking a trip to Wisconsin!?  I used to love going there and getting some cheese curds.  Nom nom nom....  I usually go to Nashville a few times a year to visit.  My brother runs into famous people all the time.  A few stars live in his neighborhood.  Dolly lives about 3 blocks from him, and Keith Urban lives in his old neighborhood.  I never see anyone when I'm there though....  I watched Dumb and Dumber yesterday.  It's one of my all time favorites.  Titanic was ok...  Just watched it the weekend before with Ava.  She had all kinds of questions about sinking ships after that.....  Still putting off posting those photos though, huh?

  • Hey everyone!  Looks like you guys are still rocking along.  I didn't get a chance to read everyone's posts, but Shorty is kicking ass and Sue's back!  

    Awesome.  Got a run in this morning (I know cardio... gasp).  All I can say is that is a LOT easier to run in Maine than in Florida!  I could actually breathe.  

    Ready to get back in the gym.  I've done one LBWO and one UBWO, one run and several days of walking several miles around various cities.  I'm down a little scale weight, unfortunately, but hopefully I can get back on track starting Thursday.

    Will catch up soon!

  • Had a nice little HIIT session on the eliptical this morning.  I went with the maximum tweak from the hussman fitness page and ran for 40 minutes.  I went 5.8 miles and burned 625 calories.  Not too bad for an eliptical workout, but I was kind of expecting to see a little more.

    JR- Hope you're having a great time.  Good job on getting those workouts in!  Does your planet fitness membership get you in any planet fitness facility across the country or does your hotel have a gym?

  • Suuuuuuper quick check in today…busy as a mo fo taking care of work stuff…what gives?! ;)

    Jr, you're right, we are still rocking along…it's hard being so awesome, right CCers?! Nice job kicking don-kee while you're on vacation!!

    JG, burning 625 cal like it ain't no thang…oh yeah! NICE!! Wisconsin is da bomb when it comes to cabins (as is Minne…this gal is spoiled and has options in both states ...aka family/friends who own cabins woop woop). And oooooo-eee, those 'sconie curds can be dangerous! I used to work with a guy who would bring them in every so often (my hometown is right across the river from WI) - they were as fresh as you could get…so so SOOOOOO good.

    David, Gina, Sue, hope you're all crankin' out the awesome vibe and having great days!

    Workout planned: Running @ 5
    Foods planned: 1) WW toast w/ egg + coffee 2) 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, chicken 3) 2 string cheese sticks 4) chicken + salad (lettuce, frozen corn/peas, cottage cheese, grated parm cheese, low fat dressing) 5) Protein pudding 6) Licorice root tea 

  • I am sooooooore today!!  The UBWO on Monday has my whole upper body sore and my legs were sore from the additional cardio yesterday.  I did my LBWO this morning and struggled...  I got through it using the same weight/reps from the last workout, but it felt waaaaaaaay harder today.  My legs are already feeling sore and unstable to walk on.

    Shorty- I used to drive across the river to Prarie du Chien because they had a Cabalas that I liked to go by various items from.  As soon as I'd cross the river there was a store that sold guns, beer, and jerky (The name of the store escapes my mind at the moment...).  What an awesome combination of things to look at in a store though!  I would go in there and buy a few bags of the cheese curds and about 10lbs of jerky to take home.  I absolutely know what you mean about them being dangerous!  There's some serious fat/calories in those things, but they are delicious.  What do you do in your cube all day?  I was reading through some of the older posts and I think I saw that you're a designer, but what do you design?

    Errbody else- Don't be shy today!  :)

  • JG, you are KILLING IT! Loved the pics for the day after a leg day…ha!! Where do you find those? As for what I design…pure awesomeness (snickering). Actually I design a lot of corporate financial pieces for my full-time gig, then do the fun stuff on the side in my freelance biz (wedding materials/party invites & pieces/greeting cards/etc). I'm addicted to work - I love what I do so it ain't no thang. Wisconsin has quite the stores - the fact that you can buy beer, guns, and 'curds attests to that! I went to college in another small MN town, right across from WI. I can't tell you how much business we gave the gas station on Sundays since they sold off-sale (MN doesn't sell booze on Sundays). It was awesome.

    Workout planned: UB @ 5
    Foods planned: 1) WW toast w/ egg + coffee 2) 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, chicken 3) 2 string cheese sticks 4) chicken + salad (lettuce, frozen corn/peas, cottage cheese, grated parm cheese, low fat dressing) 5) Protein pudding 6) Licorice root tea