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  • Here's how I think the guys really want to talk to each other:

    Just. Kidding.  ;-)

  • Tuesday morning and I feel like I've been working all week.  Had a good leg day this morning.  Moving into big boy territory on the squats.  Repped out 8 at 315lbs.  Not bad for the oldest dude on this thread.  Followed it with a 20 minute swim which helps reduce the soreness.  

    Ha! Hey Gina - got a good chuckle from your ecard.  Almost looks like me this morning (leg day) except for those spankies that guy is wearing. I understand your being swamped at the workplace.  I'm getting pulled from all directions and it's amazing how the busier I get the less productive I seem. Didn't see your ecard on FB - although I get the picture and Shorty's comments certainly describe it.   Hope it's of short duration for ya.  Hey, starting clicking the like button on Baby G's picks.  She's a real sweetheart.  I do miss that age (not the waking at all hours - yes, I did get up with Char for support), just the new discoveries and their little personalities neat!  Well, we will have grandkids eventually (not too soon - I'm much too young looking....haha).   Based on my unbiased assessment of my son and his wife's attractiveness - they gonna make good-lookin babies!  

    Shorty -  Great job gettin to that ugly face!!! U know it!!!!  Soreness is a great thing.  I think if you are at an 8 on the 12th rep, you should add weight. The idea is progressive resistance.  I forgot you workout at home.  I don't have the disciplie to do that.  I like going to our gym.  We're good friends with the owners, know most of the trainers pretty well and of course the other members.  Kind of like family.   You crack me up with your procrastination techniques.  Looking forward to you running out of excuses. ; )   Yes, I've seen Always Sunny in Philadelphia a few times and laughed pretty hard (like the sick humor), but seems like I was not around much when it came on.  

    JG - Hilarious pic!  Is that you?!  Did you slaughter the stairmaster this morning?  I remember that photo of you with the weedeater and boots.   Man, if you are doing some serious weedeating, gotta wear them or at least long pants.  When I wear shorts, my legs get all marked up.  Problem with long pants when it's hot and it is hot in Texas, I sweat through them several times.  

    Got a covered desk staring at me.  For now.

  • What a day!  I was up way too late last night to make it to the gym this morning.  I have friends that came to town for Brock's birthday party and they have 4 kids.  One of them screamed all night long and then Brock was up crying because he was mad/sleepy.  I'm taking off at noon so I can go get the cake and other supplies for the party and I'm going to try to get to the gym to wear out the stair master for a swift 30 minutes. 

    Shorty- Yeah, I love Always Sunny.  I don't get to watch it much though because I don't want my daughter to see it.  I miss seeing a lot of shows because of that.....  Hellz yea on getting that ugly face!  If you don't have enough weight right now I'd do the extra reps until you reach failure. 

    You are going to need more weight so you can consistantly hit those 10s though.  Time to kick it into Beast Mode woman!

    Gina- Funny ecard! 

    David- Man 315 for 8 is very good for any age!  You seeing much leg growth?  I bet you'll be having to wear MC Hammer pants by the time C2 is over!  I feel your pain on the weedeating.  Summer here can be in the 102 degree range with 90% humidity.  It's miserable!



  • Thanks, Justin. Got them picked out.......not!  Haven't seen much leg growth - certainly more defined and in better shape than there were.


    Barbie pics hilarious.

  • What's up folks?  It's cold as hell in Niagara falls. Is this what Gina and Shorty call June???  Day trip to Toronto today!  Missed a workout yesterday, but we did walk about 8 miles inckuding some ridiculous stairs (see fb for pics).  UBWO in 3, 2, 1!

  • I never made it to the gym yeasterday due to being super busy getting the party stuff ready and was up late last night cleaning up, so I didn't make it in this morning.  I'm going to get my UBWO done after work.  Facebook is flooded with pictures of the party and here is a link to the smash cake . I'll check back in later.....

    JR- You've been on more planes in one trip than I've been on in my whole life I think!  Hope you're having a blast!

  • There is soooooooo much cuteness overload going on!!! JG, Brock's bday pics are aaaaaaadorable to say the least…I mean seriously - he is such a little ham! And yes, I watch the video - innnnnnncredibly adorbs. Nice job on saying no to his cake as you were filming :) Absolutely loved all the accents/drawls going around, too. Ahhh, and can you and your wife put on my next birthday party, please?? It looked awesome!! Major kudos to you both. Ummmm, and the Barbie Beast pics?! Hil-friggin-larious!! When I'm lifting heavy weights, that's how I feel - thankfully I won't ever look that ripped…eeeek! I just want cute little muscles.

    David, nice that you have a connection with a fitness joint. And noted, I'll pick up some heavier weights tonight. Time to make my ugly face even uglier! Congrats on moving into big boy territory with the squats! Girl translation: I now squat semi trucks full of gold. Get it!! As for today's procrastination excuse on the pics: really thinking I'll upload this weekend. Like for realz yo ;)

    Gina! Love the quick drop-in posts…however, I think you need to schedule a "meeting" in your outlook to let all your coworkers know that you will be MIA for a few hours - don't you have an incredibly important meeting with a group known as the CCCers?? ;)…work schmerk - get your skinny little don-kee back on here sistah! Do you have any more Brad-like stories?? Or are we losing you to the secret underworld of garage-sale-wheelin'-and-dealin'?!?! How is your modified C2 going?

    JR! Thanks for the quick check-in. You got it, MN weather is invading the north half of the country! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr to you, heaven to me. Only thing that sucks is the f'ing rain we've been having. It needs to get the hellz on atta heeeaaaaahhhh. Carry on with your fab vay-cay!!

    Workout planned: LB @ 5
    Foods planned: 1) WW toast w/ egg + coffee 2) 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers 3) 1/2 c cottage cheese 4) chicken + salad (lettuce, frozen corn/peas, cottage cheese, grated parm cheese, low fat dressing) 5) Protein pudding - if I'm hungry 6) Licorice root tea 

  • Guess I need to check out Brock's bday picks and video.  Sounds like quite the production.  Worked till about 8p last night........uuuuuuugggghhhhhh!  We're short one guy as we sent him off for CAT duty near Ft. Worth (tornados about 3 weeks ago).  So that means we have to take on what comes in from his normal territory while he is out.  Got home at 9p(hour commute).  I had eaten great all day, but halfway home, stopped at Sonic (99 cent burgers-yessir!) Oh, and please add a small PB fudge shake with that.  Last 30 miles spent in gluttony - hangs head in shame).  No probs, got up at my usual 4:20a to hit the gym for back routine - yes, 4 sets wide pullups at 10, 10, 7.5 , 6  - Justin, haven't added weights yet, but the late burger and shake ought to have added some) and followed with 45 min -very hard spin class with Eugenie (she's amazing- about 57 years old and looks easily 10 years younger and bf% in low teens.  Came in a little late and had to go to the front row - no chance to slack off (not that I would).

    Can you tell that I have had equivalent of about 10 cups of coffee this morning???!!!  Helps me get through my numerous emails and reports.  Maybe I need to change to decaf...... (pauses briefly)....naaaaaah!  

    Shorty - you all soggy up there in the tundra?  Too much rain.  Hey, another excuse to hold off on those pics.....yeah, that's the ticket!  Question - do you eat the same meals every day?  Seems easier to keep consistent.  Like your meals -- well, maybe not the licorice root tea.

    Justin - don't worry about missing workout.  I'm certain you burned some serious calories during the great event.  Oh, yeah, I think the little girl bench pressing models great hand location on the bar.  

    Jr - Niagra Falls is impressive.  Been almost ten years since we've been.  It was cold then. too.  Yes, remember climbing a lot of stairs, but I was younger then.

    Gina - quit teasing with your drop posts and give us more!   The masses demand it!

    Do we need to send out a search party to Boston for Sue?  

    Ok - better wrap it up - bout to have caffeine crash.

    Positive statement about yourself:  



  • David- Late nights suck!  When I was at my last job I worked from 6am - 9:30pm often.  It SUCKED!!  I didn't burn nearly as many as I took in.  That's fooo sho!  I wouldn't worry too much about the meal.  We're supposed to have a cheat every now and then..........

    Shorty- I can talk to my wife about planning your party.  It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.  We've always gone crazy on birthday parties (and every other event)...  AND.....  What drawls???  I have no idea what you mean.....  Hahah..  Yeah, we are pretty far south and I used to get that A LOT when I lived up north.  Everyone I met said, "where are you from?"   Also, after I turned the camera off Brock hulked out a little.

  • You're right shorty, you guys are totally worth a calendar block for check in!

    OMG, Justin, that birthday party was straight outta pinterest! Dang, you guys put some time and RESOURCES into that! So awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast! And that’s some mad photoshop skillz, yo!  Still a BFL machine, I see? Of course you are!

    JR! What's up dude?!?! Hope you're having a blast on your whirlwind vacay! OMG, I just read the caption of your FB photo and was sure it Butt Putt. And now I'm giggling. hahah! Anyway, the stairs looked fierce! Look at you active vacationers! :)

    David, dude, that weekend warrior photo is STILL killing me!  You’re pretty funny for a young-looking “old” guy!  ;-)  Is there a Seinfeld episode about that?!?!  Does anyone want to start referencing Friends?  I could do that allllllllll day.  J  thanks for hitting the like button on Baby G, friend!  It's hard not to share the awesome that is baby G. :) This is for you:

     except my baby is mega cute!

    Hey Shorty-guuurrrrlllll! What's good?!?! Miss catching up with you! I'm going to try to do a better job again! MC2 (modified C2) is going fairly well......My cardio is sucking, hardcore. My weights are now more about toning as opposed to mega lifting. And my diet.....well, let's just say wine is my S3. But I feel great! I do try to keep to the diet, though. OMG, I've been spending SO MUCH TIME with Brad! haha. It's totally back to normal, but I'm always thinking that he's seen me half-nakey. Ha! It's funny you mention slinging out of the back of the caddy. My neighbors keep making fun of me because I roll up to garage sales and then talk people into dropping their prices for me. And then, you know, I drive off and throw Grey Poupon in their driveway. I mean, there's more where that came from!!!! ;-)

  • Aaaahh, another classic Seinfeld episode -

    Jerry/Elaine: (mimicking their friend) You gotta see the baby

    Carol: (on her baby) So, who do you think she looks like?

    Kramer: Lyndon Johnson.

    Yep - could do this all day long

    It moved!                                  

    For Shorty 


    Even Mad Men



  • What a BUSY week!!  I planned on hitting the gym last night after I got home, but I forgot that we had an appointment to have Brock's 1yr pictures taken and Ava was getteing her pictures taken in her cheerleading uniform.  So.....  I didn't make it to the gym last night.  Every afternoon has had an event this week, and we have t-ball tonight, so I can't do anything then either....

    Went this morning and had an awesome UBWO!  I did that instead of cardio because if I didn't I wouldn't have had an UBWO this week, and I just can't do that.  I don't have a spotter as usual, so when I go really heavy in the six rep set on bench I have to sometimes put the bar down after 3 and do them one at a time.  This morning one of those times caused me to strain so hard that my contact lens moved to the side of my eye...  


    All- Thanks for all of the compliments on the party.  The photographer tageged me in a few of the pics from yesterday, so you might be able to see them.

    Shorty- Did you get those heavier weights?  You might look into a set of powerblock weights.  They don't take up much room and can get pretty heavy.  I have a set that go from 5lbs up to 50lbs per hand.  Since I work in a steel fabrication shop I have had expansion packs made and they now go to 90lbs per hand.  I got that done here instead of paying the $300 that powerblock wanted for their version.  I got mine off of craigslist for pretty cheap, so you might want to check into it.

    Gina- That was the ugly baby episode wasn't it?  What are you doing for modified C2.  I know you said toning, but are you just doing more reps at a lower weight? 

    David- Is Ben still doing the challenge?  How's his progress?  My favorite episode is when George was changing and the woman walks in on him.  "I WAS SWIMMING!!!!"  Hahaha.....

  • Howdy all! And a very happy "Friday" to me…this gal has tomorrow off so today is a very good day!!! I was going to head up to the cabin for the weekend but that has been called off so it's going to be alllllll shorty time... Woop woop! Going to do a 'lil freelance, plus check out a new yoga studio by my house - I'm pumped because it's something I really want to get into aside from doing BFL. Plus, who doesn't I lrrrrrrvvvveeee long weekends?!?! So yeah, today = a very good day! Can ya tell I'm excited?!?!?!?! Can ya, can ya?!?!?!?

    Giiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! There you are sister!! Hey girl, if you want to go the friends route, game friggin' on! Talk about one of the greatest shows EVERRRRRRR (aside from Seinfeld, Golden Girls, Cosby Show, and S*x and the City, of course). And O….M….G….I was crying about the Grey Poupon! Smell ya biznatches!!!!!! (insert the tires squealing as G-Money peels atta thrrrrrrr). Here is one of my faves: 

    David, you are a working maniac! The storms have been crazy across the US :( And ah yeaaahhh PB fudge shake? Sounds sinfully good… At least you got a small and then got your don-kee back in the gym - and friggin' EARLY. 4:20, is that your normal gym time? I know it's the normal time for another activity but sheesh - nice work! I do eat pretty much the same meals everyday unless I have a lunch meeting or meet up with friends for dinner. I'm a creature of habit. And, yes, it makes my planning for the week suuuuuuper easy! I like easy. Eh-oh! And what I mean by easy…sitting at my desk, not working a speck, looking for these fine gems:

    BTW, my cable company took away my option to watch episodes of Mad Men. The nerve!! Sure I don't get AMC in my bare minimum basic package, but I could always count on my OnDemand. Now, no can do. Son of a…….. Don Draper = eh ohhhhhhh wowza. Guess I'll just have to wait for my Sons of Anarchy to come back on to represent hotness on the 'tube. Holy schnikes…

    JG, the cheat meal monkey/ape (whatever it is) is soooooooooo true!!! Ha! Good one :) And love the Brock as Hulk - that is top notch!! Your drawls totally remind me of my dad. He's originally from KS so he still has a slight twang to his voice (moved to MN when he was growing up) - love it! And yes, I did pick up some heavier weights last night (looked awesome in my work clothes, trying them out in Target. "Don't mind me people, just getting a quick lift in"). Before I buy any more, I am sooo going to look into the power blocks, thanks for the tip!! And you lost me at steel fabrication…I kid, I kid :) And a little totally random 'Sunny goodness for you:

    I think we do need to send out an APB on Sue…………….maybe she's too busy celebrating the Bruins domination!

    Workout planned: Running + inclines @ 5
    Foods planned: 1) WW toast w/ egg + coffee 2) grilled chicken sandwich 3) 1/2 c cottage cheese 4) chicken + salad (lettuce, frozen corn/peas, cottage cheese, grated parm cheese, low fat dressing) 5) Protein pudding 6) Licorice root tea 

  • Yoga!?!?!  You better watch out for this guy!!!

    Yeah...  Steel fabrication- I'm an estimator for a steel fabrication company.  I pretty much look at drawings all day and see how much labor and materials are in a job and then bid the project to try and get my company work.  I do a lot of schools, hospitals, malls,  stadiums, and pretty much anything else that has a steel frame.  I do A LOT of math, and I always HATED math..... 


  • Bah hahahaha!!! That picture is disgusting!!! You can bet your sweet don-kee that man would never walk right again. And as for math, this is my take on it (and I sooooo need to buy this tshirt):