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  • JR, nevermind.  Saw it.  Your life is terrible.  I don't even know how you go on.  Oh, and also, still loving you so hard for "national hug a half-asian baby day."

    Shorty, STILL laughing over doll hands.  Magic.  

    Sue, your boys are adorns!!!

    Ok, baby G is LOSING HER DAMN MIND right now.  Gotsta go!  

  • LBWO this morning was a good one.  I felt bad for missing Monday due to the holiday so I did 20 minutes of cardio after my leg routine was over.  It wasn't a HIIT session since I want to make sure I'm recovered for tomorrow, but I burned some extra calories anyway.

    David- Nice lawn man!  Digging is a workout fo sho!  Did a storm break your tree?  You still need to post that commercial!

    Gina- I do love me some BFL!  It's nice to have a structured plan to follow.  I feel like a slacker if I don't do everything I'm supposed to do daily now.

    EShorty- How about some before and after pics??

    Juanita- How's your challenge going?

    JR- I can't seem to get the middle head of my deltiods sore anymore.  I'm doing heavy dumbbell military press followed by lateral raises where I pause at the top of the movement for a couple of seconds.  I can't go very heavy on the lateral raises because if I do it aggravates the tennis elbow in my left arm.  I'm really wanting them to grow, but am out of ideas.  Got anything?

  • Workout planned: LBWO Completed with additional 20 minutes of cardio at 5:30am

    Foods planned: 1) Protein shake with 5g creatine and a banana. 2) Dannon Greek yogurt. 3) 1/2lb lean turkey and 2 slices of cheese. 4) Carb Advantage Protein Shake. 5) Chicken breast and green beans. 6) 1 cup non-fat cotage cheese. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: None

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: My farmer's tan is coming along nicely!

  • Justin-  be careful not to equate soreness with a good workout.  The exercises you're doing are great for that medial deltoid, and that movement is really the only way to work the muscle.  You can change to machine or cable flies (lateral raises), but the movement is the same (although a machine may take the pressure off your elbow).  You can also try barbell military press instead of dumbbell, you may be able to push a little more weight.  The name of the game in building mass is pushing as much weight as possible without causing injury (thus proper form is important) and CALORIES.  But again, don't worry about whether or not you're sore.  Your body will adjust the workout and the tears in your muscle will not be as severe, thus less pain/soreness, but that doesn't mean it isn't getting a good workout.  Push as much weight as you can, with proper form for 6-8 reps during your heavy sets, and be patient.

    Great UBWO, pull muscles today.  My wife is off for summer now, so she's joining me for morning workout.  She's a great workout partner, and we usually have a good time at the gym and a good workout.

    My meals are kind of in a rut, I don't like eating 100g of fat per day, but it's working, so maybe I should just deal with it!  I am still making sure to limit the saturated fat as much as possible, so I've really increased my intake of plant oils (olive, canola, vegatable).  Maybe handfuls of sunflower seeds are a better option.  ooh, and Salmon... haven't had that in a while.  Sometimes you just need to talk it out!

    Good luck today everyone.  and Shorty how 'bout them pics?

    Also, I want to jump on this FB bandwagon too.  I'm not too concerned about posting my real name on here so find me on FB!  I'm Joseph McNair in Pensacola, FL.  My picture is my and wifey at a ballgame.

  • Happy hump day peeps! Bow chic bow wow… This is like the 20th day in a row we've had rain (slight over exaggeration but close enough). I need me some sun! At least I can always count on the fab CCers for a dose of awesomeness!!!

    JG, I hereby present you with the "high achiever" award - loving the dedication you have to getting everything you can out of your workouts!! Ah, yeeeaaaahh, regarding pics, I think I'll hold off on posting my B&A ones - I don't see a change (maybe if my measurements are good then I'll reconsider). Sure, I'm slightly embarrassed to post them - but another reason is that I don't want to discourage any lurkers out there, thinking "it won't work for me, either". If that makes sense? I'm 100% committed to this, and I know my results will come, I just don't want to give anyone an excuse not to do this. Am I making any sense?? My coffee should be kicking in any moment…

    David, "man hands" - OMG I totally busted out laughing = top notch!! "Here you have an eyelash on your face…make a wish." I pretty much have tears right now - hil-friggin-larious! And I think it's safe to say that we definitely have the hottest team - no diggity! Sure the ladies are gorge, but you boys aren't too bad yourselves either - hot damn! Regarding how I remind you of someone, I can't even tell you how many times I get that - there's something very familiar about me to pretty much everyone I meet. One of my faves is when a bunch of drunk dudes thought I was Winona Ryder (sure I have darker eyes and am a brunette but really??) - yelling at me from across the bar. Mind you, this was 10 years ago?? Have another boys! If that happened today, I would buy them all another round. Cheers! And please, keep us posted on the Wheat Belly diet. I hope Char is already feeling better! Before you know it, she'll be replacing trees 3 x faster than you! 

    Jr, the pic you posted? Yeah, only a smidge envious………(as I glare at the screen)……. how do you live such a hard life? Huge props on your C2 results so far!!! How do you measure your body fat? Do you have one of those caliper things? And wow, could you be ANY more awesome?! THANK YOU for your response - I have no doubt that with your advice and help, I'm totally going to rock C2!! Regarding calories, I counted them before using MyFitnessPal, but stopped after 3 (?) weeks in C1. I fired it up again yesterday and will put a screen shot of it in my files. I ended up only eating 1999 cals (but well rounded ones I think??) and never felt uber hungry so hopefully I can stick with that - and I drank lots of water (typically do on weekdays…need to up my intake on weekends). Yes, I have a food scale (thanks to an attempt at making homemade lip balm). How many ounces of chicken should I aim for (to throw on a salad…today I measured 2 oz)? My measurements…I have not taken them since the beginning but will do so this week to see if there's any difference. As for the skirt I previously mentioned, it was one that I bought in the hopes of fitting into :) My jeans felt a little better in the challenge, but I haven't seen a huge change…YET! I am every bit determined to figure this out and believe you me when I say THANK YOU for your help!! Come hell or high water, I'll get there, especially with the kick don-kee CCers in tow!

    G, score on the garage sale'n - werrrrrk those deals, gurrrrrrrrrl! OMG, you are hilarious with your drunken popcorn sesh…I busted out laughing! When you tell your stories, it's like I'm there and can totally picture you rockin' yo bad self - love it! And the feeling is mutual sistah, you're amazing! Thanks for the props - I HONESTLY am sticking to this (not only because I want to lose weight…duh) because I see how you have kicked don-kee in C1, along with all the other amazing CCers - I KNOW I can do it, too!! Just need to crack the code to this bod. And watch out when that code is cracked….it's gonna be on like don-kee kong!

    Sueeeeeeeee, how goes it sister?!?! What are the boys going to do once school is out?? Any family trips on the horizon? 

    Juanita, where's our fabulous new CCer at??

  • Jr, consider yourself FB'd...

  • Shorty--- saw the food journal, but I can't get it large enough to read without distorting it.  Bummer.

    Great, now I'm going to have to spend the day FB stalking you.  How am I supposed to get any work done?

  • Oh, and 4 oz of chicken is a pretty good serving.  Typically 4oz of any protein is a normal serving.  For skinless chicken breast that should be about 0g carbs/ 26g protein/ 2g fat.  About 125 calories.

  • Yes, hump day is here.  Like these shorter weeks.  Man, had a good back routine this morning - got my 10 reps on wide grip pullups -- yeah!!!!!  Feeling a little Trace Atkins - "Got My Game On"    A little somethin for the ladies here.   Followed with a tough but fun spin class.  Great start to the day! 



    JR -  this your typical lunch now?    

    Good advice on the shoulders.  Been careful with them and still been able to increase weight.  Proper form is paramount. That's great having your wife as a workout partner.  Love to have mine join me but she'd probably kill me.

    Justin - way to put in a little extra cardio there pal.  Oh, and that is not my lawn, thanks.  It is actually a friends that we planted the tree for.  He hates yard work. My lawn is pretty good, though. 

    Shorty - Wynona Rider, huh.  Did you steal something from the bar?  I can see the similarities.  I get the same thing as well (not Wynona comparison), but I really have someone out there who looks a lot like me, my twin brother. His name is Doug. (Dave and Doug).  There is a pic of him with me and my older brother from my son's wedding on FB.  Yes, we did switch classes and dates in high school.  Oh, and I was actually in your beautiful state in April 2007.  Helped my best friend move his daughter and son-in-law to N. Mankato.  Really nice up there.  I also have a cousin who is a pastor of a church in Red Wing.  Yeah, how bout some pics already? 

    Gina - enjoyed messaging with my new FB pal.  I'll say it again, dang you have a lot of photos!

    For the rest of you CCers, would love to be your FB friend as well.  I'm David Fountain, Longview, Tx and picture is of me and da misses. 


  • FB me too!  I want to stalk everyone!  Haha....  Justin Gilmer is my name and I have a picture of my son as my profile pic.  He's in a rocking sleeper with a great big smile.  I can never find anyone when I search for friends and I don't know several of your real names.  I looked for JR but couldn't find one in Florida.

  • Congrats on the pullups David.  You'll be adding weight plates on a belt in no time!

  • I don't want to work - all this Facebook goodness is like Christmas!! I have to get on the ball with mad-stalking. Jr, you and the wife are a mighty fine looking couple (insert whistle)!! JG, no worries on the friend request, I'll look you up buddy…are you in New Madrid by chance? I see an incredibly happy baby so I'm guessing it's you!

    Oh and correction on my calorie intake yesterday: I ate 1199, not 1999! SLIGHTLY off. Sheesh! One of my friends is watching her cals too and when she asked how I did yesterday, she was like WHAT?! So yeah, 1199. Jr, I think in order to see the actual size of my food journal, you have to click on the jpeg then download it?

    David, aka Trace, ah, yes, I would say that you do have a true twin! Wow, I take it you're identical? That might be a really stupid q…tsk tsk. My little brother and his wife just had identical twins. With how my brother was going up, I see a lot of mischief in their future… As for RW, funny you should mention that beautiful little river town - it's where I grew up :)

  • Shorty - we are actually fraternal, but most people think we are identical when they see us.  As for your little brother, yes, there will be paybacks.  If you haven't stalked me...wouldn't take to too long as I don't have that many pics. . the pic has my uncle, twin bro, older bro, me (in gray tux) and one of my son's grooms. Somehow, I lost quite a few pics on there and don't know how.  Not on FB much anymore other than to wish friends happy birthdays. (hard to find time) Since I have recently reconnected with some old friends and making some new ones (CCers) I might have to devote a little more time.  I'm not much of a poster, but I do love to follow (or stalk) others as I love photos.  I have a ton of pics from my wife's fancy camera that I may upload whenever I get the time.  She's good!

    What a small world - grew up in Red Wing.  Chuch has lived there for probably 25 years.  Big change for a Louisiana boy.  Only been to Minnesota once, but really liked it.  Gotta lotta lakes there.  

  • Alright-  I could read your journal that time.  Thanks for the hint... I'm a bit illiterate with technology.  The calories look pretty accurate as long as your serving sizes are correct.  I think your milk may be a off, it appears to be calculating 2oz of calories, even though it says 2oz (1cup).  That's a little screwy, but that's very low calories either way.

    Were you hungry yesterday?  1200 calories and 2 salads is a REALLY light eating day.  I do like your 1600 calorie goal.  One thing to notes is that if you can figure out how many calories you were eating on average during C1, you know that's basically your metabolic rate (since your weight barely changed).  Decrease that intake by 10% for 2 weeks and see if you start to see the weight come off.  Continue decreasing 10% until your losing weight at the rate that you want (no more than 1-1.5lb/wk).  Then be patient.  And on your free day... remember those calories still count ;)

    BTW, your profile says one of your goals is to look great in pictures... that goal is met!  YOU ARE CRAZY PHOTOGENIC.  Keep smiling!

  • What up FB friends!?!?!?!  OMG, wanna know what's so funny about that?  That we probably talk more to each other than our "real life" friends.  I talk to my "best" friend like once a month--maybe.  I can't wait to get to stalking the boys!  :)  According to David, I have A LOT of pictures tagged of me.  I had to remind him that I've been on facebook for 10 YEARS.  Zuckerberg and I are practically besties.  JG, I friended real name is Brandi Chen.  Yep.  Not Dang_Gina!  :-(  haha.  I pretty much go by B Chen, but Gina has been a blast! 

    Back to work today, forgot to set my alarm.  At least my boss is on vacation today :)  Who am I kidding, I'm late EVERY day.  I don't do well balancing the baby thing in the morning. 

    Hey, about to go to a meeting with BRAD at 12:30  :-)  I should send him my updated photos ;-)  OH!  I just had to weigh in for a work insurance thingy, and their scale has me down 14 pounds since Feb 20.  OK!  I'll take that!  :-)  I wasn't expecting that, especially after my free-for-gina-all loooonnnnggggg weekend.  Of course, it just makes me want to eat cookies......dammit Gina, no!

    Workout:  Cardio tonight.  Not sure what I'll be doing....depends on the weather.

    Foods planned: M1: shake/ yogurt S1: RB sandwich on wheat, carrots.  S2: SC/Apple  M2:  my day is screwed up!  M3: Can you grill cod?  I took it out of the freezer......  S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Girl, don't eat the damn cookies....

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! Shorty was talking about changing up her carbs to something besides what?  Yogurt? 

    Positive statement about yourself: Dude, this outfit is KILLER!