Cottage Cheese Club

  • Do you mean THESE photos?!?!

    and the before and comps....

    C1?  DONE.  And I have you all to thank!!!!  Thank you for keeping me motivated and entertained the past 12 weeks.  Especially to my girl Shorty, we've been in it since Day 1 together--The original CCers!  :-)  Chubmom, if you could see us now.  :-)

  • Heeeyyyyy Sue!  Good to see you back!  Sounds like you had a great time in London.  Very nice picture of you there in front of London Bridge..photogenic, you are!  I bet you got plenty of walking in to cover the champaign and curry intake.  Glad you had a good time with your dad on his 75th birthday.  Who won in golf?  Never could beat my dad, but he played to about a 10 handicap.  Don't play enough now to list a handicap other than my swing.   Storm duty is when you are called out to assist in areas where they have been catastrophes or as we in the insurance industry call "cats".  I handle property claims which involves both residential and commercial.  Pretty interesting for the most part, but involves some travel from time to time.  Not sure how I gave you the impression I was in IT.....haha. I'm usually the idiot calling the IT guys.  Thanks for asking about Char. She goes back to the doc Friday.  She did get bloodwork back and she has a hormone imbalance along with low vitamin D. That's the reason her immunity has been down.  She is very encouraged because now she knows what she is working with and it can certainly be controlled.

    Gina- great job! Your smile says it all! Impressive transformation G!  Man, talk about a flat tummy!  You're showing very good definition.  Strut it my friend!!!


  • I owe a real post!  And since Baby G doesn't care that I'm on vacation, I have time this morning to do it!  Um, thanks Baby G?  

    David, we're going to Star Trek (3D IMAX) tonight!  J called his parents and they're driving over an hour so we can go; grandparents are SUCKERS!!!!  ;-)  J refuses to see any movie that is offered in IMAX in a "regular" theater.  #thirdworldproblems.  Whatevs, I just want some popcorn!  So you and Char are going through a little empty nest syndrome?  I'm sure that's hard, especially on the momma.  I mean, no offense, but there's no love like a mother's love. We ruin our bodies and get no sleep for YEARS (that's what I hear anyway--I'd say it's pretty accurate 7 months in) but it's soooo worth it!  Anyway, enjoy the time you have together this summer.  Do something unexpected!  

    Sue, Hi Girlfriend!  Welcome home!  How was the weather?  Um, did I really just ask that?  What am I, 70?  I MEAN, how was the FOOD?  And DRINKS?  And the stuff that happened in between?  :-)  Loved your pictures! Looked like you had a great time :-)  Would you encourage others to go? us your hot bod!!!!  I'm sure you smoked me!  You were a hottie before C1!  

    JR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  31, huh?  Hmmmmm....well, since I'm still only 30, I feel like I have no worldly advice to share ;-)  However, that's pretty fitting, since you are the advice guru anyway!  Sorry about the $450 bill on your birthday......Car repairs SUCK.  But AC is no joke, especially in FL.  Did I ever tell you that I was one of those nerds that interned at Disney?!?  Mmm Hmm.  Epcot.  STOLLER RENTALS.  Um, Disney, are you SURE that's an internship?  Oooorrrrr, perhaps paying me $6/hr and calling it an internship is a hella smart way to keep that bottom line healthy?!  (even though you charge $83 a ticket to your park!)  Things that are BS for $1000.  Oh, the point?  That I was only there from Jan-May and by May I thought I would DIE in that heat.  So yeah, AC. No joke.  And this post?  A little random, just. like. me.

    JG, I think I need to go back and reread your posts about 9mil cals in 30 minutes.  Come-ah-what-what?!?!  Is this real life?  I've been doing this wrong!  :-)  Try the almond milk in your shakes.  Or Sue's iced coffee.  I still need to do that.....  I use the EAS carb advantage RTD shakes.  110 calories.  Delicious.  I did take Shorty's suggestion and use the almond milk in my protein pudding and it tastes pretty much the same.  Worth a shot!!!  :)

    Shorty, HEY GURL!  How was 5th meal last night?  I hope you're having a better week 12 than I did!  Keep going girlfriend, only 3 days left!!!!!!  Can't wait to see your (before) and after!   Oh, and I totally understand how hard it is being THAT awesome.  Duh.  ;-)  And honestly?  I think my coworker is a tad on the jealy side.  Ugh, get over it, girl!  Be awesome with me; there's plenty to go around!  

    BTB, how you doing girl?  Hanging in there?  This program can be overwhelming with AH baby, let alone 2!  Did you say how old they are?  

    As for me and my vacation.....WELL, yesterday I got a pedicure, ordered checks (stop it, you're soooo jeal) (who uses checks these days ANYWAY!?!?!)  (People with BABIES and DAYCARE, that's who)  (one more WIN for JR!)  AND took Baby G to Sam's Club.  WATCH YOURSELF!!!!!!  She had a great time ;-)  And she should have, cause I'm sure I dropped at LEAST $150 just on her.  (I know, JR, I know...) So anyway, just a little stay-cation.  Mexico is in August.  Hopefully I can't drop another 10 by then.....we'll see.  :)

    Baby G LOVES her some Sam's Club!!!!

    Workout:  Cardio has been suffering this week.....The weather has been pretty sucky so hardcore strolley action has been out.  Hope for tennis tomorrow!

    Foods planned: M1: Special K Breakfast Sandwich--picked up at Sam's yesterday.  I'll let you know how they are! S1: Shake/Yogurt M2: Dude, we need FOOD.  S2: protein pudding M3: Jimmy Johns before movie. S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Yeah right.

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! I feel like I may be having some girl drama with a friend.  This is going to sound, I don't know, conceited?  Hopefully not....ANYWAY, I have a friend/neighbor that had a baby 2 months after me.  We walk a lot together and hangout all the time, BUT, anytime our other friend talks about how "skinny" I've gotten in front of her, she gets super quiet or changes the subject.  Which is fine!  BUT, last night, she got quiet, and then just walked away back to her house and went inside.  It was sooooo weird!!!!!  I don't know, you know how you just have to talk about things or else they weigh you down?  I feel better now.  SORRY, this was probably super annoying!

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm just proud of myself right now!  That's all.  :)

    This took me over 45 minutes to write.  You're welcome.

  • Had a decent little run on the eliptical machine this morning.  Not nearly as good as the stair climber, but burned 457 calories and covered 4.2 miles in 30 minutes.  

    Stewp- I'm in week 4 of C2 right now.  I haven't taken any pictures since the after photos of C1.  I guess I should do that sometime.

    Gina- AWESOME RESULTS!  I can't wait to see what you can do in C2!

    David- I wish I were benching trains!  With the way my strength has been going up lately I might get there one of these days.....  

    JR- I tried water with my shake this morning and it was OK, but not nearly as good as it is with milk.  

    Had a decent little run on the eliptical machine this morning.  Not nearly as good as the stair climber, but burned 457 calories and covered 4.2 miles in 30 minutes. 

    Stewp- I'm in week 4 of C2 right now.  I haven't taken any pictures since the after photos of C1.  I guess I should do that sometime.

    Gina- AWESOME RESULTS!  I can't wait to see what you can do in C2!

    David- I wish I were benching trains!  With the way my strength has been going up lately I might get there one of these days..... 

    JR- I tried water with my shake this morning and it was OK, but not nearly as good as it is with milk. 

    Workout planned: HIIT on the eliptical slaughtered @ 5:30am.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: N/A for today, but my gym will be closed this weekend and Monday so I'll have to do my workouts at home.  They never seem as good doing them at home......

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm feeling like my cardio has no limits.....


  • (insert me, standing at my desk, clapping/hooting/hollering/then proceeding to do leprechaun kicks around my cube) GINA YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!! Holy mother of fitness goddesses, YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I feel like a proud sister as I BEAM for you :)))))) Gurrrrrrrrrrl, get on with cho bad self... I think it's safe to say Chubmom would be over the moon for you!!! (what I wouldn't give to hear from our founding mother) Wahooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Girl, as for your neighbor, ugh, that is a bummer. But ya know what, SCREW THAT (swear), you have worked your don-kee off and if she wants to hate, let 'er hate. As Sweet Brown would say "ain't got time for that!" Okay but seriously, has she shown interest in doing a BFL challenge? If I were in your shoes, I'd chat about it on one of your walks - indirectly of course, hinting that it's so incredible you want to help others with it (aka her). And if she continues to be unhappy and jealous, well then SEE YA SUCKA - you don't want anyone bringing down your fabulousness!!! Clearly she's unhappy with herself hence the bizarre walk-away situation - maybe it's a sign that she just needs an awakening aka to be told about BFL (and hopefully she's open to it and not one of this negative Nancys). And going back to talking about fabulousness….O……M……G…….. Baby Gina is so dang adorable that it kills me!!! I mean STOP with that cuteness!!!!! 

    SUE!!!!!!!! Welcome home!!! So so SO great to hear from you - and are ya flippin' kidding me with the fact that you are turning 40 this year?? I'm sorry, but there's just no way. Your  parents HAVE to have been off by 15 years - at least… Srrrrrrrrrrrrsly. Loved the FB pics you posted - You.Look.Fantastic, as did your trip! Thanks for the Boots and Boa love (boys: I entered a logo design contest and won. It's for a dash/run/walk benefitting domestic violence so I put the logo on my fb page to not only brag ;) ha - but get the word out about the event). I didn't participate in the run last year, but I believe you throw on your boots and boa and "run" the dash which is 50 yards? Otherwise there is a 5k and a 10k. I'm going to do the 5k to see what it's all about. From the pics, it looks like a fun event! And while everyone else is showing aaaaaaaamazing results, my results aren't as "advanced" shall we say?? (I'll post my final pics next week sometime) I have to attack my C2 differently (going to figure that out on my off week…taking what Jr said to aim for failure when lifting, not to focus on getting to "rep 12"; re-evaluating my foods; etc). I have yet to hit that "miracle" week people speak of. So while the weight isn't melting off, as Jr brought to my attention - which I am sooooo grateful for - I'm feeling GREAT!!! My C1 will go down as a success because, not only am I a part of the MOST AMAZING group, but because of what I've learned/will take with me moving into my C2. That miracle week WILL COME damn it! Might be week 22 but I'll take it!!

    JG, 700 calories in 30 min - you are on fire!!! I have no doubt that you will hit that. So basically, you'll be running "up" the stair stepping machine?! Whew that makes me winded just thinking about it. Give 'er hell!!!

    David, I went to the Lissie concert. I saw her a few years ago up in Minne at an outdoor music festival and she rocked it. Last night she was pretty good (a lot of new stuff though and I haven't kept up). She played at a super cool venue in Minneapolis - a smaller one, which to me is the way to see a show! Ah and your pull ups - day-yum that's a LOT in a row!!! Not to say women aren't strong but dudes amaze me. I feel like I'm chatting among Olympians. "Ah, yeah I benched my truck last night. No way, I squatted with the locomotive wheel-axel thing-a-ma-jig (of course it would be the corrupt terminology when you guys are talking). And I ran up an 80 story building in 10 minutes so I did it again." CC dudes = da bomb!

    Jr, your upcoming trip sounds awesome! The friends I was with last night are flying out to NYC tomorrow for the weekend, then going up to Maine for a week (to Bar Harbor). I was sooooooo envious listening to them! 

    B2B, where are ya Mama?

    Workout planned: Running w/ inclines @ 5 + UB

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + melon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel thin w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe wrap 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Late night so I'm a bit tired…come on coffee, kick in!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Keep on keepin' on!

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep bringing it this week!! 

  • I think today should be dedicated, "National hug a (1/2) Asian baby day!"  How cow, that kid's adorable.

    And I think I read my favorite quote from this whole thread: "Be awesome with me!  There's plenty to go around."

    Bummer on the shake Justin-  the milk isn't going to kill you, especially skim, just factor it in with your other carbs.

    Sue-  You look awesome!  Looks like London was a lot of fun.  How'd you get a week away from an 8 and 10 yr old?  Did I get that right?  You have two boys, and you went to London without them?  or am I mixing up my online friends?  Maybe it's because when I see that pic I think, "there's no way that young energetic girl has 2 boys!"

    Shorty--- you got this.  Love your positive attitude.  You keep doing to the right things and the results will come!  I keep getting frustrated that the results I want aren't coming fast enough, but when I step back and realize how far I've come, that bit of perspective really helps!  And, I've been able to set new, longer-term goals.  I can't wait to see where I'm at December 31, 2013.  This all started on January 1.  I think 2013 will make a great year of transformation!

    And about the trip.  I have family in Maine (on the south coast), but a few years ago I visited Ba' Harba for the first time.  Beautiful.  We drove the whole cost line from Boston to New Brunswick, CAN.  There are some impressive sights along that drive.

    Had an EXCELLENT UBWO (Pull) today.  Been need a little extra push lately, and I found it this morning.  Looking forward to chest day tomorrow.  If my arms stop shaking!

  • Holy crap Gina!  You look amazing!  In just 12 weeks you have totally slimmed and trimmed those legs, back, belly, butt, stomach!!  Is J totally impress??  So much hard work has totally paid off!!  Too bad that friend can not be happy for you.  That has NOTHING to do with you so don't think it does.  That is her looking inward on herself on what she has - or has not - accomplished.  I think the best thing to do is ignore her behavior, understand it is HER problem she is dealing with and just be a supper skinny supportive friend.  :-)  And Baby G needs to get a modeling contract!  So damn cute!!!  I can just hear her giggles and 'mamma's'.  6-18 months is the BEST time!!  And a stay-cation, any working Mom would savor that!

    Shorty, you are very sweet and I am so turning 40 in just 4 months!! Yikes!  They say it all goes downhill after 40.  As for C1, I also don't feel like I have made THAT much progress but I do know there is some (jeans feel better, I can see more arm muscle.)  I feel like I want to redo the last 3 weeks of my challenge then post pictures.  But here comes summer, parties, college reunions.... I am thinking of aiming for June 15th to complete my C1.

    JR - Boys are 8 & 10 years old and full of energy. Here are the monkeys:

    Question for you, if I get hungry in the afternoon, 4pm being the worse, can I do my meals like this:  7:30am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm?  I can handle the long stretch in the AM but the afternoons are really hard for me.  Also, do you think it is really important that I do the back and shoulder exercises?  I really get bored of those and would rather work harder on my arms and abs. 

    Personal news that has me tearing up at work, my 10 year old with ADHD and Dyslexia just got off the wait list for an amazing 5 week summer program/school at a top school in MA just for kids with dyslexia.  He will be doing intensive reading/writing/math in the AM and then traditional summer camp stuff in the PM.  $5000 for 5 weeks but worth every penny.  Now I just have to break the news to him.  I am thinking a good incentive is called for here.  Bribes and incentives are an intragril part of parenting, right David??  I think an XBox is in his future...  That call just MADE MY DAY!!!! 

  • Sue- cute boys.  I am 2 years younger than my only brother.  I don't think there was a time before adulthood that we stood arm in arm.  We were great friends, but the kind of friends that throw punches, not hugs.

    So glad to hear your great news!  Sounds like you'll have a busy summer.

    As for the eating times:  YES!  Adjust the schedule to make it work for you.  A calorie is a calorie.  Eat it at noon, eat it 4, as long as you eat it!  I'd say timing is more critical around your workout (pre- to make sure you get the most out of your workout and post- to make sure you replace depleted glycogen and aid recovery).  Aside from getting those crucial meals, just make sure you get the calories and in a manner that you can live with.  If you feel like you're constantly working at it, or starving... the program isn't sustainable for you!  And that leads to failure.  

    Yes I think back and shoulders are REALLY important.  Sorry, I know that isn't the answer you wanted.  Over a period of time, over training in one area and undertraining in another causes asymmetry which can lead to serious problems and injury.  Being weak in general is bad, but being weak in one area and strong in another is a recipe for disaster.  A weak back is especially troublesome.  It causes slouching shoulders and bad posture and leads to spinal pain/injury, unfortunately I learned this one first-hand.  Sorry, I'm struggling to keep this short and still get you enough helpful information ;)  I would definitely look for ways to spice up the back and shoulder routines and make them more enjoyable rather than cut them out!  Let me know what your struggles are, and I'll try to help!

  • Good grief! Can't keep up with you guys.

    Shorty - you consistently crack me up.   You know us guys, alright.  I always feel better after reading your posts - or as I say, my Shorty post fix.  You are doing the right things, yet results (or at least our expectations) can be stubborn.  I know each on on this board has been frustrated at times.  You should be proud how good you are feeling.  That, in of itself, is a great accomplishment and yes, your C1 can accurately be described as a great success!  It does make a big difference when you push to failure.  Sometimes, it's a mind thing, and you have to, as former coaching great, Jimmy Johnson says, let the mind control the body and not the body control the mind. Ready to see your pics!  Congrats on your logo, will you show it to us or do we need to friend you on FB to see it?  Can't imagine running 5k in boots.  Hard enough with good running shoes.  

    JG - how you burning so many cals, dude?  Is this on the StairMaster or StairStepper? And do you enter your weight and age beforehand? It is interesting how the readings can vary on elipticals and treadmills.  I remember hitting around 700 on StairStepper (few years ago), but I had it up b/w 15-20 level which was prob too much.  On treadmill, if I avg 7.5mph or so for 30, it will read close to 600 cals, but I guess it depends on the algorithym on machine...heck, I have no clue.  Anyways, you're killing it!

    Jr - sounds like a nice vacation line up.  Haven't been up in those parts in about 10 years.  Need to find some excuse to visit again.



                   ROCKED THE CHALLENGE, YOU DID!!

    And Baby G is too cute, just so huggable!!  Not that I want anytime soon, but she does make me want a granddaughter someday.  So J is a IMAX snob like my oldest. Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing one scene on IMAX. Won't give it away, but it involves Alice Eve.  You'll see. Yeah, your in-laws are suckas.  Char and I could've never pulled that one off.  Mighty impressive.  Enjoy the movie and the popcorn!!

    Sue - you have two good looking boys there.  Love that much going on, but so much fun.  Those were my coachin years.  May have to post some pics of mine now.   Ryan and Ben are about 31/2 years apart., but they are very close.  That is wonderful news about your 10 year old.  I agree, no amount is too much when it comes to your kids.  Guess I'm still proving that with second round off tuition.  Yes, bribing works....almost always.  You are turning 40 in 4 months!?  40?!  Rreealllyy???  As Elaine Bennis would say, "Get out!" You look awesome and no, it does not go downhill after 40.   Jr beat me to it, but I will emphasize in strong agreement, do not neglect your back or shoulders.  Many people focus on the mirror muscles (chest/abs/biceps) and neglect pulling excercises which can lead to poor posture and other imbalance problems.    

    Speaking of shoulders, had a good routine today with shoulders and traps.  Changed sitting db press to standing with a neutral grip.  Can't use as much so I'm less prone to go too heavy.   Really helps to warm up with some external rotator exercises and scapular wall slides.   


    This is the machine I use.

  • I have to enter my weight on the machines.  

    On the stair climber I go 45 feet per minute on level 6 and up to 70 feet per minute for a  level 10 experience.  I'm going to bump that up by 10 feet per minute on my next session.

    On the eliptical I'm currently on level 16 for my level 6 and level 20 for my level 10 experience.  Level 20 feels like pulling about 100lbs on a sled behind you.

  • This is the elliptical I use.

  • Sue- Fine looking boys you have.  Congrats on getting into that school/camp.  Hopefully it will help out a lot.  I totally agree with JR on the shoulders and back exercises.  You've got to work the whole body so you can keep everything in proportion.

    Gina- That's one cute baby you've got there!  Love those chubby little cheeks.  I have a 6 year old daughter and a son who will be turning 1 in a couple of weeks.

    David- I posted about the machines above, but didn't mention that I don't have to enter my age.  I just put in the weight.  How did you like the neutral grip for the shoulders?  I haven't done it that way in a while, but remember that I always felt like it was putting more of the work on my triceps than the shoulders.

    That's all I got for now.


  • Ah, ok.  We have two similar to that one. It'l work ya alright.  Yeah, can only set weight on this one.                  




    And on occasion, I'll go to the StairMaster (StairStepper): Always available, nobody likes them at our gym.



    This are the elipticals I use:  Can adjust ramp on it  Can also set age.               



    And to a lessor extent:


    Ironically enough, our gym made a local commercial about 3 months ago and they had me on this machine saying my big part "updated equipment".  Actually saw the commercial on local ABC affiliate in Longview and gym gave each member in the commercial a dvd of it....which I've yet to play. 

    This is by far my favorite machine:



    Regarding shoulders, it incorporate triceps more on a neutral grip, but my goal is to keep from overloading my shoulders. It also works the medial deltoids. I used 75lbs last week on seated with palms facing forward.  Felt good, but aftwards I regretted it.  This week I did standing with neutral and 60 was all I wanted to handle.  Shoulders feel fine so far.  Gonna try it for a few weeks anyway.  

     Definitely posting more and longer today.  Putting off reviewing arbitration files........bleh!