Cottage Cheese Club

  • Good morning kick-donkey CCers! Hope you all had fantastic weekends! This gal did…nice and relaxing: aka went for an awesome long walk (incorporated a few hills to get my heart rate up), did some shopping and got to hang with the fam. The weather was a little on the chilly side, but the sun was out so it trumped the wind/chill. Didn't get any golfing in, but that it right around the corner as they are talking 90 tomorrow. The weather in MN has been unusually bizarre, but the snow is gone so it's all good!

    G, Sue, how were your mother's days? Hope you gals had fabulous ones!

    David, thanks for the tip on running hills at least once a week regarding the 5k. I have never been a runner and about 5 years (?) ago I did the couch to 5k program - it was awesome. I'm always in the mindset that I need to "train" for each 5k, but I think this next one I'm going to try cold turkey to see how I do. I think I should do fine?? but ask me that as I'm half way in the August heat of summer…ha! Any who, to ramble on more, I came to the realization that - to me - running 3 miles, is totally mind over matter. However....not sure how one does a friggin' marathon - that just blows my mind!

    Jr, JG, how were your weekends? Jr, did you bench a car yet? JG, were you out struttin' around, showing off your calf muscles?

    As for workout outfits, here is what I wear when I'm feeling sassy. The belt is key. As are the suspenders, depending on which outfit I throw on.

    Workout planned: UB @ 5ish

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe turkey mix w/ WW wrap 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Just the typical case of the Muuuundays…not. I have zero obstacles.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: To help with it being Monday...once again, I'm posting a link to this site. Chalk full of hilariousness!

    Positive statement about yourself: Loving the side-braid today... Werrrrrk it gurrrrl!

  • Dang, halfway down the second page?!?!  Come-ah-what-what?!?!  Time to get this started!  Happy MONDAY friends!  I'm *technically* in my 12th week.  But remember when I screwed up week 8 in Chi-town?  Right.  I don't know, whatevs!  What's one more week going to hurt?  I've been thinking about C2 and how I want to work that.....I might switch up the weights, which could totally negate the point, but i'm sooooo bored!  I really want to do some different toning weights that I enjoy, or maybe a Jackie Warner workout every now and again--LOVE HER!--to see how my body responds.  I plan to keep the eating/HIIT the same though.  What do you think, total cheat? 

    How was everyones mother's day?  Mine was pretty great; I love having family over!  However....I was feeling sick and had to lay down in the middle of the visit.  :-(  During the eating portion, I might add!  And when I came back down, my plate was gone!  And J TOTALLY ate my steak!  RUDE.  Um, Happy Mother's Day?  Grrrrrrrrrr.  Anyway, here's a picture of my tiny human and I.

    and here are all the ladies that came, from the right:  ME! My MIL (yes, my child is 1/2 asian), My Aunt, My Stepmom, My gramma.  (Baby G was napping at the time)

    Workout planned: HIIT/Home/9 pm

    Foods planned: M1: Thin Wheat Bagel/PB S1: Shake M2:EFL Enchiladas S2: SC/apple M3: Um, still not sure.... S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! You guys, my arms are still soooo fat!  :-(

    Positive statement about yourself: I wore pregreg demin (boyfriend cut, mind you) on Friday!  HOLLA! 

  • Shorty!  I tried your almond milk suggestion and my pudding didn't set up :-(  I'm thinking it's because it wasn't totally cold when I made the pudding?  Me no no.....

    And, that site is HILAR!  I'll be looking at it alllll day now.  My employer thanks you.  ;-)


  • Had a great UBWO this morning.  I'm getting stronger than I have been in a looooooooong time!  Also.....  The scales haven't really been moving.  I'm only down a couple of pounds since starting C2 so far, but have have had to tighten up my belt again!  I must be putting on some meat.......

    EShorty- I was wearing shorts almost all weekend to show them off and try to get a tan!  However....  They only appear when the muscles are pumped and I have a pretty bad case of DOMS in them from last Friday's workout so all anyone could really see were my extremely white legs. :(

    Workout planned: UBWO Completed

    Foods planned: 1) Protein shake with 5g creatine and a banana. 2) Dannon Greek yogurt. 3) 1/2lb lean turkey and 2 slices of cheese. 4) Carb Advantage Protein Shake. 5) Chicken breast and green beans. 6) 1 cup non-fat cotage cheese. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: None

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me! - Stuart Smalley



  • Ummmmm, JG?  Where are your carbs?!?!?  I'm starving look at your meal plan!  NOM NOM.

  • Gina- Cute baby!  I pretty much only eat carbs right after lifting to replace glycogen and help absorb the creatine I take.  The yogurt has 18 carbs.  After 9:30am I only eat carbs that come from green vegetables.  It really helps with fat loss.....

  • Morning guys... 8:30 inter-office meeting... on MONDAY!!!  Seriously putting a damper on my BFL time.

    Justin-  Gina already gave you hard time about the carbs, so I won't.  I understand where you're coming from... but what about fat... there's no fat in your diet either.  And 50g of total carbs for an extended period of time is not enough to replace gylcogen stores.  Is today's menu pretty typical?  How are you energy levels?  Do you find yourself having cravings?  How long have you been eating a similar diet?  Hate to hit you with 50 questions, and I'm not trying to criticize, just want to help if I can.

    GINA!!!  Seriously, ASIAN kids rock!  Ever seen one that wasn't adorable?  Not to mention the virtue and love for family that's typical of most Asian cultures could teach us all so much.  She's a lucky little girl.

    Shorty- 90??  R U Kidding?  We barely touched 80 yesterday, I spent a couple hours on the beach trying to undo my sunburn striped stomach!  

    This morning marks the beginning of C2 week 7 for me, halfway there!  I'm pretty happy with the results thus far, even though I don't think there is any significant change on paper or pictures (haven't taken pics).  The changes are much more subtle after 19 weeks, no I'm not in any big hurry to take pictures.  Also, I no longer feel like I need the inspiration every few weeks of seeing a little improvement.  Scale weight was the highest its been since early in C1, 194lbs.  There's some water weight, and maybe even some fat increase in there, but I've definitely added some lean mass as well.  

    Been thinking a little about my goals and planning for the rest of the year.  My ultimate goal is to be 200lbs and 10% or less BF.  That means I need at least 180lbs of lean mass.  Seeing how difficult it is to cut fat and add muscle at the same time, I am going to try to increase my weight to 210lbs, which will give me 185lbs of lean mass if I'm still 12%bf.  This will probably take me through C3.  I'll wrap up the year with C4 and focus on losing 10lbs of fat.  Then I'll take that magazine picture!!!!

    I'm sure that's more information than any of you care for... thanks for being my sounding board.

    LBWO this morning... went pretty well.  only got 4 reps on my last set of squats (should have been 6).  Had the same issue with bench press yesterday.  I would probably benefit from a rest week, but I'll be on vacation June 1, so I hate to take a rest week now, not know how much I'll get to lift that week.

    Meals are planned, I won't list the details, but it's about 3450 calories.  I'm low on fat today, so I may make some adjustments.

    Good luck today!

  • JR- Today's menu is fairly typical of what I normally eat.  I don't have any problems with energy.  I feel exactly the same whether or not I eat things like sweet potatos or brown rice.  I don't really have cravings, but on my cheat days I'll have some pizza and some sweet stuff.  I can tell that my muscles are getting bigger, my strength is increasing, and I'm losing the fat pretty fast, so as long as I'm getting these kinds of results I'm happy with it.  

  • Stick with it!  If it's working for you, and it's not causing you any of the typical pitfalls, go for it!  Continue to monitor your energy levels and your workout performance (be intentionally mindful of it).  If you stop having the kinds of workouts you want or you're lethargic, I'd try adding a calories, about 200 at a time (from carbs and/or fat).  

  • JR!  Thank GOD you're here!  I have a question for you.....So I got super busy this morning and missed S1--should have I added it to my lunch?  Cause, I'm starving. 

    Also, why are my arms so fat?  And, one last one, I fully expect you to answer my weight lifting conundrum about wanting to mix it up in C2?  Also, hope you had a great weekend!  ;-)  And yeah, mixies are the cutest!  Not just mine, either :-)  My husband is 100% Taiwanese, born in the US. His parents are OBSESSED with baby G! 

  • GINA-  Yes, go ahead and add it.  Any benefit from breaking down your meals into smaller ones (if there actually is any is a subject of debate- especially when you're only getting 1000-1500 calories total) is less than the hazard of not getting enough calories and being hungry.  Hunger really makes you want to cheat or over eat.  Go ahead and have a larger lunch, don't worry, just make sure it's good food (BFL list).  I just downed an apple, because I was starving and I literally just finished eating 8oz of grilled chicken and baked potato.

    2nd- Sorry I missed your question this morning, my post was kind of screwed up (work getting in the way).  Definitely mix up your workouts.  If your bored, that's a recipe for disaster.  You won't be as excited about your workouts, your intensity will suffer, your results will suffer, and ultimately it may cause you miss workouts... not a good result.  You won't hurt your results by changing the routine, especially if the old routine was starting to suffer.  I'm not sure what you have in mind, but the options are pretty much limitless.  You might try mixing it up for 4 weeks, then going back to BFL for 4 weeeks, and mixing it up again.  Keep it interesting, and most importantly... YOU HAVE TO ENJOY IT!

    3rd- First, I don't think your arms are fat, but that's my subjective opinion.  If you aren't happy with them, I don't fault you for wanting to see different results, that's what this charade is all about!  A couple things:  Targeted fat loss is a fallacy.  As much as it'd be nice to say, "I'd like 6 pack abs, but I better not go down a cup size..." we don't get that luxury.  Fat storage is one of those things that is unique to each person.  For some, different areas are more stubborn than others.  If you want to lose fat around your arms, the answer isn't to do more bicep curls and tricep kickbacks, but to decrease your overall BF composition.  That's the long answer.  The short answer is:  more time burning more calories than you take in.  Add it to your C2 goals!

    Hope that helps.

  • I've decided to add 10 minutes of moderate cardio to all of my HIIT sessions.  I've been doing this for the last couple of workouts.  I'd like to do 20 extra minutes, but I don't know how much I can do without causing a problem with muscle gains.

    Workout planned: HIIT Completed at 5:30am

    Foods planned: 1) Protein shake with 5g creatine and a banana. 2) Dannon Greek yogurt. 3) 1/2lb lean turkey and 2 slices of cheese. 4) Carb Advantage Protein Shake. 5) Chicken breast and green beans. 6) 1 cup non-fat cotage cheese. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: None

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: I have a nice haircut.

  • Gina, AAAAADORABLE pics girlie! One would never be able to tell you weren't feeling good (bummer about that btw). You look FANTASTIC!!! Ummmm what fat arms?? I know, I know, we all find things that we're not happy with - but seriously, you.look.awesome. From the hair, to the dress, to the make up, to the bod, to that adorable babe on your hip, werrrrrrk it girl! And yeah, if you find some sweet exercises in C2, lemme know yo. I'm soooo glad you asked Jr about missing meals - I've been wondering that myself and keep forgetting to ask! 

    JG (or should we refer to you as Stuart? Ha), how AWESOME that you're becoming stronger - it's such a great feeling! And day-yum, nice job on tightening that belt - keep rocking it friend :) As for the white legs, I feel your pain. I can't wait to get a little summer glow going. It will help really show off our muscles, right? Tee hee. How much weight have you lost since the start of your C1? And my apologies if you already said this, but what week are you in for C2?

    Jr, flippin' work - such crap when it interferes with CC/AA/PM time! And wow, you're in week 7 already?! Sounds like you have your (swear word) figured out - yeeeaaahhh, I'd say those magazine muscles are right around the corner. Question: do you usually get in all of your reps? I'm wondering because I'm going to switch to heavier weights and in order to maintain proper form, I really think I'll hit my 10's prior to hitting the last rep of the final set. Haven't tried it, and will definitely push myself - but if I'm only able to hit rep 8 (for example) does that mean I should lift a slightly lighter weight to get to rep 12? Am I making sense? I feel like I'm starting to confuse myself!

    David, where are you friend? I hope not working long days still. How was your weekend with the fam? How's your son doing with C1? And ahhh yeeeaaaaah, hopefully you get to wear your Hawaiian shirt to worrrrrrrrk for all the hours you're putting in.

    Sueeeeeeeeeeee, where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu?? I'm about ready to get in my car, high-tail it east bound (G, I can swing by MI and pick you up) to make sure you're still kickin' - maybe you're still hungover from the rager you indulged in this past weekend, celebrating your greatness at work? Ahhh, and go Bruins!! Holy comeback! Since my Wild are out and the fact that my little nephew loves the Bruins, I'm pulling for them. Woot woot!

    Workout planned: Running w/ inclines @ 5ish

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe turkey mix w/ WW wrap 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Zilch

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: G, definitely use cold almond milk! I only buy the kind in the fridge section - the one where it's 30 cal/serv (but have seen it on the shelves…that kind freaked me out). I let mine set up in the fridge, fo shizzle. When you use skim milk, it's ready to go after you mix it up - no chilling required??

    Positive statement about yourself: Feeling strong! Just in time to start pushing heavier weights…woop woop!

  • Morning guys.

    E- I usually get close to all my reps, but you definitely want to pick a weight that causes failure.  In your case, I'd say 8-12 reps is great.  Rather than working to a fixed number of reps, focus on working to failure.  Failure = unable to do another rep with proper form.  Adjust your weight so that failure comes in the 8-12 rep range.  Make sense?  BFL is a great platform, but sometimes Bill oversimplifies things to work for a broader audience.  

    OK guys, work calls.

    UBWO this morning, pull muscles.  Went pretty well, but nothing Earth-shattering.  

    My shoulders and chest are definitely getting firmer... trying to remember its a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Goooood Morning!!  Long time gone, I missed you guys!  LOVED the last few pages of chatter, so damn funny.  

    Holy crap, how about them Bruins!!!  Any out there a hockey fan?!  I mean a wicked come-back in the 3rd and a smack-down in OT!!  Anyone?? 

    Gina, that kiddo of your is delicious!  And lady, your arms are not fat.  It is amazing how ripped the guys can get in this 12 week challenge and us ladies feel like there is little definition after 12 weeks.  You are doing great and I am sure C2 will bring even more great results.  You look like Priscilla Presley in your pics!  That is a compliment!

    Shorty, belt or suspender?  How about both?!  And snow to 90 degrees?  Can you say global warming.  And I love that you are doing races.  I had an awesome running dream the other night.  Woke up really feeling like I went running!  I remember on longer runs just ask yourself, 'Can I just take 2 more steps?' and almost always, the answer is yes.  Mind over matter is right girl.  And your strong mind will take all the way!  Have you signed up for any races?  Love the derby hats too!!

    David, love your pictures!  You are very creative, it is hard to believe you are in an IT job, (is that right?)  I LOVE that your son is doing BFL with you. Workouts with him sounds like true quality time, love it.  Just don't blow that shoulder out trying to show off!  ;-)

    Jr, sounds like you are doing great and already in the middle of C2.  You are the psychiatrist of this group with your sound advice and true concern.  Still envious of that 3500 calorie day!  What are you up to in lifting now?  I like the image in my head of you lifting small cars.

    Justin, howdy!!  You slipped in when I slipped out last week.  So great to have another peep on the board. Sorry if you said this already but are you in C1 and what week?  Hope you are doing great!  Is your goal for this challenge more for weight loss?

    Quick catch-up - my event was awesome, exhausting and over.  Mothers Day was awesome and relaxing.  AND I played in my first ladies member-member tourney on Saturday and my partner and I WON low gross with an 86!  I also won closest to the pin.  Needless to say it has been a great past 5 days.  

    I think today is the first day of week 12?  I am going to LONDON tonight with my girlfriend for 6 days.  YEAH!  Totally excited about the trip but wish I could complete the 12th week with a bang.  I will not have access to gyms while I am gone as we are staying either at her friends house or family's house in London.

    Workout planned: Ummmmm

    Foods planned: 1) Egg white & low cal/carb bread 2) Protein shake 3) apple and 3 cheese sticks 4) Protein pancakes 5) Chicken breast and broccoli 6) A couple of beers at the airport!!  oh no!!

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Got totally lost on my way to my work event this morning.  Stupid GPS

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: How can I fit in more fitness in London?  Sneak in some squats and triceps dips in the bathroom when I go.  ha ha

    Positive statement about yourself: I am now able to wear THOSE jeans that I have been staring at for a year now!!  Down 10 lbs total based on the scale from last Friday and Saturday AM.  :-)