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  • Seriously Jr, an afternoon cross-post?!?  Cray.  

    Oh, and I feel soooooooooooooooooooooo bad for you fitting in ANOTHER 1400 cals. ;-)   

  • I freaking LOVE starting my mornings off with all my faves! I feel so special (and you have to say that in Dana Carvey's church lady voice) - thanks for the love CCers!! G, now I am the one beaming :))) I tell ya, it was hard not being able to post like I wanted to - work schmerk... Side note: anyone reading this, I'm still taking offers for a full time, w/ benefits, 6-figure salary (to start) gig that will allow me to socialize via this forum, pinterest, instagram, twitter, Facebook, do "retail research" aka shop, and the like. Throw in some travel and cash to host a CCer's spa week away a few times a year = golden. I think I'm on to something….Okay, reel 'er in shorty.

    David, the feeling is mutual = I love your posts, too! I can't rave enough about the pictures - anyone of us could throw out a reference to something and you will come back with the the most hilarious image! Regarding your cardio, ah yeah what you're doing sounds friggin' awesome. Huge props on having run a marathon my friend! I'm a 5k'er and anything over 10k sounds daunting…I admire those who can do 26.2. Regarding Star Trek, I'm with your wife, not a big sci fi fan! But with all the hype around this movie, I'm def going to put it in my movie que. Sounds like a good father-son-movie bonding day on the horizon :) And in the spirit of sci fi, here is a pic I found just for you:

    Jr, THANK YOU for your post. I can't even begin to tell you how much it set me back on track (not like I was fully off track, just had a car derailed). You are SO RIGHT: I feel AWESOME, I have WAY MORE self control than I did before, I measure out my portions and know that I'm not bingeing these days, and I truly feel like this has become a lifestyle change. So true: I knew going in that it wasn't going to be a "one challenge thing" but I'm not going to lie, a small part of me hoped it could! But there's a reason for it - while I think I could "maintain the program" I see how very easily one can slip back to their old ways - especially with summer right around the corner…happy hours, weekends at the cabin, golfing with beer, whoopin' it up with friends/family, etc. With having to do more challenges to get to where I want, it's only going to reinforce this lifestyle change. Seriously, friend, I am sending you a big ole CC (((HUG)))! We are one lucky group to have you! Now, because you're so awesome, go treat yourself to 18 holes.

    G, ok first of all, not to be all stalker/freak but that video of Baby G on fb is just the greatest!! I love how she's just a rollin' around on her back, "conversing" with you, totally loving saying MaMa. Too sweet! And nice to hear things are back to normal with your boy, Brad - especially if he's in some of your meetings. Ummm, and you have 1-2+ meetings A DAY?! Oooooh eeee… I'm guessing that you are "that girl" who makes every meeting fun - and people actually look forward to the meetings you are in. Nothing worse than having a meeting with total duds, that's fo shizzle. Somebody's gots ta bring da par-tehhhhhhhh! You crack me up with thinking I was dead when I didn't post…I'm exactly the same way. Overreact much? Ah yes I do, thanks. If I don't hear from someone, whether it's one of my family members, friends, even a bestie CCer, I immediately think the worst if it's out of character…and then all is well when I hear from them an hour later… Ha! And gurrrrrrrrrl, rock those new clothes. After all your hubby DID eat your last few chocolate eggs (ummmm and ordered pizza?! brutal) - you are entitled to a few (or many) new pieces!

    Sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, hope you're hanging in there sister. Today's the day! Sending kick donkey vibes your way for a successful event!

    Workout planned: Running w/ inclines @ 5 

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe turkey stuffed potato skins 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: I gots nuthin'

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: To everyone out there reading this, seriously, being active in this forum is HUGE - if you're a silent stalker, start posting. What you'll get out of it is wayyyyyyy more than you ever thought!

    Positive statement about yourself: (insert me: looking at myself in the mirror, approving with snap, turning and walking with swagger out the door)

  • Shorty!  Great post.  Loving the 'swagger'

    GINA-  Nice gob... no driveway drinks or Pizza?  That's freaking awesome.  Pizza has been my biggest obstacle.  I used to crave it on my free day, and absolutely had to hit up Mellow Mushroom for a pepperoni pizza and Sweetwater 420 on draft (do you guys have Sweetwater in the frozen north?).  It's a craft brew out of Atlanta- my absolute favorite.  The beer is still tough when I'm hanging out with friends, but I rarely crave pizza anymore.  I hope that one day soon it doesn't feel like you're giving something up when you turn down the "bad stuff."

    SUE- Rock it today!  Then come back and see us.

    David- ???  I think I'm caught up on replies.  

    Holy FULLNESS.  I'm trying to get the right nutrients (read tons of calories) during my pre-, intra-, and post- workout window (1hr before - 1hr after workout).  Ummm, not easy.  I'm stuffed and it's only 9am.  

    HOWEVER--- I had the best leg day in recent memory.  10!  A Freakin' 10!


    1- Pre:  1 Tbsp Peanut Butter, Wheat Sandwich Thin, NOS Blast

    2- Intra:  EAS Whey (3 scoops), 12 oz OJ

    3- Post:  EAS Recovery Protein (3 scoops)

    4- Breakfast:  That 1/2 Subway I didn't eat yesterday (I hate Subway)

    5- Lunch:  Pita Pit, grilled chicken pita, extra chicken, red pepper hummus, avocado mash (good eats)

    6- Late Afternoon:  1/4 smoked chicken (white), baked sweet potato

    7- Dinner:  6oz grilled chicken, spaghetti, marinara (didn't eat this last night, went out to Sonny's- hence the leftover smoked chicken)

    8- Bedtime:  Casein Protein Shake, 12oz Skim

    3507 calories.  Let's EAT!

  • PS- be careful google image searching on your work computer for 'Billy Bob Varsity Blue 10'  As I recall that scene in the movie wasn't very PG-13.

  • Sooooo, today is my Friday!  (little John) yeah, yeah (ur-sher, ur, sher)!  Taking a long Mother's Day Weekend, ya know.  The fam is coming over on Sunday for a little celey; my side and J's side.  Per usual, copious amounts wine will be flowing!  Happy Mother's Day, indeed!  Any special plans from my CCers? 

    Jr, you should definitely get your wife a card from Colby.  :-)  I'm being serious!  PS, are we cross-posting?  Did you manage to find my entire day's worth of cals somewhere?  I was wondering on the way home last night (weirdo) why you didn't just scarf the foot-long? 

    Sue, I hope you're surviving your event!  And that you have an awesome and relaxing Mother's Day!  Dude, being a mother is exhausting!  I totally understand why we get a day now....but it should probably be a month....

    David, what are you and the boys treating your wife to?  Is your oldest coming over? 

    Shorty, thanks girl!  You're so awesome :-)  And yeah.....I'm totally "that girl" in meetings, haha!  I can't help it!  Someone has to bring the energy!  And you know what, you're right!  I DO deserve the shopping spree(s).  The pizza was kinda the last straw.  RUDE.  I did take Baby G out for a walk before it was delivered and wouldn't come back in until he was done.  TOO TEMPTING!  He sprayed some gross air stuff before I got back, but it took care of the pizza smell.  What are you up to this weekend????  I can't believe I missed your FB derby hat picture!  Until, today that is ;-)  SUPER STALKER!  Oh, and i'm so happy that you liked the protein pudding!!!!!  Shorty approved!  AND (one more thing) hell yeah on the Z-Snap!  Mmmmmmhmmmmmm!  You go gurrrrllll!

    Workout planned: LBWO/Home/9 pm plus planned interval/incline walk with baby G. 

    Foods planned: M1: Thin Wheat Bagel/PB S1: Shake M2:Eh, not sure...  S2: Greek Yogurt/apple M3: Um, still not sure.... S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! I'm a car dancer.  Hardcore.  This morning Tipsy came on (as in, errrrrbody in the club gettin tipsy) and I almost lost my mind!  I get a lot of stares.  :-)

     How I think I look.... How I actually look.

    Positive statement about yourself: Ugh Oh, saw someone looking sexy in the mirror this morning!  ;-)  (damn, you's a sexy chick.....)

  • Good day folks!  It's Thursday already. The week has flown by.  Did shoulders this morning followed by a Pace class. The instructor really had a thing for lunges this morning.....jeeze.  Definitely feelling my 48 hr post leg workout soreness right now.  Happily, my shoulders are doing pretty good.  At first I was a little concerned that going notably heavier would be a problem.  So far so good.  Ben will be in this afternoon and will see if he wants to get up with the roosters tomorrow and work out with me........rrrriiiiiiggghhhtt!  As a motivator, I think we will post some father/son picks every 2 or so weeks to note progress.  

    Shorty -  Love the picture...wherever did you find that?  Out of this world outfit (couldn't resist).  Can't help it, I just have to inject a little lightheatedness into most situations.  Sometimes think we can take ourselves too seriously.  Speaking of meetings, I was usually the one who made the smart remarks (respectfully) that broke up the humdrum of the meetings. Of course it is not so much of what you say, but the timing and how you say it.  Tell me more about your running.  I see inclines at 5 everyday.  Doesn't sound fun to me.  Have you ever run stands? Definitely will work your legs! During the summers, I will go out to our highschool stadium (really nice) and run stands...usually on hot Sunday afternoons.  Would then do some sprints on the field (sport turf - very hot) after that, but I have backed off some for those. Seem to always pull a hammy which took weeks to heal.  Would love to run a marathon again, but don't think my ankle could handle the training mileage. required.   And love the snap in the mirror and walk away with swagger.  I'll add to that a ........

    "Two snaps and a twist"

    Gina - any meetings today?  What do you guys meet about.  From reading your posts, you do your workouts in the evening?  I salute ya!  Bet the sales clerks (do they call them that anymore?) love to see you coming in the store.  Enjoy those baby videos - discoveries each day.  Occasionally, me and da misses get pathetically nostalgic and watch our own. 

    JR - bet you've consumed at least 1000 cals by now.  I did have a baked potato last night.  Been months and it was worth it! 

    Sue - miss you and ready to hear from you girl!  As Shorty said, sending you donkey kick butt vibes and so on!


    Tip of the day:  Never play leap frog with a unicorn.







  • Haha!  Cross posted both Gina and Jr.  

    Gina - I'm heading to Houston to see me mum!  She don't know it but Ima gonna surprise her.  My oldest, Ryan, and wife, Dana, are coming in Sunday and we (other brother and sis) are all taking her out to lunch.  Charlotte and Ben are goinig to surprise her mother in nearby Tyler.   Like ur photos - definitely see you more the top one than the bottom. (We're not worthy!)  Enjoy  your first Mothers Day, car dancer!

    Peace out!

    Oh, and ......

    How I think I look.....

    How I actually look.....

  • 1579 calories and counting (10:00am)

    Gina-  Somehow I found the calories.  It's actually pretty easy when you have 50g of fat capacity to work with (50X9 = 450 calories).  And I didn't eat the footlong for 2 reasons:  1- I was STUFFED.  2- Subway is turrible.  

  • JR!  What?!?!  Subway is delicious!  I mean, not as delicious as Jimmy Johns (obvs) but delicious nonetheless.  HOWEVER, I might just be saying that because I'm starving on the regular and that actually seems like an adult-size meal.  SIZE MATTERS. 


  • David, enjoy your Mum-ther's day!!!!  I hope it's filled with magical memories, such as this:


    or better yet.....


    don't feel pressured though, this will suffice...


  • I feel certain that our next reprimand from BFL is going to be for violating the size restrictions of a thread due to all these images.  We're slowly (d)evolving from novels to picture books.  It only adds to our collective awesomeness.

  • Oh Gina - you just had to go  there....didnt ya?!   Thanks, I now need a new screen.


    I'll take Awkward Family Photos for $500    

    Very nice my friend.


    Gotta, say, daughter in white swimsuit (yeah yeah!)  The mother - dat aint right

    Man, those ladies liftin the weights would probably kick my .....assets

    Had to turn my laptop upside down to figure the pink family out.  Hope for guy on bottom, photo session didn't take too long. Weird and awkward types...jeez

    Teletubbie family made me lulz.  Awwww, family spooning. 

    or maybe this..

    but we should probably add the dog since it is family...






  • And Jr.  Agree we might get now get reprimands for size restrictions due to images.  Great Barkley pic!   Gotta love Charles Barkley. Turrible!  He  and Kenny Smith were the reason I would watch NBA pregame and halftime on TNT.  Round mound of rebound! 


  • Loving the pics - I would totally order a CCer coffee table book! Tiffany can we get a compilation?? ;)

    Time for an afternoon check in...

    Yep, still lookin' good.

    G and Sue, hope you have fantastic Mother's days if you don't hop on anymore!! 

    Since I'm not a mom, I'll use a "prop" to pretend.

    Until tomorrow CCers...keep being awesome.

  • Just blame Gina....Again!  Heyyyyy Tiffany!  ;-)