Cottage Cheese Club

  • Also....I did like 15 minutes worth of yardwork last night and I'm CRAZY sore.....Maybe I should incorporate it into my workouts?  Maybe then we won't be the people with the trashy yard....  ;-)

  • Oh wow, was yesterday our first slow day?!? I'm sure everyone was busy being friggin' awesome, as usual.

    Jr, you speak the truth: CCers = superior. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone ;) 

    G, I hopped around in your Etsy site a while back and loved it! I've been meaning to get on there and order "they put my cape on backwards" bibs… must.get.on.that. And work that skinny little *** at Sam's club sister! Hey, can't blame a gal for lookin' good and working' it in a fab dress.

    Sue, David, how were your yesterdays?? Thomassd, where are ya sister? Connie? CHUBBBBBBMOMMMMMMMMMMMM??? I think my year would be made if we heard back from the early posters…Get back on here awesome CCers!

    Workout planned: Running with inclines @ 5 

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + mixed berries + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. peanut butter on ww bagel 4. string cheese + melon 5. chicken/green beans/brown rice 6. shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Already over came it: what jewelry to wear with my outfit. Decisions, decisions...

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I had something but of course my short term memory is failing me at this time. Ummm, ahhhhh... yeeeeaaahhhh it's gone.

    Positive statement about yourself: Day 60…SIXTY…already?!?! I really really really want to swear here, but a good swear, a happy swear.

  • "***" - but I didn't even swear! They're onto our creative uses of words, my friends.... ;)

  • Somehow I just hit a button my the post I had typed up disappeared!  Not cool.

    I'm picturing Gina walking across the Sam's parking lot and she gets hit by a car because some dude (read "Brad") is checking her out while she struts her stuff in a little mini-dress.  I'm sure that means I misread Gina's post.  But my interpretation is funnier.

    E-  Welcome to day 60!  Two more weeks.  That 14 days of kicking butt and hitting 10s!

    LBWO-  Had an AWESOME workout this morning, as in "I think I may be sick."  I'm fairly certain my workout partner won't be back for a leg day... when he can walk again.  MURDERED my squats @ 385lbs (Next stop 405!!!).  This is what bragging looks like (I'm sure it's unbecoming).


    1- EAS Whey (3 scoops), 1c. OJ, NOS Blast (pre-workout)

    2- EAS Recovery Protein (post-workout)

    3- Oatmeal, Banana (carb me up)

    4- 6oz top round, stir fry veggies, need a carb- maybe a wheat wrap

    5- 8oz grilled chicken, wheat wrap

    6- Shepard's Pie:  6oz ground sirloin, 1c. mashed potatoes (olive oil/skim), 1/4c. carrots

    7- Chicken fajitas (8oz chicken breast, peppers, onions, wheat wrap)

    8- Casein Protein Shake

    Lot's a wraps today ---> evidence of poor planning.  286/341/54 (C/P/F) @ 2994 calories

  • Heyyyyy Errrrbody!  What's good?  (I may have watched that link I had on here Friday like a million times since then....)

    So yeah, it was a slow day yesterday!  I hate to call out David (but I will!) but I really think he gave us a complex about posting too much!  I kept checking back last night to see if there was anything new...... :-(  HAHA, just kidding David (kinda).  I suppose we have real life to attend to, as well.  Which is total bummer!  :-)

    Shorty:  Listen, accessories are incredibly important!  They can make or break an outfit, for real!  I'm sure you made the right choice. :-)  Girlfriend, how awesome are you for looking around my shop!  I have such a big smile right now! It's a big commitment as far as time goes, but it adds to our vacation fund, so that's kinda cool....If you every want to buy anything, use this code for a 20%off discount, giiirrrrllllll:  HeyThanks20.  It's my B.Cheni-Friend Code,  ;-).  OMG, just remembered to tell you that I was DYING over the (donkey) comment.  HAHAHAHA.

    Jr, I bet we're cross posting right now.  Justin, thanks for stopping by and the photo love!  We're super fun, you should hang!  Sue/David, how were your days/nights?

    Workout planned: 1/2 UBWO at 6am (enter Baby G) so I need to finish tonight AND get a HIIT in.  insert pouty lip.

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee S1: EAS Shake/Clem M2: Spaghetti leftovers S2: greek yogurt/apple M3: I'm going to try EFL Enchiladas with ground turkey tonight S3: Protein Pudding. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Um, hi.  Quit making excuses and get your BUTT in gear!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! I'm so looking forward to summer with baby G!  I picked her up a baby life jacket yesterday, a baby bikini (judge away, it's totally a bandeau top, GOD), cover up, and a floaty thingy.  I can't wait to make awesome family memories on the lake!  My heart is BURSTING.  AH!  LOVE MY LITTLE FAMILY!

    Positive statement about yourself: This one is honestly so hard for me.....which is surprising, I know.  ;-)  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........This group makes me feel awesome about myself, that's for sure!

  • We did cross-post, Jr!  I knew it!  Oh, and your sorry about the parking lot creeper?  Totally accurate.  I don't know why I didn't lead with that!  Hey, any (sober) kickball this week?   

  • That story is awesome!  Strut it!

    No kickball or softball this week.  Kind of a bummer, but I did get the grass cut, and I've been leaving the office by 6 every night.  So that's pretty awesome.

    I've had MAJOR energy drains after lunch this week... I'm wondering if it's the pre-workout drink.  It's got a ton of caffeine/taurine, maybe that's causing a crash.  

    My stir-fry lunch in the office turned into team lunch at Nacho Daddy's:

    8 oz Chicken

    1/2 c. black beans

    3oz Avacado

    3oz cheese

    Salad greens/salsa

    Tortilla Chips  (OOPS)

  • oh!  I LOVE, LOVE Etsy.  Great time suck and awesome baby gifts.  I have bought many a thing off Etsy.  Did I miss how to get to your shop Gina??  Love the #birthcontrol onesie.  That would resonate with my 40+ year old friends that have had an 'opps!' baby.  he he.  And I will TOTALLY watch your reality show when you get one.  Go viral girl!  You have fans all across the country that got-ya-back (us!!)  And BTW, I have eaten protein pancakes for like the last 10 days.  I'm loven' em!

    Jr, you said you made the pancakes with cherrios before.  What about apple cinnimon cherrios? I think that would be delish.  Although a lot of sugar I guess.  So I was chatting with someone and they are eating 12 protein blocks a day.  Oh 'Nutrition and Fitness Oracle', what is a protein block? 

    So here is the sweet Momma ride.  I am sure there is a family of small animals living in the third row with all the left over food and crap back there.  I make it a point to never go back there.

    Absolutely automatic sliding doors.  The one way to go.  If they made an SUV with sliding doors I would be all over that.

    And Shorty, did I see right that it was snowing again in your neck of the woods??  That blows.  I am sending this photo out to you!

    This is my little tree that will be all white in about 2 days. I planted over 100 bulbs last fall.  This is just one patch.

    Sending spring you way!!!

    So I have not been walking straight today - did LBWO yesterday and oh-ya, I am feeling.  It was muscle confusion as I did LBWO on the machines the past few times and yesterday went back to the free weights.  Such a better workout!  Anyone do cardio with the rowing machine?  I am looking to switch up the elliptical and stair master.  Maybe I should throw in some yard work Gina?  :-)

    6 more days to my big event then I take a big break until September for busy time.  I can't wait until it is over! 

    Workout planned: Cardio 6AM - Stair Master for 20 then bike for 15

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. Turkey/LowCarbPita/Veggies/CheeseStick 4. Protein Pancake 5. Haddock/Broccoli/BittyScoopOfStoveTop! 6. CottageCheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: None

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Decaf Iced Coffee is so gooood!

    Positive statement about yourself: I am very organized.  :-)

  • Sue- I assume your friend is referring to the "Zone Diet" blocks, but I'm not certain.  A "block" for the Zone diet is just a unit of measurement.  Essentially 1 "block" of protein is equal to 7g.  Here's a little write-up

    If your friend is eating 12 blocks of protein, that's essentially 84g of protein.  One the Zone diet, she'd also get 12 blocks of carbs (9g each) for 108g of carbs, and 12 blocks of fat (1.5g each) for 18g of fat.  But... that's only 930 calories!!!!!  That thought just makes me hungry!  My speculation is that what it really makes your friend want to do is cheat on her diet.  

    I think I'll go eat.

  • Is it seriously Friday already?? Yahooooooooooooooo! I'm so ready for the weekend - Derby/Cinco de Mayo party baby!!!

    Jr, ok, so I'm totally clueless when you say you're doing 385 lbs squatting….or maybe I'm shocked that people can actually squat that much??? So you have 385 lbs on the bar and you are squatting that?!? That is in-friggin-sane! 

    Gina, girrrrrrl, I love love love supporting fellow creatives out there. Especially when their stuff friggin' ROCKS! I have yet to start up my etsy shop so any advice you have, please share - I may be private messaging you in the near future about this. And thanks for the code! Awwww, I feel special that I got the friend code :))) I'll cheers my margarita/dos equis/mint julep/vodka soda/sangria/etc to you come tomorrow….....and after reading that I should consider rehab come Sunday.

    Suuueeeeeee, sweet mini sister! over your yard….It makes me want to hang out, enjoy the sun, drink some beers, and laugh my *donkey* (G, that's for you!) off in great company. Basically, a typical summer - that picture makes me want it sooooo so SO bad! Thanks for sharing and giving me a 'lil spring :) Regarding that white (really REALLY want to swear here), Minneapolis didn't get any. However, an hour south of us, where I grew up/some family still lives, received 17, that's right, 17 (keepin' it clean here) inches. Below is a pic my mom texted me yesterday. Re.dic. And so true about using free weights - I find it to be a much better workout, too :) As for the rowing machine, I haven't used one of those in years - I loved it back in the day (oh wow, I just sounded 90 years old). Give 'er a try!

    David, where the heck are ya man? Stop working so hard and check in friend!

    Alright peeps, if I don't hop back, have the most fabulous weekends!!!

    Workout planned: UB @ 6 

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + mixed berries + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. EAS Bar 4. turkey on wheat 5. chicken/green beans/brown rice 6. shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Done: waking up at 4:45 to get to work early.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Just that you all are The Greatest :)

    Positive statement about yourself: Feeling really good - not like a hog anymore. The sass is coming back! Watch out...

  • EEEE- Let's see that sass... Note i said "Sass" with and "S!"

    You're right about the squats, it's a barbell with a bunch of iron loaded on, sitting on my shoulders while I squat.  You'd think I'd have big tree trunks for legs... Not yet.  It's good for the ego though--- as if I needed anything else for my ego!

    Kickin' some donkey today.  It's Friday!!  DANG--- Ms. Parker got it going on...

    UBWO (Pull) complete at 6:30a.  Probably and 8.5/10.  


    1- EAS Whey (3 scoops), OJ, NOS Blast

    2- EAS Recovery Protein 

    3- Wheat Sandwich Thin, Banana, 2Tbs peanut butter

    4- 6oz top round, stir fry veggies, wheat wrap (because I ate out for lunch yesterday)

    5- 8oz fajita grilled chicken, peppers, wheat wrap

    6- Pita Pit: double chicken pita, red pepper hummus, avocado mash

    7- Casein Shake

    Need to find about 300 more calories today.  Right now I'm looking at 2698 total: 40% Carb, 42% Pro, 18% Fat

  • In the spirit of (the letter after G) off Friday, I made this diagram.  Cars are HUGE bone of contention for my husband and I.  Now we're both really happy, whereas I was quite unhappy with the situation for awhile.  But again...not as shallow as it seems.  Really.  Lots of behind the scenes whatnot.  ( I will admit that the camaro was awesome to drive and I always felt like a hottie in it!)  if you click this you can acutally read the captions.  IF you're so inclined.

    I'll get to the other stuff in a bit!  Have to run to a meeting!  :-)

  • Love Caddilac!  Really love that a 30yr old couple can have 2 without people thinking you're actually a 70yr old couple!  They've done a lot to change their image, and the SRX is great!

  • Been crazy busy.....wutz new?

    Great workout this morning - sat on a physioball and watched women zumba class.....from the back row.   Hit all my 10s! 

     Followed by - sittin in DA HOT TUB!!

     ''Owwwww!''  ''Too hot in the hot tub!''

    Since you guys are putting your meals down, thought I'd share mine as well. 


    1.  Cold pizza and finished half empty beer bottles from last night (pre-workout)

    2.  Donuts & coffee (post-workout)

    3.  One loaf of bread (need my carbs- wheat, white, whateva..)

    4.  A Lard sammich - No cheese (less fattening)

    5.  Carl's Jr - The Big Carl (gimme some fries!!!)........oh....and a diet coke

    6.  Red Lobster - Fried Seafood Platter (It haz fish in it)

    7.  Sonic large malt (mix some protein in it to make it healthy)

     Meals officially approved by     


    Daily Totals:

    Carlories - stratospheric 

    Protein - decent amount

    Carbs - need a calculator

    Fats - by the buckets!

    Can't wait for my free day!!

          EPIC WIN!





  • Having a crazy busy day.  Put my head down when I got in and just looked up and it was 5 hours later!!

    Checked in for a 2 minute breather.  

    I totally needed that David!  So flippin' funny!!!  

    You guys rock!  

    I will be back soon.  Laters!