Cottage Cheese Club

  • He saw them.  He had to have.  I've seen him TWICE today (to put it in perspective, there are at least 600 people in this building, so it's not that normal to see someone that often) and he was totally awkward!  It was really weird, and I wanted to bring it up, all, soooo didya see half-nakey photos?  Hmmm?  BUT, what if he didn't and he was just acting weird anyway?  SIGH......... He totally saw them.  Omg, but what if he didn't listen to the VM?  What if he thinks I'm a homewrecker?!?!?  AH!  

    OH!  And you want to talk about BFL censoring pottymouths?  I got an EMAIL asking me to edit my posts immediately or I would be sentenced to death.  Ok, so the last part is made up, but I totally got censored.  So Jr., if this was a competition?  I'D WIN.  :)

    Shorty, hey girly!  Thanks for the love!  There's no better compliment in the world than what you gave me.  THANKS!'re the only one that hasn't shared the goods.......I think we need progress photo from you, girlfriend!  DO IT.  :-)  At least of your eye so I can see your fancy makeup.  ;-)

    Jr, the night carb thingy makes sense.....I usually do a shake as my last meal and it has, like, 3 carbs.  Do I get a prize?  Also, we enjoy "novels" around here.  Write on! 

    Workout planned: HIIT/Spin/9pm

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee S1: Apple/SC  M2: Leftover EFL enchiladas S2: greek yogurt/apple M3: Sheeeaaatt, I have no idea!  S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing really.......

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  The EFL Enchiladas are AMAZING.  I could die.  AMAZING.  I think I might have a new snack to incorporate somewhere; corn tortilla with green enchilada dipping sauce.  Yes Please!!!!!

    I think this was covered at one point, but is greek yoguet a carb or protein?  The one I have only has 8 carbs, 12 protein....I'm thinking protein? 

    Positive statement about yourself: I make pretty babies. 

  • Woo hoooooo, afternoon post!

    G, all in due time - I will post pics one day, I promise. I take my 8 week'ers this weekend so I'm hoping to see some improvement even though my clothes are only just a wee bit loose. Come on body, don't fail me!

    Jr, thank you for clarifying the late meal carb thing/protein powder hulk fears - makes total sense. You have a gift for explaining things, Coach! I'm going to try the recipe for the other BFL pancakes. See how they stack up (pun intended!...ah dork here). 

    I think ass is the only word this forum accepts? Well, we'll find out after I post this. Gina, you have been scolded? Do they not care/know about your awesomeness?!? Sheesh. As for Brad, I say make him very uncomfortable and give him an ole wink ;) Kidding, kidding. And of course you'll run into him way more than normal!

    EFL Enchiladas…I've been eyeing those up. One snack I was thinking about along those lines: whole wheat tortilla with mashed up black bean/salsa combo. I saw it on a website about healthy snacks.

    Greek yogurt = protein (if my short-term memory actually didn't fail me).

  • This forum reminds me of that TBS commercial:  Stay of task.  Keep watching Friends.  Only here it's:  Stay of task.  Keeping stalking/posting to your BFL forum.

    Also?  ASS.  :-)  (and I thought I was being slick pulling a Bridget Jones' ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff) 

    Also x2?  SHORTY!  I love that you did an afternoon post!  You're the best!

    Lastly:  Where are our other 2 clubbers?  Oh David, Sue.....We can't wait to hear from you today!  :)

  • It's like when you buy a car, then you notice "your car" everywhere.  You'll start seeing Brad in the supermarket now.  You should embrace it though!  Why not?  At least if you're going to send "half-nakey" pictures, you're looking great doing it!

    So lunch was a total failure, and I'm staring a happy hour and kickball game in the face.  You read that right, grown-up kickball.  The only reason I'm playing kickball is to socialize and drink with friends...  FAIL.

    Had lunch with a partner in the office.  Ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  It had more cheese (melted) than it did chicken, on a white bun, with FRIES!  I ate about half the fries and all the cheese!  Wish I had an undo button on that meal.  

    No sense fretting over it... time to go eat again!

  • Busy, busy here.  I am an event planner for a not-for-profit and my biggest event is on May 9th. I go flat out until then but this forum just calls to me!  After May 9th it is smooth sailing until next big event in the fall.

    Gina, so funny you got nabbed by the BLF forum police!  They really don't know how entertaining you and the rest of these posts are.  But you and Shorty have so many fun ways to spell swears that keeps me laughing!  So, I bet it is getting more awkward with Brad now that you have seen him twice and not said anything??  I think you need to come out with it and explain the deal.  Who knows what he is thinking?!  How old is Brad and I am assuming he is married by your last post?  I need to put a mental image on him.  BTW, have eating protein pancakes the past 3 days and LOVING IT.  Put some spray butter and syrup on there and heck ya.  And yes, you do make adorable little chubby babes!  Love fat babies, mine were born at 8.11oz and 9.11oz.

    Shorty, did you seriously say you got another 5" of snow?!  WTF?  People always think New England has crazy weather but I think we have the most stable weather!  I dare not show you a picture of my flower garden and the blooming trees!  Also, I am going to try and confuse my muscles without confusing myself.  I have yet to try the 'big boy bar' at the gym like I wanted to. I did buy a stability ball last week and LOVE IT.  And... we are waiting for your photos.  :-)  I took my week 8 photos and didn't really notice much change at first glance until I enlarged them on my computer (yes I am a dork) and measured my hips which did have some shrinkage.  Yippee!  (Hips are my sorry spot.)

    JR - you are such an incredible resource to this forum.  It is seriously like having a private consultant with us.  I can hear your passion for fitness and nutrition and I hope someday you can make it more of your full time job.  Maybe you should write some kind of book?!  I am sure you would be an amazing personal trainer and fitness coach.  Well, anyways I hope you kick some kick-ball ass (cause we can say that here) and enjoy yourself tonight.

    Workout planned: Cardio 6am

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. GreekSalad 4. Protein Pancake 5. PorkChops/Asparagus 6. CottageCheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Focusing on work!!  Must go back to work!!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Keep a gallon of water in your car so you can refill your jug when you need to.

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep smiling, life is good.

  • Freakin busy!  My boss just came in and wanted to talk about the TPS reports.  He asked me if I got the memo about putting new coversheets on the TPS reports.  I told him I already took care of that and there was no problem.  He then asked me if I would have those TPS reports for him this afternoon.  mmmk........


    Seriously...been crazy, but just not with TPS reports (whatever they are).  Kinda felt like I was in a cube staring into a screen at INITECH today.  WTF does PC Load Letter mean?

    Check in later to see what's up when time permits.


  • Still at office....last one again.  These 12 hr plussers (1 hr commute not counting) are killin me!  Good thing I hit the gym early. 




  • David, you pulled movie gold! I hope you didn't have a meeting with the two Bob's after filling out TPS reports. And if you see Milton's stapler, can you give it to him? Good sheeeaaatttttt! An hour commute?! Sweet Jesus, that would be tough. Your truck is one that I would expect a buff Texan to drive - rugged my friend, rugged! Now don't work too late tonight…get home and spoil that wife of yours :)

    G, I can't think of the TBS commercial, but I will tell you, I could watch Friends all.the.time. Just like Seinfeld, Golden Girls, The Cosby Show…I love that they play the "oldies" when I'm working out/making dinner. Nothing like running inclines when the Golden Girls is on…wha???? Sounds ridiculous, I know! Oooh, and let us know how many times you see Brad today. I'm a betting girl and I'll say, ohhhh, how about once. Soon, it will all be water under the bridge if it isn't already. ;) 

    Jr, how did HH/KB go?? I've had a few friends play in kick-ball leagues and they LOVED it. If a 4 or 2 square league comes out, I'm there! Ha, kidding. Summer leagues are such a blast. I was in a sand volleyball one until I blew out my calf muscle last year. Not fun. This getting old $h*t really cramps my style. As for your lunch, ugh, did you feel lethargic or anything afterwards? Just reading that made me want to crawl under my desk for a nap. It's amazing how now, when I even think about eating something off the plan, I don't risk the dreaded food-hang-over! And I sooooo agree with Sue, you should write a book - you have a gift for simplifying the whole "what to do/what not to do/what to eat/what not to eat/why to eat/why not to eat/etc/etc/etc" world of nutrition and exercise to the lay person. We are a lucky bunch, fo shizzle :)

    Sue, that is AWESOME about your hips shrinking! Yeah girl! Wahooooo! Let me know if you come across any good exercises for the stability ball. I'll look into a few of the sites I've found. It's weird, or maybe not, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm more sore when I use my own weight - for ex, the leg workout with the ball/bench dips, etc. My muscles are so not used to that! And I was sooooo excited to use the BOSU ball Jr mentioned but someone took it out of our workout room - ba$tard$! Have you used yours yet? And hey, if you want to send pics of your beautiful garden and trees, feel free - I'll take any shot of spring I can :)

    Workout planned:  LB @ 6/7ish

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + watermelon 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. string cheese + melon 5. chicken, brown rice, green beans 6. pb toast

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Reeeeaaalllly wanting a glass of wine tonight. Holding off until my free day tomorrow!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I love Fridays. It's one of my busiest days at the office, but I still love 'em.

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep kicking ass!

  • "I already told you: I deal with the god damn customers so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you?"

    I needed that laugh about Office Space.  LOVE that movie!  I am in an office and sometimes I feel like Dilbert is more of a documentary and not a comic strip...

    That is one long ass day David!  What time do you get up?!  Is it true that  everyone in TX drives a pick-up? :-)

  • I was finally getting over the bromance, then you had to go and post a picture of your truck!  Thanks David.

    Dude, long hours suck.  I love my job, but I don't want to be here 12 hours a day on a regular basis.

    Fortunately, I didn't have much of a post-lunch hangover yesterday, I think it was because I didn't eat all that much.  Basically the equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich and 8-10 french fries.  Either way, I got a bunch of calories, but not the ones I needed!

    Skipped out on happy hour last night, which is good and bad I guess.  Missed the socializing, but it saved me from killing a couple high-calorie brews.  Went home and cooked dinner so I could eat a good meal after kickball (at 10:15p!!!)

    Rode my motorcycle to kickball so I wouldn't be as tempted by the beer, and I'd have a built in excuse for not drinking.  

    TODAY IS GOING TO BE TOUGH.  The weather is beautiful.  I'm leaving a noon to play golf this afternoon with a partner from the office.  We typically have 5-6 beers during a round a golf.  That's about 600-800 calories that I really don't need.  Tomorrow is free day, and it's more of the same.  Golf tournament in the morning (with some guys that can really throw them back), probably some beach time in the afternoon (with a more thorough application of sunscreen).  I'm sure you guys are really having pity for me as you read this!

    It may be necessary to highlight:  I am not an alcoholic.  I promise.

    Pull workout this morning.  probably an 8 overall.  But pull-ups are getting easier (when I started C1 I couldn't do one at all, I did 4 sets of 6 this morning).  


    1- EAS Whey (3), 1c. skim, 1c. frozen mixed fruit (pre-workout)

    2- EAS advantage (post-workout)

    3- Oatmeal, 6oz pork tenderloin (I know this is weird- it's what's in the fridge)

    4- wheat spaghetti with ground sirloin tomato sauce

    5- hmmmm... gonna need to figure this out on the fly

    6- more spaghetti after golf

    7- Casein Protein Shake

  • I have some super awesome news to share!  I've lost FIFTY POUNDS since October 21st!  (the day baby G was born) I mean, I'd still like to lose 18 more before I start this process over again (read: get knocked up) but I'm pretty effing excited about this milestone! 

    Update on Brad.  Haven't seen him yet today.  But I did see him one last time yesterday!  Ugh.  haha. 

    Shorty, I LOVE Friends!  It's my alltime fav!  I have the series on DVD and I used to watch them while I worked out--it was like being rewarded for getting my ass in the gym!  (The husband put an AppleTV in the gym for me so now I have Netflix in there--I'm currently working my way through Brothers & Sisters ).  Do you watch Happy Endings on ABC?!?!  It's the new Friends and it's AWESOME!  Also, I'm soooo with you on the wine!  I've wanted it all week! 

    Jr. I wouldn't worry too much about your lunch yesterday; afterall, you eat like a million cals a day now.  That just helped you get there faster ;-)  Beer + friends = the only way I would EVER play a sport on purpose ;-)  I hope you enjoy yourself.  Pick up some Miller64.  JUST KIDDING.  Gross.

    David, do you like country music, too?  haha, I do!  When I was preg, shhheeaat you not, I craved country music.  Oh, and every other junk food on the planet.  Now I have a hankering to watch Office Space...there was a reference to it in my area just this morning.  We're all sooo insync!  Oh!  We caught the end of a Seinfeld episode last night--at the end Elaine is watching this dude play sax at a club and he totally bites it and then she sneeks out.  We can't remember what happened? I'll bet you know!

    Sue!  Hi Girlfriend!  You're right, I'll probably just come out with it next time I see him.  I've never really been one to keep quiet, and/or keep embarrassing information to myself!  Weird, right?  ;)  Baby G less than 7lbs when she was born.....she's just under 20 now!  haha.  Were your boys chubby all through the first 12 months or so?  I think it's adorable!  No one likes skinny baby; just can't trust um. 

    Workout planned: UBWO/Home/9ish

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee S1: Apple/SC  M2: Lunch date with the husband and Baby G (they're pick ing me up!) at Panera.  Probably a salad or sandwich. S2: greek yogurt/apple M3: Not planned--bad girl!  S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing really.......

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I put this on facebook today cause I think it's hilarious!

    Positive statement about yourself: 50 lbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holla back, b!tches!

  • Jr, we cross-posted again!  Your willpower is commendable!  Sad you missed out on the social angle, but it sounds like you'll probably make up for it this weekend!  I feel soooooooooooo sorry for you, you alcoholic!  ;-)

  • Went back and read some posts from a few days ago:

    1) craving pancakes again

    2) David said: "BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY!"  Now I've got that old Bubba Sparxx song in my head "Booty, Booty, Booty, Booty rockin' everywhere..."

  • Pancakes are amazing!  I had them for dinner last night, as well as breakfast!  I made a particularly awesome batch the other night. 

    David (the BOOTY monster) showed us his truck.  Are you giong to show us your motorcycle?  Wanna know what would be soooooo cute?!?!?  Your motorcycle in the bed of his truck!  BROMANCE, Back on!

  • FREAKIN' AWESOME!  HOME-WRECKER IS DOWN 50LBS!!!!!!  You are kicking ASS.  Hard to believe your tiny frame carried 50 extra pounds, unreal.  

    And there's not way in hell I'm drinking an MGD 64.  I've had exactly 1 sip of it in my lifetime, and that was 1 too many.