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  • SSSSSSSSuuuuuuueeeeeeee!!! So sorry to hear about your husband's department…that sucks a fat one. Have faith that it's only making room for something much, much better for him and your family. Still, it is tough right off the bat and I'm sorry sister! I was let go from my first job out of college and it turned out to be the best thing that could've happened to me, career wise. Crazy how it all works out the way it should. Hang in there!! And girl, don't even start to think about your vacation and how long it will take you to get back. Just go and enjoy it, then worry about it when you get home. I think you'll be ready to get hop back in the saddle! I'd attribute your current mindset to exactly what you said "the mid-BFL slump" - better days are right around the corner my friend! Regarding the protein pancake nutrition, when I put the recipe in myfitnesspal, here is what it comes up with (G, just saw your post...great minds think alike sister! I love this app):

    Gina, Gina, Gina………I have TEARS from your latest post! Yes, I'm sure you were mortified, but you are a person who can play that off like it ain't no thanggggg and will soon be laughing about it with this colleague of yours over the coffee he brings you. Seriously.funny.$h*t.sister! And Baby G's sumo suit?!?! Cuuuuuutest.thing.ever. I mean, stop with the adorableness! When you asked about frozen meals, because of all the processing that goes into those things, I am not a fan but I loved Jr's idea of making your own. I would go that route! Oh, and for PB, I use 2 tablespoons. Although I could eat a whole jar with a side of bread ;)

    Jr, what the?! I must say, you pull off a very nice American flag. Yeeeoouch! And I agree, you look way too happy with that burn…hilarious!

    David, stop with the Seinfeld! I love that show…one of my faves is where Kramer uses butter as lotion; then later in the show Newman sees his head on a turkey, after getting a smell of him. Seinfeld, by far, is one of the greatest shows EVER. 

    Yesterday's posts were top notch! From the bromance to the emailed pic, I can't stop laughing!!! This group is just the friggin' best!! I really hope Chubmom knows how awesome she is for starting it ;)

    Workout planned:  UB @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + mixed berries + coffee 2. cottage cheese + watermelon 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. string cheese + melon 5. chicken, brown rice, green beans 6. WW bagel + light cream cheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not damn thing

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Glad I switched up my weight routine - definitely feel the burn the day after!

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep bringing it…those flaws you see in the mirror will be MIA soon! 10s...hit your f'ing 10s!

  • Thanks guys.  It IS a good thing about the hubby getting laid off and he is getting paid until the end of September.  So I am sure his golf game is going to rock and he will get a better job before the summer is over and we will make cash on the deal.  I am also looking forward to him picking the kids up and truck them around so I can work better hours in the week.  (I can hear JR saying AGAIN he is glad he doesn't have kids.) :-)  So I am now a fan of Office Max (he used to work at Staples!)  Boooo

    So those protein pancakes have 36 carbs?  Is that a lot for a meal?  And then some fruit with it?  Because I could totally eat them every single day.  Is there such a thing as low carb oatmeal or that an oxymoron?

    Shorty, I must have missed something, how did you switch up your weight routine?  I was just thinking today that I do the same exercises because I do my upper body workout at home typically and sometimes my lower body.  

    So glad you guys are here for me!  It is going to be 72 degrees here today.  Yeah!

  • Good morning everyone.  Still laughing when I read back through yesterday's posts.  Good stuff.  Gina--- you've got to update us on the new dynamic in the coworker relationship.  How did you deal with it?  I know if I got that in a email at work from a co-worker, my first thought we be: "she must have been trying to email herself from her phone so that she could post it on a forum for a bunch of people she's never met to gawk at."  Maybe this is one of those rare cases when the truth is not your best defense!!!!

    Sue- I live in Pensacola.  Been here about 3 years (from Atlanta), but definitely growing roots.  No desire to ever live any further north, and definitely not in a big city again!  On the carbs... typically each meal with have about 25-30g of carbs and roughly the same protein.  I think Shorty's stats are for 2 servings.  When I calculate it with the ingredient I use, I get the same numbers Gina came up with 24/32/3 C/P/F.  With that ratio, you can eat it every meal!!!!  Adding 1/2 - 1 serving of fruit isn't going to hurt anything.  If you want to be a real stickler, add the serving of fruit in the morning, and refrain from the carb with your last meal.  YUMMMM, all this pancake talk has me craving.  I use vanilla yogurt and 1 scoop of whey protein in stead of cottage cheese.

    2 eggs and one egg white, (1/2c. Egg Beaters)

    1/2 cup uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal

    1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

    1/4 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt

    1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

    I have also ground up the whole grain cheerios when I didn't have oatmeal!  Sounds silly, tastes yummy.

    Workout- UBWO (Push)-  Going after work today.  I usually have a good workout in the afternoon, but I hate not having that workout high when I first get to work.


    1- SUBWAY, steak, egg white, american cheese, wheat (should've left off the cheese)- FAIL

    2- Oatmeal

    3- grilled chicken, 1c. brown rice

    4- grilled chicken, baked potato

    5- apple and peanut butter (pre-workout)

    6- Pure Protein baked protein bar, 12oz skim milk

    7- 6oz sirloin burger (90/10), wheat sandwich thin

    8- Casein Protein shake, 8oz skim



    Mornin guys!  THE LAW HAS BEEN LAID DOWN!! There shalt be no more dispensin with the bromance talk.  Just aint right. 

    Gearin up for C2 with a pull routine today at the Taj.  Holding steady at my C1 finishing weight.  Time to start moving the needle.

    Sue - sorry to hear about your husband being laid off, but it sounds like he will be landing on his feet.  Good he is getting 6 mos severence.  Hope you do cash on the deal.  72 degees in Boston and it will only reach 60 here in Longview, TX.  Someone again remind me it's the last week in April. 

    Jr - guess we can't address each other's posts anymore

    Gina -  how'd did it go with the collegue? Sorry, still laughin.  Best ab routine I've had since the beginning of the challenge.  Your post was comic gold.  This should have been a Seinfeld episode.

    And speaking of Seinfeld, Shorty - for your enjoyment:


    and who can forget..... 


    Good day everybody


  • OMG.  After I almost threw up alllll over my keyboard, but before I started rocking back and forth in my chair and googling how the eff to recall an email through gmail (which is IMPOSSISBLE, btw, unless you have enabled the option and even then you only have 10 SECONDS.  Is this a joke, Google????  I will murder you.) I call him right away.  And when he didn't answer I left a message that sounded like this:  OMG, Brad, OMG.  I, ugh, totally just sent you some really inappropriate photos on accident.  I'm sooooo embarrassed!  Please just delete it, ok?  Like, don't even open it.  Cause I won't be able to look at you again.  OMG.....I'm so embarrassed!!!!!  Ok, thanks, byyyyeeeee.

    He has not responded in any way.  Ha!  Truth be told, it could have been MUCH worse.  This guy is horrible about checking email, so maybe he'll miss it.  Until, of course, he listens to Frantic Fanny on his voicemail and digs in and then sends to all his middle-aged, overweight friends.  Oooohhhhh, I'll be a celebrity!  haha!

    Shorty!  I kept hoping you would check back in last night and see what was going on!  That was a special moment.  Bromance/Booty Shorts, you know, the norm!  Ah, Internet strangers, you're all my favs!!!!!

    Sue, I'm glad you're back!  And still laughing at "but then again, he is a quick one". HAHAHA!  Listen, enjoy London and do it up right.  It's not like you go every year; take this opportunity and treat it in any way (good or "bad") that will make you the happiest.  :-)  I think you're right about baby G; girlfriend is growing and taking me down with her.  You know what I mean.  ;-)  PS, I DO eat those pancakes every single day!  I made up a week's worth last night.  YAY!  I guess I never think about carbs....

    Jr:  See above.  That little display?  All for you, bro(mancer) ;-)  I don't know if I can part with my beloved pancake recipe for yours......are they delish?  Cause maybe I'll mix it up!  Also, but I don't wanna make my own frozen meals!!!!  I'm whining, if you can't tell.  It's SUPER attractive. 

    David:  I blame you for all of this. If you hadn't encouraged new photos, none of this would have happened!  :-)

    Workout planned: LBWO/Home/9pm -- Think I'm gonna change it up a bit.

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee S1: Greek Yogurt (omg, this is so confusing!!!)  M2: Roast Beef on Rye (oops?) carrots  S2: SC/Apple M3: EFL Chicken Enchiladas (my husband is loving me soooo hard for making meals this week!) S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Haha, finding my dignity. 

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Here's a tip; try not to send out booty short photos to your co-worker. 

    Positive statement about yourself: Well, you always did roll with the punches!!!!

    Also, I woke up to this today.  A view from my  back deck.  Shoulda put the cover back on....  Mama Nature?  Hi.  It's APRIL 24th!!!!!!

  • Oh, Sue!  Sorry to hear about your husband's job; the severance is a nice bonus to a job he wasn't super happy with anyway, right?  (foot out the door comment you made).  I'm with Shorty that it will be a positive thing and he'll end up happier than ever!  :)

  • Yeah, yeah, blame the new guy.  

    BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY!  Wonder if the forward key is Brad's new friend?  Ahhhh Celebrity!

  • WHAT????  You told him the attachment included "really inappropriate photos" and you told him to delete it without opening it?  HAHAHAHA... YEAH RIGHT!!!  An actual hand-written invitation would've been less inviting.  

    Speaking of those progress pics- you managed to get the snowy grill uploaded.  How 'bout that progress?

    You guys are awesome.  Thanks for the entertainment.

  •'re right.  I probably just should have printed the photos and handed them over myself....dammit! 

    Now, this was a couple of weeks ago.  I'm hoping I've made progress since then....  I won't forget to take them this week. 


  • DAYYYUM Gina!  how 'bout them abs!  The text kind of hides your legs, but there's a LOT of progress there.  Are you taking measurements?

  • Lookatchu!  Very impressive progress.  You don't need no stinkin makup! You look great!  86 the text.

  • Thanks friends!  :-)  I'll make sure that the husband pulls back on the next ones so my legs are actually in it.  I do have a pulled back vers of week 1, so I can do a total progress report, haha :-)

    Oh, and I am taking measurements.  I haven't in a few weeks, so I'll take them this week, too.  Geez, way to drop the BFL hammer on me!

  • OH. MY.GODDDDD…..I have tears yet again this morning!! David, the Kramer picture…Newman…Elaine getting the dancing "started"……..seriously, I am crying! Thank you for that, my friend :) I need to check this in the afternoons as these posts just friggin' rock!

    (pause for a few min to get my laughing under control) Whew, ok.

    Sue, I am now boycotting Staples. Heck yeah, I hope you score extra cash out of the deal, too… Cha-ching! I did switch up my weight routine. For example, instead of doing lying dumbbell extensions I'm now doing bench dips. I shook up most of my routine so my muscles are confused = yesssssss! I really need to research more exercises that utilize my stability ball. The hamstring one (I previous posted about) is killer! Love it.

    Jr, just out of curiosity, why would you not want to eat a carb your last meal? I'm thinking that I might have to switch it up to having greek yogurt dip w/ veggies. And interesting take on the pancakes - what brand of protein powder tastes best? I use Vega One Vanilla and no matter what I mix it with, I can always taste it. I'm such a rookie when it comes to all that powder stuff! It scares me as I don't want to accidentally buy the stuff that female body builders use. The last thing I want is to look like a 5' 3" hulk(ette).

    Gina, I'm with the boys on this one: you know Brad was ALLLLLL about opening your email after getting your voicemail. As Jr said, yes, you have to keep us posted on the dynamic with him ;) And gurrrrrrrrrrrrl, look at you - looking all FABULOUS 'n sheeeaaatt!!! Seriously, no one would EVER guess you've had a baby. Get it Mama! Ummm, and that grill picture…I feel your pain - we had another 5" on Tuesday night, which has since melted because it was 40 some degrees yesterday. Son of a… Finally they are talking 70s for this weekend. Halle-frickin-lujah.

    Workout planned:  Running w/ inclines @ 6/7ish

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + mixed berries + coffee 2. cottage cheese + watermelon 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. string cheese + melon 5. chicken, brown rice, green beans 6. pb toast

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Trying to get out of the office at a decent hour so I can give 'er hell on the treadmill

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Is it wrong that I take gummy multivitamins? It's like you get a small taste of candy everyday. I love it….

    Positive statement about yourself: Oooooh, loving the new eye make up today. That's all I got, folks...besides the typical "keep it up" jive

  • E- you're like a little shot of energy every morning.  Thanks for that!  

    Gina- "dropping the hammer?"  ***, you're rocking this thing.

    The reasoning behind limiting late night carbs is that carbohydrate is most readily converted to glycogen (the primary fuel for getting your a$$ in gear).  During the evening, you are less likely to burn up the glycogen created by the carbs you intake.  Excess glycogen is stored as fat-- NOT COOL.  By getting your carb sources early, you are more likely to burn up the glycogen before your metabolism slows for nighttime rest.

    I'm trying not to turn this into a book ;)  It's important to remember that muscle building requires carbohydrates, not just protein!  You body cannot convert the protein to muscle without glycogen/glucose (carbs).  My opinion is that sticking to the plan and eat 1 carb + 1 protein at every meal, day-or-night, is better than just skipping the carbs.  If you wanted to double up on the early carbs, and cut-out the late carbs, but get the same total daily intake, it's not a bad way to mix it up and see how your body reacts.  Hope that helps.

    Here's the pancake recipe from the BFL website (I guess the eating-for-life book is different).

    I use EAS vanilla whey.  I think it's pretty good, doesn't have that really sweet artificial flavor.  It's also pretty cheap, $20 for 2lbs at Target.  Makes a great smoothie with frozen fruit and skim milk (or OJ- but you're getting high in the carbs with OJ + fruit).  I mix it with just OJ most mornings.

    And don't worry about the HULK look.  Building like that requires a LOT of calories!  You have to be very intentional about trying to look like that to get that kind of build.  1 scoop of protein won't do it.   And if my diet the last 4 weeks is any proof, 3000 calories a day won't do it either!

    LBWO this morning.  Pretty good in total, but I wasn't really feeling the squats (got them done with the same weight, but not the same energy).  

    I've got a good meal plan for the day... but I've already written a book!  I love talking about this stuff!

    Time to eat!

  • awesome, just noticed that when you use actual profanity (spelled correctly) BFL replaces with ***.  Thanks BFL for controlling my potty mouth!

    The *** in my last post were meant to be "SHHHEEEEAAAAT" as E would say.