12/31 Group - Week 7!

  • Holy cow - week 7 is here!  Where does the time go.  LOL     Well, again, i am glad to report that i am still 100% on the program.  I did have one trip-up Saturday night and ate some chocolate (the night before free day!  Go figure).  Anyway, I didn't let it derail me.  I felt bad about it, but oh well.  Back in the saddle. 

    So, starting week 7, i still don't see any changes (I am not weighing).  It is discouraging, but i know i am being 100% in my diet and effort so something has to pay off in a few weeks, right?  My works outs are not insane.  I don't lay on the ground dripping in sweat (i am sweaty) and I don't crawl to the shower and cry - but I do all reps/sets ... it is tough ... i sweat ... and i am sore the next few days.  I'm keeping the old saying in my head about the paper towels (I see it on this website a lot).  I am peeling away and not seeing any results yet ... the the closer i get to the core (middle of the roll) then that is when i will see something. 

    I am working my abs each day to help me alo ng a bit.  But aside from that, i am not deviating from the BFL at all.  So, how are the other 12/31'ers doing??  Rebecca

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  www.tinyurl.com/rebecca2013  

  • Hi Rebecca - I am still here! Fantastic that you are doing so well. I'm sure there are mega changes going on - you are healthier, stronger and I bet you'll start seeing some changes soon. My workouts are the same as yours. I do feel like I give it my all (without injuring myself, LOL!) I do some extra abs also - and I do planks on cardio days. When I started I could barely hold a plank for 30 seconds. Now I am holding 1 min. 30 sec!

    I think one of the best feelings I am having is feeling ready for spring. I used to dread warm weather season...breaking out the shorts, short sleeves, etc. For once I feel ahead of the game and I feel prepared. I am also heading to St. Thomas w/my husband's company. He won an award trip and we are going mid-April. So something to look forward to!

    I am still stuck at around 28% body fat. Was 30 when I started. I know part of it is because my eating hasn't been 100%. I'd say 80-90%. Trying to straighten that out!