Anyone planning a March 4, 2013 start?

  • Hi all!  I'm planning to begin the BFL challenge in a few weeks - I genuinely need to work on some of my Patterns of Actions before I dive into the program.  As well, I plan to purchase a weight bench and the like...

    Wishing everyone great success on their challenges and hoping to be part of an encouraging, supportive community here on the BFL website.

    Life, light & love...


  • Jen,

    My Name is Hugh im from Wales in the UK.  This start date sounds great to me as i am going on holiday/vacation as soon as

    the 12 weeks are up. As I am from outside the USA i cannot offically enter the competition i believe.  Noboby I have come in contact as ever heard of Bill Phillips and his BFL Challenge so any form of support would be appreciated.

    Have tried a few years ago with great success as regards to weight loss now joined gym so ready to start again.

    Have been following the program to a degree just to get by over the winter and lost already 25lbs.


  • Congratulations on already getting the ball rolling, Hugh!  

    I officially started today - so I'm game to be your biggest cheerleader along the way!  I'm 36 and live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA  - Quite honestly, I don't even know if I'll join the challenge (as in, submit my story, etc.), though I WILL complete the challenge for my own personal goals.  

    When you tried a few years ago, did you complete the 12 weeks? 

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,