12/31 Group Check in - how are we all doing??

  • Hi everyone! Tri-tri, Loreia - hope you are both doing well. All is good here. My eating hasn't been 100% but it is still greatly improved. My workouts have been great. I am seeing changes! My pants are looser. I am starting to see muscle. I can't believe we are in week 6! I had a riding lesson yesterday and my trainer noticed how much stronger I seemed and my riding improved. I'm ready for some fun competitions this spring - dressage and jumping. I hope everyone is doing well - the end of this week we will be half way there! I am already thinking about Challenge 2 heading into summer!!

  • Hey y'all.  I'm doing great!  100% on the diet and 100% on the work outs.  Haven't missed a beat.  I don't see or really feel big changes (although i did lose some inches / pounds at the end of week 4).  Regardless, I am sticking to it!  Hoping for the Week 8 miracle.  LOL    I'm doing well with the workouts - still feeling sore the next day or two, but i did have a strange muscle pull in my upper quad.  Can't do lunges.  But, i am doign everything else and really rocking the ab workouts.  

    For the record - i am starting to hate free days.  LOL   i don't overdo it, but the food I decide to eat makes me feel depressed.  I don't know if it is the food or what.  Also, i feel so icky in the evenings.  Do you feel like that on your free day?  I'm going to try something different this weekend.  I usually have a regular sized burger and fries as my indulgent meal (although the fries are always sub-par and i only eat about 1/4 of them).  Maybe I will steer clear of fried foods ...

    Anyway, stay strong and focused!!!  We are more than half-way through!!!!  WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  www.tinyurl.com/rebecca2013  

  • Tri Tri, way to go especially on the diet!! That part is tricking me...I have good days and bad. I am "recommitting" strongly for the final 6 weeks to clean up the diet even more. I am still REALLY glad about my progress so far. Sorry to hear about the muscle pull!

    Yes, I do experience some mood swings on free day, or if I cheat. I am really starting to believe more and more in the "you are what you eat". There was one day I felt very teary! Realized I had too much sugar and it swung me into a mood. I don't think it's abnormal at all to be experiencing that.

    On to week 6!! (right??)! Have a great week and let's keep posting to support each other!! Linda :)