February 5, 2013 START DATE

  • Hi All!!

    So excited to start BFL. I have attempted the challenge once before...got to about day 30 and even though I saw amazing results, I went on a vacation and my plan fell off from there. I have really wanted to make a change in my life for a long time and I feel that I am READY for the commitment and dedication it takes to get through the next 12 weeks. I also have a little more motivation as I am getting married this November and I want to look and feel my absolute best on my wedding day!! I definitely could use support... anyone with me?? anyone just starting?? :)

  • I'm officially starting the challenage today.  Good luck to you I did the program about 3 years ago and had great results.  I'm excited to get back to the program.  

  • Good Luck to you too!! Workout last night went well. A little slower than recommended trying to make sure im using the correct weight for each rep! Cardio tonight....

  • Congrats on your coming wedding!  Stick with it!