Fell off late last fall. Time to get with the program

  • I ended up going out of town late last fall and working 7 12's and living out of a motel room for 4 months. This meant my wife loosing her support (me) and vice versa. I stopped working out but kept eating right for the first couple months. Eventually one little temptation after another lead to where I am now. I'm not as bad as I was before I learned about BFL. I still drink only water and I don't eat hardly any sweets. As a matter of fact I'm still below 200 lbs. I'm 6' 3". Before I started i was 215 and a size 36. Im still in a 34 and they fit loosely. What I am mad about is I lost my stamina and my breath FAST! It wasn't even a month before I noticed myself out of breath just riding my bike a quarter mile. LAME. So I am done with being out of the program, its time to get back with the program. Any suggestions? I already got my meal plans made my myoplex light shake box is ready my blender is clean and my garage is cleared and my free weights are ready. I even have a stationary cycle i picked up for $40. All I need is motivation. My wife is scared to try it again, because she made a new years resolution to stay with the program all year and 2 days went by and she quit cause of a bad headache. I think it was because her body was in shock from going from 80% carbs and 3 meals a day to 6 balanced meals a day. Any thoughts on that? 

  • I think one of the beauties of the BFL program is that we do it as best we can from wherever we start out. As we do it consistently, our program will change and evolve as our bodies change and evolve. Planning is one of the keys to making it work for me. If I can sit down the night before and write out what and when I will eat the next day, when and what exercise I will do the next day, then I don't have to worry about it when tomorrow arrives...I just follow my schedule as best I can. Doing it day in and day out, I get accustomed to the routine and it doesn't seem so foreign and soon it becomes my ritual.

    Yes, I had muscle soreness and food cravings as my body adjusted to this way of life...but I knew (from previous BFL experiences) that these would pass as long as I stuck to it. And they have.

    This is just a long way of saying...just do it. You appear to have the head knowledge about BFL...now it is time to get the viceral experience and see how your body responds to it! But if I may be so bold to suggest something- only do it one day at a time...if I can do what is on my schedule for today, it is a success in my book. It motivates me to write out my plan for tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, I'll give it another shot.

    Best of luck- keep in touch- do the best you can!

  • ok so its day 7 now Sunday today is our free day. We started Monday. Last night my wife and I cheated and went out for mexican. Not that bad but still disappointed in ourselves. Today I've had 2 red bulls and some pizza and a TON of water. I feel like I can follow up cheating saturday night with an active Sunday. I've spent all day so far outside raking the yard and shoveling dirt and basically doing labor intensive work around the house outside. I know its not part of the program but in my mind its logical. As far as weights go, Im pretty sure we've been doing it all wrong. For example:

    dumbbell bench press:

    20lbs x 12

    20lbs x 10

    20lbs x 8

    20lbs x 6

    25lbs x 12

    25lbs x 12

    is this how its supposed to be done? I need to track down my BFL book and read up again. But hoping for some clarification on this in the meantime.