12/31 Group Check in - FRIDAY 1/25 - nearing end of week 4!

  • Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I didn't post Wed. and Thurs. - but did well with my workouts. Eating is okay this week. I did cave and have a cookie and few bites of a brownie. However I am definitely seeing really positive changes! They are: looking more toned and starting to see some muscles, I did a quick body fat/weight on my scale and I am down another pound, but the best news is my BF% on my ww scale is in the 27's...I was 29's when I started!! I had a really rough week with thinking my son had chix pox but instead we think it's an allergic reaction. His whole body was covered in hives a good part of this week and he was MISERABLE. Trips to the doc, he's on prednisone and is getting better. We installed new basement carpet and it started when he was kneeling on it playing w/a friend. :( He has always had a mild latex allergy but something has set off his entire system allergy-wise. He also gets out of our shower and looks like he has chemical burns from just water! (no shampoo or soap). So we are suspicous of the water softener tabs. My husband had just changed the filter and put in new tabs (same kind we have always used...we have well water). Or it's just his body saying it doesn't like ANYTHING right now. Anyway, allergy testing next week but because of that he cannot have any zyrtec or benadryl - just prednisone which is finally helping. He is 10 by the way. The carpet has synthetic latexes which the carpet co. swears does not cause allergy reactions but the hives clearly started with direct contact on the new carpet. At least it wasn't chix. pox and he isn't contagious so by Wed. afternoon we were able to take him out of the house. SO...........sorry for the book but my point is, I managed through all that AND work to stay on track at least with the workouts.

    I can't believe we are nearing the end of week 4. Is anyone else noticing any changes? Energy? Workouts/endurance? I did Legs this morning and really pushed it. Have a great day!!

  • Ok, weird.  I've been able to log in today, but not post in the forum!  Glad to see I'm in.  LOL  

    Really good to hear that it isn't Chicken Pox ... hope you find out what it is soon and i hope your little guy feels better.  

    I am still chugging away.  I just got my new scale today with the body fat calculator on it.  I am going to weigh Sunday morning to see if there are any changes.  i have been on the program 100% these four weeks and although I don't expect to see the weight go down, I do hope to see some change in body fat.  I am going to measure, too.  I put on my jeans today (that I don't wear too often) and they did feel just a bit baggier, so my fingers are crossed.  I am so nervous!!!!!!!  

    I don't know for sure if i am seeing changes.  I'm a little on the plus size and I am very critical of what i see.  I'll compare photos and measurements.  I have noticed that I am lifting heavier weights each time and I can tell that i am challenging my muscles on the 8 and 6 reps, so hopefully that is a good sign that things are working.   =)

    Have a fab weekend.  Let's hope Sunday is a big payoff for me!!! And you all too!!!!

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