Week 3 of BFL. Help!!!

  • Hey, everyone! So this is my third week of Body for Life and I feel fatter than EVER. Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong? :/ 

  • Well lets see, did you take measurments before you started, any changes? What about weighing, any changes there? Are you following BFL exercise 100% per the book? Lastly, perhaps knowing your height, weight and seeing an average days menu might help us see a possible problem.

  • Yes, I took measurements and I have lost about 3 inches all together. Weighing, I'm not sure. I follow the exercise schedule, but I looked online for different exercises that target the specific muscle I'm supposed to work that day just because I like to change up my routine. And on cardio days, I run longer than 20 minutes because I am training for a marathon.

    I'm 18 years old (if that matters), 5'3", 129 lbs.

    My Daily Menu:

    Breakfast - Whole wheat tortilla with a scrambled egg, some turkey sausage, salsa, and cheese.

    Snack 1 - EAS protein bar.

    Lunch - Brown rice with chicken, peppers, one egg white, and some onion. (Fried rice)

    Snack 2 - Protein shake.

    Dinner - Brown rice with chicken.

    Snack 3 - Usually a Clif bar. Or an apple and some chicken lunch meat.

    My menu has to stay pretty simple because I'm hardly ever at home to cook. I work 34 hours a week and go to college full time, so I make all of my meals on the weekend and eat them throughout the week.

  • So, I looked things over, not bad on the menu, could change a couple things, but overall not bad. You have lost inches so that is definite progress. I went back and read your first post and noticed you said you ”feel” fatter than ever. So it's not as if you are gaining weight and your regular clothes still fit. Again you have lost inches and you have only done the program for 3 weeks. Some don't see or feel anything until week 8 or more. I say you are doing fine, just keep with it and you will eventually feel and see results!

  • If I were you I would ditch the Clif bars; they are VERY high in carbs and sugar and unless you are eating the Builder's bar they generally don't have enough protein to constitute a complete meal (<10g). Read the label; a regular Clif Bar has, on average, 44g carbs + 15g "other carbs" (???) and a whopping 24g sugars. Woah!

    I worked 40 hours a week and did school full-time so I know your dilemma. It isn't easy; I think the key is always thinking ahead and trying to figure out a way to make a meal "work". I made and ate a lot of sandwiches (whole wheat bread or tortilla, lean meat or can of tuna, mustard, lettuce, tomato), salads thrown into a baggie to eat on the run, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or I took protein powder in a "shaker" and would have that with a piece of fruit.

    Also see if you can start cutting back on the cheese... I know it tastes good (I consider cheese its own food group) but it's not doing you any favors.

    Also think about working more fresh vegetables into your diet, I see you have a little with lunch but you could up the veggies and probably cut back on some other things. Maybe add some fresh spinach to your breakfast burrito, have a side salad with lunch or dinner, etc. In general vegetables are low in sugar + carbs but are PACKED with awesome micronutrients that are exceptional for system support, plus the abundance of fiber will make you feel full without feeling gross, and you can always eat a celery stalk or carrot or cucumber amid your busy schedule.

    Good luck!

  • Oh, also, on the marathon training, you may want to keep the interval cardio at the 20 minute limit because the oxygen deficit you're creating in that time frame is just enough, any more can potentially adversely affect your results. If you want to keep up your training I'd recommend building a schedule where you are running on weight days (either tempo runs or 3-5 miles steady state). I'm currently training for a half marathon and follow the Advanced schedule from www.halhigdon.com and it's been great. You could take something like that and use it as a skeleton schedule, work your weight + longer run days in 3x per week, do intervals the 3 other days, and do your distance run on day 7.

  • The first time I did BFL I gained both inches and pounds til about 6 weeks...then I noticed just a little of a loss....then at about 7-8 weeks it started falling off fast!!!!!  It's a very common pattern for women.  You're body is building muscle...which tends to pull in water as it heals after the workouts. And that can end up feeling like you are moving in the wrong direction.  It's happening again this time for me too.  But I'm not panicked like I was the first time years ago because I know it's just a matter of time.

    Somewhere I read an article that compared how a body burns off layers fat to a roll of paper towels.  When the roll is big, you don't really notice the size reduction as each towel is torn off.  But it IS getting smaller.  Then, as the roll gets smaller, the difference each towel makes is much more noticable.  Ok, so it's not the best analogy in the world, but it sure helped me to calm down and let it happen without feeling so discouraged.  Hang in there.  It WILL happen, and you'll be amazed!!!  

  • Another thought... in addition to the other suggestions. Perhaps adding more veggies as is suggested in the BFL book.  Some people add them as their carb others as their protein - depending on what they are.  I add broccoli and cauliflower for sure to one meal a day if not two.  It sounds silly, but the vitamins and nutrients in the veggies really help turn on the fat-burning power. Also... this happened to me before with a simple nutritional/workout plan and I found I was way overdoing it on caffeine and not enough water. Oh... and ditch any "diet" sodas etc.

    That was what helped me reduce the puffy/bloated feeling and speed up the fat-loss.

    Good luck :)  Stay strong.


  • Thank you all so much for your input! I'll work on these things. :)