Question About eating times

  • I've read the BFL book and have a question.  If I remember correctly, it says to eat first thing in the morning to get your metabolism going and it's best to eat immediately after a workout.  It also says to eat every 3-4 hours.  I wake up at 5 am and start my work out at 5:30, I'm done by 6:30.  If I eat at 5ish, I'd need to eat again at 6:30.  Being that this is only an hour and a half, should I just wait until after my workout to eat or do both?  Thanks, Cmacks

  • The book recommends that you DO NOT eat prior to a workout, and that you eat within an hour of working out.  Many people do their workout, then have a protein shake immediately - 30 minutes after, and then eat a "real" meal within an hour after that.  Good luck.

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